Check out these Block Buster kit deals!
In 2011 FC Bayern extended their deal with Adidas until 2020 for a total over those 10 years of 180-200 mio Euros. That is some 20-22 mio Euros per season.
FC Bayern had a profitable 2013/14 season including revenues of 105 mio Euros from merchandising. Putting the numbers together it means that a substantial amount of licensed merchandise is sold by the Bavarian powerhouse. Typically replica kits make up 55% of total merchandising sales so most likely Bayern gets more than the 20-22 m. Euros mentioned above out of the Adidas deal. Either in variables or through their own retail activities.
Just recently FC Bayern opened their first store outside of Bavaria, in Berlin. And in the spring of 2014 the club opened a commercial office in New York to try to grow the US market. So things are happening.
Rumors have it that the FC Bayern online shop sells 2 mio Euros worth of merchandise a month and that out of the total 105 m merchandising turnover a year the club’s own direct sales channels bring in around half of that.
Over the summer 2014 Chelsea prolonged their deal with Adidas for another 10 years at a total price of an estimated 354 mio Euros that is 35 mio Euros per season. Already significantly more than the 20-22 m. Euros of the Bayern deal. And that is within a short time span of some 3 years that the prices have risen quite substantially.
Real Madrid gets an estimated 38 mio Euros per season from Adidas. But how much will the next Real Madrid kit deal sell for ? The Real Madrid kit is probably the best selling kit in the world right now. So a substantial raise can be expected.
Juventus will switch to Adidas starting from the season 2015/16 which will guarantee the club a minimum of 140 mio Euros over 6 år the equivalent of 23 mio per sæson. Slightly more than Bayern on the surface but maybe the Bayern deal has also been revised recently and maybe it includes certain variables which will let the 22 m. a year increase the total payout substantially.
The Adidas Manchester United deal for a Minimum of 750 mio. Pund over 10 years absolutely beats everything else ever seen by a wide margin. That translates into a guaranteed 98 mio Euros per season.
Nike so far during their 2005 to 2015 10 year contract paid Man Utd 31 mio Euros per season. So we are talking almost triple of that on the current 10 years Adidas deal.
FC Barcelona gets 33 mio. a year from Nike making it the highest earning Nike team. Barca even has a clause in the contract saying that the club has to be the highest earning Nike club in the world. The implication being that for instance Nike signing Man Utd for 100 m Euros a year would make the total costs run into 170 m a year since Barcelona would then have to be elevated onto 100+ a year.
Puma’s deal with Arsenal is for 200 mio Euros and over 5 years. That is 40 mio Euros a year. Maybe slightly less. According to other sources it should only be an estimated 35 m a year. Which would still make it the biggest kit deal in England ever until that is the HuGe Blockbuster deal between Man Utd and Adidas the summer of 2014 starting from the summer of 2015.
Two deals up for grabs within the next 1-2 years are:
Warrior / NB with Liverpool. Currently estimated at some 33 m Euros a year.
Under Armour pays around 16 mio Euros a year for the right to equip Tottenham.
Interesting to see where Nike wants to go from here ?
Over the last few years they have let go of: Dortmund, Arsenal, FC Porto, and now Celtic, Man Utd, Juventus.
New clubs which have come in include: Frankfurt and AS Roma but hardly any replacements for those which have left the Nike fold.
For the season 2015/16 the 3 top Nike team will be: FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City. Will it be enough ?
Second row: Inter Milan, AS Roma, Atletico Madrid.
Third row: Zenit, Galatasaray, PSV, Bilbao.
Compare that to the lineup of Adidas with Man Utd, Chelsea, Real Madrid , Valencia, FC Bayern, AC Milan, Juventus, Marseille, Lyon, CSKA, Fenerbahce etc.

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