Yet another report trying to rank the football clubs of Europe according different metrics. Usually financial in kind. This time it is the website Football Benchmark which is behind the report.

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The list ranks the top 32 clubs.

According to which metrics? no clue )).

But the list looks strikingly similar to other such rankings.

Top 3

Real Madrid 3,184 billion Euros [adidas]

Man Utd 2,883 billion Euros [adidas]

FC Barcelona 2,814 billion Euros [Nike]

Followed by:

FC Bayern [adidas]

Liverpool [Nike]

Man City [Puma]

Chelsea [Nike]

PSG – 2,132 mia Euros [Nike]

Tottenham [Nike]

Juventus [adidas]


Arsenal [adidas]

Atletico Madrid [Nike]

Dortmund [Puma]

Inter – 996 mio Euros [Nike]

AC Milan – 578 mio Euros [Puma]

West Ham [Umbro]

Leicester [adidas]

Napoli [EA7]

Ajax [adidas]

Lyon [adidas]


Atalanta [Joma]

Everton [Hummel]

Frankfurt [Nike]

Roma – 413 mio Euros [New Balance]

Sevilla [Nike]

Valencia [Puma]

Galatasaray [Nike]

Benfica [adidas]

Porto [New Balance]

Aston Villa [Castore]

Villarreal [Joma]

Lazio – 302 mio Euros [Macron]

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