Who holds the power in society ? How does the power structure develop over time ? How does the power balance change over time ? What has been the development over the past 20 years ?
These are the questions the author Aeron Davis are trying to answer in a book coming out in 2018.
A summary of the main points are to be found here!
The main power in society in the modern age is held between the players in a triangle consisting of:
Finance and Business
Politics can be broken down into politicians, and civil servants (public servants)
Media is considered a unity with a number of different players involved
Economics consists of large corporations and the financial industry.
But who holds the power and how has the balance changed over the course of time ?
And how does the future looks like ?
Power in the United Kingdom in the 21st century
The photo above may allude to the answer to the main questions raised in the book / article.

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