Color Scheme 2014/15

The major clubs will launch a variety of color schemes over the summer 2014/15.
Real Madrid
home: white / black
away: pink
third: black / white
FC Barcelona
home: blau / grana
away: mango
Atletico Madrid
home: red / white
away: navy
FC Bayern
home: red / blue
away: white
third: black
Juventus (Libya)
home: black / white
away: blue
Paris SG (Qatari)
home: navy
away: white
home: red
away: yellow
third: black/red
Manchester City (Abu Dhabi)
home: blue
away: navy
Manchester United
home: red
away: white
Chelsea (Russian)
home: blue
away: yellow
third: black / grey
AS Roma
home: red
away: white
third: anthracite
home: blue/black
away: white

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