Another round up of the latest sales figures of football shirts from the main clubs.
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The figures seem to be flat though if compared with figures years back. While the price of kit deals has been nothing but flat but goes up all the time many times over. So either the current kit deals are inflated or previous deals must have been highly undervalued.
But who sells the most ?
Man Utd clocks in at 1,750,000 pieces
Real Madrid comes second with 1.650 m
FC Barcelona is a distant third with 1278000 pieces
fourth is Bayern with 1,200,000 joining the million club
Man Utd home kit 15/16
Completing the top 10:
Chelsea 899000
Liverpool 852000
Arsenal 835000
PSG 526000 (how many after Ibra has left ??)
Juventus 452000
Dortmund 393000
Outside of the top 10.
Man City is 13 with 342000
Tottenham is 15 with 268000
Atletico is 20 with 173000

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