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  • Manchester City in Puma starting with the season 2019/20

    After a number of years wearing Umbro then Nike Man City is set to switch to Puma starting with the season 2019/20.

    Click here to check out the original story from Spanish based paper El Mundo Deportivo!

    Man City switch to Puma

    Nike has to decided to implement a Global Key City strategy which means that its focus in the UK will be on London. With Chelsea and Tottenham under contract as well as the English national team Nike is thereby well represented.

    Puma on the other hand having lost out to Adidas over Arsenal is looking for another top team to represent the brand. Marseille, AC Milan, Dortmund are strong sides domestically but do not have the same global appeal as a top from the Premier League or La Liga.

    Puma will also become the kit sponsor of Girona as part of the deal with the owner group of both sides.

  • Parma kits 2018/19

    Parma shirts are designed by the Italian company Errea which happens to be from the city of Parma.

    Parma has returned to the best league in Italy and are a re-entry on the chart for the season 18/19.

    Parma soccer kits 18/19

    The club has launched 3 new kits for the season 18/19. A white home kit, a blue/yellow away kit , and a very stylish black third kit.

    The sponsor logos are fairly well integrated and do not retract too much from the overall impression , theough the Aon could probably have been a more successful addition had it been at the sleeve and not to the chest.

  • Hamburg home jersey 2017/18 - HSV

    Hamburger Sports Verein or simply HSV is playing in adidas currently.

    Even though the club has not been a dominant force in German football for quite some time already it is still an important figure in the Bundesliga. Hamburg is an important city as well economically and culturally. The second biggest in population after Berlin.

    HSV home jersey 17/18The photo is taken by the harbour on the river Elb. Hamburg has the third largest harbour in Europe after Antwerp and Rotterdam. Traditionally FC St. Pauli was the club associated with the harbor in Hamburg but as the area around the river has become developed over the last couple of years the harbour has now become more integrated in the larger picture of the city.

    This might have drawn the HSV from lofty suburbs to seek some link with this economically and culturally vibrant part of the city.

  • Real Sociedad home kit 2017/18

    Real Sociedad the pearl from the Basque Country sports a blue white striped kit. Like Alaves from the capital Vitoria.

    The kit sponsor is Adidas. The shirt sponsor is a Chinese company.

    Real Sociedad home jersey 2017/18

    Nice detail with the adidas 3 stripes on the sleeve more or less becoming part of the shirt design with the white stripes going down the sleeves as well as down the torso.

  • Athletic Bilbao 17/18 kits from New Balance

    Athletic Bilbao played in Nike for a number of seasons and prior to that in Umbro.

    However, starting with the season 17/18 the club will wear New Balance. New Balance is making a strong push into the football industry picking up a number of clubs across Europe.

    The crownjewel being Liverpool FC but other sizeable teams have also been put under NB contract: Sevilla, Porto, Celtic, and now Bilbao. Spanish , English and UCL football are the most popular leagues in the USA. But maybe other clubs in France like Lille, + teams in Germany, and Italy will also follow. Besides a potential increase in players wearing NB footwear.

    Athletic Bilbao home jersey 17/18

    The home kit is red/white striped. The away kit is black. The third kit is blue/white/red (almost like the Real Sociedad uniform or FC Porto for that matter).

    NB Athletic Bilbao 17/18 kits

  • New Manchester City third kit 17/18

    Manchester City are of to a strong start in the English Premier League.

    First match in the UCL was also successful for the Citizens.

    A new third kit has been released mid-October to complement the skyblue and margenta home and away kits.

    Manchester City third kit 2017/18

    The rubber accent from the shoulder and down is luckily broken up in two in order to make room for the sleeve badges. Whether for the Premier League or the Champions League.

  • Kappa Napoli home jersey 2017/18

    Kappa has seen a number of their main teams part with the brand but they stil cling on to SSC Napoli.

    The new home jersey for the season 17/18 has an elegant blue color with a crew color.

    The excessive use of sponsor logos seems to be a detriment though. Not exactly making the jersey more beautiful.

    Napoli home jersey 2017/18

  • Tottenham away kit 2017/18 - Navy/White

    Tottenham has made the switch from Under Armour to Nike on multiple year deal.

    The first kits coming out from their new technical apparel sponsor have a very minimalistic design.

    Spurs away kit 2017/18

  • Atletico Madrid printing 2017/18 - UCL - La Liga

    Atletico Madrid has a home jersey which is being used for matches in La Liga and in the UCL a like. However, while the front of the jersey is the same for both tournaments the back has a different design. The back is striped in La Liga version while it is solid red in the UCL version.

    Atletico La Liga jersey and printing

    The printing is also different. In La Liga it is blue with a white outline.

    Atletico UCL jersey and printing

    In the UCL Atletico has an all white name and number set. Maybe it is in fact the printing style from the 15/16 season which is re-used for the UCL matches during the 17/18 campaign.

  • AS Monaco printing 16/17 - Ligue1 / UCL

    AS Monaco is doing well with an exciting team full of young prowess and dynamics.

    Monaco tryk 16/17 Ligue 1

    However, there are a few minor differences between the home kit in use for the French Ligue 1 and the one worn for UCL matches.

    Monaco UCL Falcao 9

    The back is all white for the UCL kit. The back of the jersey worn during Ligue 1 matches is split in a two color format. The printing for the UCL is all red. The one for the Ligue1 is black with a white edge.

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