Hedging their bets – NZ – The Long Read

Many wealthy Americans buy second homes, or retreats in New Zealand.
To the extent that the government has had to step in and change the rules as to whom can buy property in this secluded island nation.
Read the full article here about how wealthy Americans try to hedge their bets should the world as we know it collapse!
Below a photo of Auckland from the North Island.
Auckland New Zealand north island
The capital Wellington is on the south island.

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The British Establishment – the Long Read

Who holds the power in society ? How does the power structure develop over time ? How does the power balance change over time ? What has been the development over the past 20 years ?
These are the questions the author Aeron Davis are trying to answer in a book coming out in 2018.
A summary of the main points are to be found here!
The main power in society in the modern age is held between the players in a triangle consisting of:
Finance and Business
Politics can be broken down into politicians, and civil servants (public servants)
Media is considered a unity with a number of different players involved
Economics consists of large corporations and the financial industry.
But who holds the power and how has the balance changed over the course of time ?
And how does the future looks like ?
Power in the United Kingdom in the 21st century
The photo above may allude to the answer to the main questions raised in the book / article.