The Quest for Excitement

Sports are dependent upon uncertainty and the final thrill of a tournament coming to a logical conclusion.

In European sports essentially all finals are decided in late spring and early summer.

The most important sport football sees prolonged league tournaments coming to an end in May. The same holds for domestic and international cup tournaments.

This means that sports as part of the entertainment industry are left with a gap during fall where no decisive matches are played in any tournament and where the excitement from league start is long gone.

Therefore there seems to be an interesting opportunity in order to fill out this gab in the European sports calendar.

One opportunity would be to take the cue from American college sports and to promote a youth orientated tournament among the major clubs coming to a conclusion in October or November. The problem: In US sports young talents are only allowed into the major leagues at the age of 21. In European sports debut all comes down to your skills not your age.

Another way but also with the emphasis on youth potential is if university sports could grow to become an established force with a steady audience. The challenge: The work with developing new talents is already firmly in place with independent sports associations. Under these circumstances are university sports ever to carve out a niche for itself?

And finally if all we are left with is the pro sports structure of today what are the options then?


Click on this link to see a comparison with the US Sports Calendar!



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