The FA Cup is the oldest Cup tournament in the world and the most prestigeous one. It has taken place every single year since 1871 apart from a couple of years during WWII where it was halted for obvious reasons.

But which club has won the most titles ? The usual suspects like Man Utd or Liverpool ? or would it be one of the clubs with a strong historical record like Aston Villa or Leeds United ? Nope in fact it is none of these clubs. The club which currently holds the record is Arsenal FC.

Here follows the list over clubs with most titles and with at least 6 wins since 1871.

Arsenal – 14

Manchester United – 12

Chelsea – 8

Tottenham 8

Liverpool – 7

Aston Villa – 7

Newcastle – 6

Manchester City – 6

Blackburn – 6

Next on the list with each 5 wins follow Everton, West Bromwich and Wanderers (Neither Wolves nor Bolton though!) Wanderers was a now extinct London club.

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