Brazil home jersey ConFed Cup 2013

In February 2013 Brazil launched a new jersey. A ConFed 2013 national team jersey which was made explicitly for the ConFed Cup in Brazil as of June 2013.

Brazil ended up being the positive surprice of the tournament and went on to demolish reigning European and World Champs in the final at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.



Brazil home jersey number 10


MVP of the tournament was Brazilian youngster Neymar. Neymar came into the tournament wearing the number 11 and with the name on the back NEYMAR. But for one reason or another he played in the tournament as number 10 and with the addition JR to the name.


Brasil home jersey 2013 NEYMAR JR 10

The jersey is yellow with green contrast. Sun and forrest ? or gold and forrest ? The printing is green with accents of yellow.

Together the two are very well integrated and create a powerful expression.

As Caraninhas – the little canaries is the nick name of the Brazilian national side. The logo at the back of the collar tries to make the connection. Nice little detail.



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