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Review: Valencia CF home jersey 11-12

Review: Valencia home jersey 2011-12

By the MM Sports Valencia ambassador Peter Locascio


The new Valencia CF (FC to those English language speakers) 2011/12 home jersey is supplied by Joma, a change from the last few years jersey supplier, Kappa. The jersey is substantially white with black and yellow/orange trimming around the neck, hips and sleeves (the left sleeve trim has “ AMUNT VALENCIA” in yellow/orange stitching and there is a black Joma “J” logo on each shoulder). The La Liga “LFP” patch (Liga de Fútbol Profesional) is fully edge stitched onto the left shoulder, an indicator of a well manufactured product.


Valencia home jersey sleeve LFP badge close up

The Valencia CF shield is situated on the upper left chest and a black stitched “Joma” is on the upper right chest (orientation when wearing the jersey). The stiched text is nicely executed and is another indicator of the high quality of this jersey. “AMUNT VALENCIA” with the VCF shield is printed on the inner collar and the inner band of the jersey bottom.



Valencia CF home jersey front  


A small yellow/orange bat is stitched onto the bottom back of the jersey, a nice touch.

Valencia home jersey backside bat



My jersey was ordered with authentic player name and number on the back (Mata, 10). The contemporary font is sans-serif black with silver “shadow” highlight on each letter and numeral and silver VCF shield on the bottom of each numeral. The player customization is of the same high quality as last year.


Valencia home jersey Mata 10 printing  


 The VCF shield close-up:


Valencia CF numbers with club shield



Final Remarks:

The jersey was not supplied with a sponsor logo on the front. The 2010/11 “Unibet” logo was one of the most attractive sponsor logos in all club football and I will certainly have no objection if Valencia CF jerseys later in the season are shipped with it printed on the front. 

The front and back fabric is finely woven while the side and arm fabric is a somewhat more open weave. The underarms are a mesh like fabric for ventilation. 


Unlike last year’s VCF Kappa jersey where I needed to size up a full size (something I rarely have to do), the 2011/12 Joma jersey fits to size, if slightly slimmer than the 2010/11 Joma jerseys.


Overall, the jersey is of substantial quality. While we all (at least club football fans) are proud to publicly exhibit our team association, it’s always nice when the shirt has style, quality design and is well manufactured. Valencia CF fans can rest assured this is the case with the VCF 2011/12 home jersey.


Peter John Locascio

New York City/August 10, 2011

Se official Joma presentation video here:




And another Valencia promotional video for the new jersey:



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