Best Country Brand in 2012

and the winner is . . . . Switzerland. Not only the best place to be born in 2013 but also the strongest country brand in the world in 2012. Switzerland truly rocks!

Click here to read the full report over the strongest country brands in 2012 by Interbrand

And the correlation between having a top football league and being a top 5 country brand ?

The top 5 football leagues in Europe (in no particular order) rank as country brands:

Germany number 7

UK number 11

France number 13

Italy number 15

Spain number 19

and which are the most popular sports in the top 5 countries on the list ?

Switzerland – skiing

Canada – hockey

Japan – baseball

Sweden – skiing 

New Zealand – rugby


Conclusion: there is more in the world than football both in life and in sports. 



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