Football Clubs listed on the Stock Market

A number of prominent football clubs are neither owned privately nor by the club members. They are floated on the stock exchange.

Credit to the South West Journal for the information. Click the link for more!

The most famous of the lot is probably Manchester United which was infamously acquired by the Glazers and then floated on the NYSE.

Another famous household name being listed is Juventus FC. Juve is listed on the Italian stock exchange Borsa Italiana.

Third on the list has to be Borussia Dortmund. Owned by the members but through shares rather than through membership. BVB is listed on the Frankfurt German Stock Exchange.

Celtic FC from Scotland which as a company is called Celtic PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Another Italian club is fifth and that is SS Lazio which like Juve is listed on the Borsa Italiana.

AS Roma is also on the Borsa Italiana.

FC Porto from Portugal is on the Euronext in Lisbon.

SL Benfica is on the Euronext Lisboa.

Ajax Amsterdam is on the EURONext Amsterdam.

Fenerbahce is on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Besiktas is on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Olympique Lyonnais is on the EURONext in Paris.

This was not an exclusive list but the list probably comprises the most prominent football clubs lists on varios stock exchanges across Europe.