New Juventus third kit 18/19

New Juventus third kit 18/19 in a dark grey / black color with neon yellow / green contrast.
Juventus third kit 18/19
Dybala has for the past 2 seasons been the by far best selling player with Juventus. Obviously starting with the arrival with Ronaldo over the summer 2018 Dybala will be relegated to the number 2.
Same jersey but worn slightly differently.
Beautiful Juventus third kit 18/19

AC Milan

New AC Milan home kit 18/19 by Puma

New AC Milan home kit for the season 18/19.
AC Milan home kit 18/19
First season with Puma rather than Adidas. Adidas has dumped a number of teams like Real Betis, Marseille, AC Milan. Betis is now back with Kappa while Puma has snapped up Marseille and AC Milan.
AC Milan is not what it used to be but fortunes can be turned around so that is probably what Puma is hoping for.
A close up of the jersey.
AC Milan home kit close up
The away kit is white while the third kit is black. Nothing new there. That has always been the typical color scheme for the 3 Milan kits.

FC Barcelona

New FC Barcelona 18/19 printing by Avery

Sipesa were the first to hold a license to produce the official FC Barcelona printing.
This license was taken over by Sporting ID a few years back.
From starting from the season 2018/19 the new provider will be Avery.
FC Barcelona printing by Avery
Avery in Norway has already produced the official player’s issue version for a couple of years. But now all products player’s issue, replica, junior etc. + distribution be gathered under Avery.
Avery in Norway provides Barcelona with 4 million pieces a year
It is unclear though how this figure is counted. Messi + 1 + 0 + UNICEF or Messi + 1 + 0 does it mean that each name and number kit consists of somewhere between 2 and 4 pieces ?
So the number of name kits could be anywhere between 1 million and 4 million in total.
The quality is great.
Avery Number 1 FC Barcelona
Beautifully design with net structure.
Click here to check out the offering by Avery of FC Barcelona printing!
Not only does Avery provide printing for FC Barcelona but they also help clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal.
Click here to read about the cooperation between Avery and Liverpool FC!

UEFA Champions League

UEFA badges 2018/19

UEFA badges
Finally the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, European Super Cup badges have been made available for general retail.
UEFA badges 2018/19
The first badge is the Starball which all teams will wear to the right arm sleeve, except the current title holder.
The UCL Winners badge is worn exclusively by the current champion.
The Starball with the tag below will be worn in the case that a club has won the Europa League one season but will participate in the UEFA Champions League the following season. For instance Atletico Madrid.
The badge of honors will be worn by any team which has won at least 4 Champions League titles or 3 in a row.
Thus Real Madrid will wear 13 and 12, depending on season.
AC Milan will wear 7 Cups.
FC Bayern, Liverpool, FC Barcelona will wear 5 Cups.
Ajax will wear 4 Cups.
Manchester United, Juventus, Inter, Benfica are close but not close enough to be able to claim one of the BOHs “Badge of Honor”.
The Respect patch will be worn by all teams participating in the European tournaments.
The blue badge without numbers or letters is the European Super Cup badge.
The final badge is the badge worn by teams playing in the UEFA Europa League.
apart from that Sevilla as the only team to have won either 3 Europa League consecutively or 4 in total has the right to wear a 5 Cups honors badge.
Europa League honors badge 5 Cups

In case you want to learn more you may click the link below:
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