Focus Foiltex | The case of Real Sociedad

The Spanish company Foiltex from Madrid used to be an active player in the name and number transfers market.

The company have previously supplied Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and more with their official name and number kits.

However, these deals have since expired and the company is now left with a portfolio including some of the smaller clubs in Spanish football. Real Sociedad, Real Betis, Deportivo La Coruña.

The quality of their products is good though. And the design provides a strong visual impression.

Real Sociedad home jersey Inigo 6

The name comes with the special accent known from Spanish ~ and a stylish square font.

Real Sociedad Iñigo name block from Foiltex


The number does in include the club logo though it is almost invisible. This part of the design could have been done better I guess.


Real Sociedad number 6 club logo



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