Midway Evaluation

So half-way through (August, September, October) it is time to make a midway evaluation.

How did we fare so far ?

The many submissions for the ambassador posts were interesting to read and many were tryly well crafted.

The enthusiasm was high for the first round of review. Everyone was ready and eager to get started.

The reviews were delivered on time most of them of pretty good quality.

Already on the second review however, the rythem has changed completely.

The enthusiasm is gone , the interest decreasing, the level on the way down.

A number of ambassadors are still to deliver their September review not to mention their October ditto. 

Disappointing. But one lesson to be learned is that of fostering contemplacy. To give something away for free might foster the competitive spirit in the first round. But to guarantee 6 slots with no strings attached and without any competitive pressures was obviously a mistake. Not to be repeated. So the setup of the program has been a failure since it did not provide the right incentives for motiving and bringing the best out of the participants.

A temporary technical break-down has obviously not helped things either.

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