Best Selling Soccer Jerseys 2021 – Club Level

According to Euromericas Sport Marketing. A company from Argentina specialized in sports management.

The reference to the study is available in many places on the Internet , here it is from the Spanish publication AS

Man City – 1087000

PSG – 1180000

Dortmund – 1222000

Chelsea – 1310000

FC Barcelona – 1340000

Juventus – 1420000

Man United – 1950000

Liverpool FC – 2450000

Real Madrid – 3050000

FC Bayern M√ľnchen – 3250000

and which are the most important omissions from the list ?

Arsenal, Tottenham, Inter, AC Milan, Celtic, Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Marseille, Atletico Madrid, Ajax.

And how have things changed over time ?

Well, lets try to go back a few years see how the list looked like back then.

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AC Milan – 1.287.000

Juventus – 1.678.000

Atletico Madrid – 1.977.000

Arsenal – 2.055.000

PSG – 2.212.000

Real Madrid – 2.866.000

Man Utd – 2.977.000

Chelsea – 3.102.000

FC Bayern – 3.312.000

FC Barcelona – 3.637.000

Barcelona has dropped significantly. Since Neymar and Messi are now to be found in PSG it might not be that much of a surprise. Those teams which have crashed out of the list are Milan, Arsenal, Atletico. All three have seen their sporting success fade which might explain the drop.

Nothing unsual in these lists. The usual suspects appear year in and year out and the only uncertainty relates to the order and sequence of the same elements.