Global replica jersey sales 

These figures were first published by the UK sports intelligence publication Sportingintelligence back in October 2012.

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However, the source of the numbers is a German sports marketing agency PR Marketing.

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The figures listed are an average over a 5 year period.

During this period of time the top 3 teams Real Madrid, Man Utd, FC Barcelona would sell +1 million jerseys a year.

Other clubs would sell in the hundred of thousands but not in the millions.

Nike Clubs:

Man Utd 1.4 m

FC Barcelona 1.15 m

Arsenal 800 k

Juventus 480 k

Inter 425 k


adidas Clubs

Real Madrid 1.4 m

Chelsea 900 k

FC Bayern 880 k

Liverpool 810 k

AC Milan 350 k


The new Liverpool jersey from Warrior is said to have broken the 1 million mark already before half season making it one of the best selling Liverpool jerseys of all time.


Soccer jersey sales for the season 2011-12

For the 11-12 season only the estimates go like this:

More than 1.5 m: RM and MU

1m to 1.5 m: FC Bayern and FC Barcelona

750k to 1 m : Chelsea and Arsenal

500 k to 700 k: Liverpool Juventus

250 k to 500 k: AC Milan, Inter, Dortmund, PSG, Marseille, Man City.

Clubs from smaller leagues like Ajax from the Dutch league may sell around 100k in a good year.


When it comes to total merchandising sales including all products Man Utd and Liverpool FC are top of the list.

Liverpool is said to sell a total of 8 million items.

Man Utd (which is now a publicly traded company) is said to sell around 5 million items pr. year.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are probably 3rd and fourth on the list. Since they rely on licensing programs for their branded products compared to LFC and MU it might skew the numbers somehow.


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