Magnus Carlsen versus Sergey Karjakin

Chess anyone ?
Chess 2016
and the winner is ?
to early to tell at the time of writing.


Steve Bannon

Newly appointed chief strategist of the White House, Steve Bannon.
Steve Bannon
Read the brilliant NYT portrait about the man behind DJT right here!
A fascinating account of a man with an intense personality and willingness to work very hard to achieve his goals.
and a Bloomberg article from before the election!
Also brings some context in order to understand the Breitbart executive.


Francois Fillon wins Conservative Primaries in France 2016

The French Conservative party’s primary election was won by outsider Francois Fillon beating the establishment candidates Sakovzy and Alan Jupe.
Read more from CNN by clicking this link!
France Fillon wins Conservative Primaries
Fillon runs a conservative platform stressing three main points:
economic deregulation, expansion of 35 hours work week to 39 hours, public sector job cuts, less government debt.
increase in security and police, increased control with immigration
socially conservative policies curning LGBT marriage, and restrictions on abortions.
Fillon is expected to run against Marine Le Pen due to the fact that the socialists under Hollande have become extremely unpopular. But if 2016 has shown anything it is that pre-dictions tend to be imprecise. So the only thing to do is to wait until matters will unravel during May of 2017. Then we will see what happens.


Fidel Castro 1926-2016

Fidel Castro has passed away.
His brother Raul Castro announced this on Friday in the Cuban parliament.
Rest in Peace!
Read the CNN piece on Castro’s life and his role in the world!
Read the run down by WAPO here!
Fidel på talerstolen


Black Friday 2016

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FC Barcelona Finance

Rakuten and FC Barcelona

New shirt sponsorship deal between FC Barcelona and the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.
Rakuten FC Barcelona
The deal is worth 55m USD a year. The biggest shirt sponsor ship deal in sports as of writing.


Donald Trump New President of the USA

And the winner is: Donald Trump!
New President of the USA DT
New York Times in state of crisis or denial:
Read more about election results here!
Washington Post in crisis:
Check election results here!
Fox News is doing pretty alright though:
Read more about election results from Fox!


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