European Champions in soccer 1960-2008

EURO Champions since 1960


The European Championship kicked off with a tournament back in 1960. In the early days it did not attract many countries nor was it an international media event at the scale of today.

The tournament gained steam during the 1970s and has since then become ubiquitous in the international football calendar taking up the same in even years with a frequency of 4.


The winning nations since the start back in 1960:

1960 – USSR

1964 – Spain

1968 – Italy

1972 – Germany

1976 – Czechoslovakia

1980 – Germany

1984 – France

1988 – Holland

1992 – Denmark

1996 – Germany

2000 – France

2004 – Greece

2008 – Spain

2012 – ?


A number of different countries have won. Including the minors like Czechoslovakia, Denmark, and Greece.

Among the major nations never to have one the Cup one stands out: England.

For the tournament 2012 in Poland and Ukraine all former winners will be present. 3 former winners will be gathered in the same group: Denmark , Germany, Holland + one former finalist Portugal.

Group A can also boast of having 3 former winners participating: Russia, Czech Republic, and Greece + one of the two host countries Poland.

So how does the all – time ranking look like over the best performers ?

Germany – 3

Spain – 2

France – 2

and then all other countries which have won stands at just one titel:

USSR , Italy , Czech , Holland ,  Denmark ,  Greece.

So the odds of winning look pretty good for all participating nations.





Spain away goalie jersey EURO 2012

 Spain goalie away jersey EURO 2012

The Spain EURO 2012 collection consists of two kits. Home kit and away kit.

The home kit is La Roja with a yellow black goalie jersey

The away kit is a sky blue jersey / white shorts away game kit and a greay goalie jersey.


Spain away goalie jersey EURO 2012 - Iker Casillas


The jersey comes with red and yellow stripes to the collar and shoulders. The FEF crest is to the left chest and the adidas logo to the right chest.

The name and number kit corresponding to the jersey is black.


Spain away goalie jersey 2012-14




Spain away jersey EURO 2012

 Spain away jersey | Spanish EURO 2012 national team jersey

Spain away kit for the EURO 2012 jersey. Xabi Alonso is endorsing adidas and is therefore often chosen by adidas for Spain national team athlete photos.

The name and number kit is black on jersey and shorts.

The game kit consists of sky blue jersey, white shorts , and sky blue socks.


Spanien ude trøje EM 2012 - Xabi Alonso 14


Other adidas players in the Spanish national team endorsing adidas are Javi Martinez, Fernando Llorente, Xavi , and David Villa. These athlete photos are also used for promoting the official EURO 2012 match ball – Tango 12. Each player is photographed with ball in hand.


Spain away kit 2012 for the EURO 2012



Aston Villa from Nike to Macron


Macron is pleased to announce the new partnership with Aston Villa as new official technical sponsor starting from season 2012-13.

Combining qualities and skills associated internationally with Italian sartorial elegance, Macron has established a strong international profile and a proven commitment to the technical excellence of its product and service since its launch in 1971.

Reliability and determination – core values of Macron – are integral to its success in the conception, design, prototyping and distribution of technical apparel for sports teams from North America  to the Middle East, Champions League clubs and national associations.

Aston Villa will be Macron’s flagship club in the Premier League. In addition to Macron supplying the Club with official match kit and training apparel for players and management staff to May 2016, Macron will offer a full range of fashion wear – featuring over 100 product lines – including home and away replica kits (also providing a choice of two goalkeeper kits), training and travel apparel, exciting accessories and extensive labels for females, children and infants.

In creating the new kit, the Club has worked closely with Macron whose focussed development in design and materials is evident in its partnerships with clubs from La Liga, Serie A, Holland’s Eredivisie and Portugal’s Liga Sagres.

The new home kit will be launched in mid-June at Villa Park and will go on sale immediately. A full range of apparel and accessories will be available from early July, distribution of which will be managed by the Club’s merchandising department. The away kit will also be available in July.

Villa CEO Paul Faulkner, in announcing the new partnership, said: “We are pleased and excited to be partnering with Macron and we look forward to the launch of our new kit for the 2012-13 season and also to benefiting immensely from a close working relationship. “Commercially, this is the best deal the Club has ever secured with an official kit partner. “Macron has established its credibility in the development of high-quality performance football apparel and the sales and distribution of licensed products and this new partnership will significantly benefit Aston Villa in the years ahead.”

Macron CEO Gianluca Pavanello, said: “We are both proud and delighted to announce the partnership with Aston Villa. “Macron is a European company with a successful growth in the UK. “We are particularly pleased to partner with Aston Villa, a club with great tradition and heritage, with which we share common values which are: a passion for sport, commitment and, most importantly, a focus on product quality. “We look forward to this alliance and we are sure it will bring great success to what is already an historic club.”



FC Barcelona Product Reviews

Review: FC Barcelona pre-match top


2011-2012 FCB Training Jersey


By FC Barcelona ambassador Gerard Banez


 This is the jersey that you see Messi and the rest of the FCB gang wear prior to game time. As much I like to identify with those guys, I fall short of putting this shirt on during the pregame and switching to the game shirt once play begins. That said, I really like this jersey and find it a versatile piece of soccer fashion. It’s a good piece of casual wear for activities like running errands or cheering on your kids as they play. The shirt allows me to support FCB in a way more subtle than donning the game jersey. It looks like it may also be a great workout shirt, but it feels too nice for me to use in that way.


FC Barcelona pre-match top black


The Look

Like all the FCB merchandise I have reviewed or purchased, this jersey is relatively simple in design but stylish. My favorite features are the red & yellow ribbed neck/sleeve cuffs and stripe across the center of the shirt. They contrast well with the black body of the jersey. Also of note is the screened FCB on the back of the jersey. Just in case people don’t recognize the badge on the front, the FCB provides another clue as to who I root for.


FC Barcelona pre-match top backside FCB



The Cut

This shirt fits just like the authentic & replica game jersey. I prefer a slightly looser fit, and the size ‘L’ training jersey fits just like the ‘L’ game jerseys.


The Feel

Like the other FCB jerseys, this shirt is made of Nike Dri-Fit fabric. The fabric appears to be thinner and of a lesser weight than the game jersey fabric, but it has substance and seems durable. The fabric will do well in warmer temperatures and is very comfortable.


Bottom Line

Another excellent piece of FCB merchandise and a good alternative to game jersey. I can see this one quickly becoming one of my favorites because it looks so nice and is appropriate to wear in many different situations.


FIFA WC | UEFA EURO Product Reviews

Product Description: Denmark DBU track suit EURO 2012

 Product Description: DBU track suit EURO 2012


We have tried to sign up with a couple of freelancers for some reviews / product descriptions. That catch being to see what difference it would make to go with random freelancers compared to handpicked ambassadors. So here is an example of what a freelancer written text might look like.



Denmark DBU track suit EURO 2012



Track Suit in Polyester – Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 Item No: X16442 is the Right One!

If you are looking for the best track suit in polyester, then the Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 seems to be the right option for you. It’s the most flexible as well as the best polyester track suit you can ever have, which makes your practice session as well as game play better. The items now in X16442 and you can find the best deal on this track suit online. This track suit is equipped with different features that often make it flexible on the use. It can last really long due to the high-quality polyester fabric used to design it. This track suit has been announced by Adidas the leading brand in this business. Below you can find the profile of Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012.



  •  This is a Denmark training suit.
  •  This track suit is presented by DBU
  •  This track suit often includes two major portions, jackets and pants.
  •   This is made of 100% polyester.
  •  The brand named Adidas has been added for it.
  •  You can avail this track suit in three different colors such as: red, black and white
  •   The manufacturer’s item number assigned for this track suit is: X16442


The prime advantage you are going to receive with this track suit is that it is now available online. So, you can really order it online and get the best deal from the manufacturer. You can also avail this track suit in polyester in three different sizes such as: small, medium and large. This often allows you to select the right item that suits your size perfectly. Off late, this Denmark training track suit has managed to become really popular on the web. If you have always wished for a perfect track suit that you can use for your sporting events and practice sessions, then the Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 item no: X16442 is the right option for you.

This polyester track is just perfect for everyone who wishes to receive maximum flexibility and a great use. Polyester track suits are exactly popular for their unique characteristics. They are great on use and can last for a long time. They are comfortable on the use and easy to maintain. Well, these items are also great on washing. They are also perfect for rigorous sporting activities and practice sessions. You can take care of them easily, as after wash they often dry out quickly. So, you can find them ready for the next use quickly. Zipper sides pockets also make these track suits more flexible on the use. 


Manchester United

Manchester United collection 2011-12

 Manchester United Nike apparel collection 11-12

In Nike’s promotional activities they produce athlete photos in order to make the link between the player and the gear for sale. The players chosen to feature in these photos are almost exclusively player wearing Nike footwear. In the case of Manchester United the players picked for the job: Ferdinand. Hernandez. Rooney. Evra.


Manchester United Nike collection 11-12


The collection is broken down into three categories or silos:

The leisure wear / match day gear as symbolized by Rio Ferdinand.

The training wear worn by Hernandez Chicharito.

The playing kit presented by Wayne Rooney.


Man Utd collection broken down into 3 silos


The various backgrounds borrow heavily from the most sacred and most typical places in the world of football.

The stadium. The field whether being the training field or the pitch at the stadium. And here below the locker room or the dressing room.


Manchester United training gear locker room


Manchester United away kit 11-12. The photos must have been shot before May 2011 since they have decided to equip the jerseys with standard EPL badges rather than the gold Champs badges 10/11 which the club proudly wears this season. The short number barely visible is clearly the EPL standard style and size. So the photos have been made to resemble matchday action.


Manchester United away kit 11-12 Evra on pitch


And another distinctive look at the new Manchester United favorite Javier Hernandez. This time featured out on the training pitch with the statist frame in the background to emphazise the context.


Man Utd training field Javier Hernandez


No portray series is complete without the player tunnel leading to the pitch.

In this case featuring Pat Evra.


Man Utd away kit proudly worn by Evra featured in the player's tunnel


Product Reviews Valencia

Review: Valencia CF away jersey 11-12

Review: Valencia CF away jersey 11-12

By Peter Locascio


The review features the Valencia away jersey for the season 2011-12. The format of the review does not allow it to be included successfully in a blogpost. Therefore the review follows on an external page.

Click on the banner here below and you will go directly to the review. Disclaimer! By clicking the link a new window opens up.



Click here to read the review of the Valencia away jersey 11-12


Product Reviews Real Madrid

Review: Real Madrid training top

 Review: Real Madrid Training Top


By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


The Real Madrid Training Jersey seems to be the best for last, again with its classic fit and sleek design. With its navy color and white light blue trimming works well and gives the jersey that classic feel. The training jersey has the Adidas climacool like the Jerseys. Loose fitting breathable material, players wearing the jersey will be comfortable during hard practices and yet stay cool due to the breathability of the fabric.  The team crest is centered just below the Adidas logo.  The reinforced stitching will withstand the stress of practices, while not being bulking and annoying.

Real Madrid training top clima cool


The back of the training top shows a printing of Real Madrid, with light blue trimming on the shoulders with a white design.  The design is made to let your body breath as well as keep you looking stylish.

Real Madrid training top back


Lower side of the training top shows off printing for Climacool

Real Madrid training top clima cool



The top shows off the classic Adidas look on the shoulders the goes with the sleek look.

Real Madrid training top 3-stripes


The Real Madrid training top is perfect for any Real Madrid fan because of its style and comfortable.  The top is simplistic and yet classy way to promote your team while you train, work, hangout, or watch a Real Madrid game.  Fans would buy this because it is cost effective and not as in your face as some of the jerseys teams put out these days.








Spain EURO 2012 jersey

 Spain national team jersey for the EURO 2012

By MM Sports

The new Spain jersey for the EURO 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine was launched on the 10th November 2011.

The jersey sports the familiar red and yellow colors.

The goal keeper uniform is yellow with black.

Spain EURO 2012 jersey

 The full uniform consists of the following parts:

red and yellow jersey.

blue and yellow shorts

red and yellow socks.

Intereting enough to see that all players chosen to present the jersey are adidas players in the sense that they have personal endorsement deals with adidas in order to wear their footwear.

Iker Casillas is sponsored by Reebok though but since Reebok is owned by adidas it is not a problem )


New Spain home kit for the EURO 2012