CCCP retro shirt – USSR retro shirt

Russian language uses Cyrillic in contrast to English which uses Latin letters.

This may lead to some confusion in particular in those case where the Russian characters exist in Latin letters as well though with different meaning. Eastern , Western Roman empire anyone . . .
Thus we have the following situation:
SSSR = Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik
CCCP = Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
USSR = Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSR CCCP SSSR intro video!
Quite a tongue twister even for the native speaker. Russian words tend to be long and a word like “Sotsialisticheskikh” is awfully difficult to get right. But with a bit of practice the dilligent student will succeed!

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona makes a push for Catalan governance

FC Barcelona is one of the main symbols of Catalonia and the push for independence or increased autonomy.
Barcelona is not Spain Barcelona is Catalunya
Click to watch video hosted on YouTube. Russia has its own issues with regions like Abkhazia, Krim, Caucasus. Thus not surpricing with a bit of support from Russian side.

The colors of the Catalan flag are often part of the design of jersey, apparel, and merchandise.
For many years the jerseys of Barca were void of any kind of commercial influence apart from a small badge on the left arm sleeve for the Catalan TV station TV3.

AC Milan

Puma new kit apparel sponsor for AC Milan 18/19

Adidas has decided to terminate their contract with AC Milan after the end of the season 2018/19. Instead the German sporting goods producer PUMA will take over on a long term deal.
Same story as with Olympique Marseilles. Adidas decided to terminate a contract already in place early and Puma decided to step in to take over.
Puma new AC Milan kit sponsor
On the flipside Puma has lost their number 1 team globally, Arsenal. Arsenal will play in Adidas starting with the season 18/19.
Puma are left with a couple of clubs in the Premier League though: Leiceister, Burnley, Newcastle United. But none from the top 6.
In the case of Adidas it will leave them with Juventus in Italy, and Olympique Lyon in France.
Adidas has decided to concentrate the efforts in smaller number of select teams while dumping some of the clubs which have not performed more recently.
Adidas will focus on sponsorships at grassroot level as well with individuals whether celebrities or athletes.


Faroe Islands soccer kits 2016/18

The Faroe Islands does very well in the qualifcation matches being played for the EURO and the WORLD CUP though the tiny nation is yet to qualify for either. But with Iceland in mind who knows what the future will bring ?
The flag of the country is blue and white. Thus it is no surprice that the home and the away kit follow this color scheme.
Faroe Islands home kit 16/17
The flag also contains red so like the French tricolore if everything has to be represented we need to see the blue, white, red all coming together.
Faroe Islands home jersey
The away kit is blue and white and with red name and number printing.
Faroe Islands away jersey
The kit sponsor is adidas.


Greenland national team kit from Kelme

The flag of Greenland is red and white. Thus it is no major surprise that the football kits of the Greenlandic national team use the same colors.
Red home kit and a white away kit. Essentially the same concept as seen for the Danish national team.
Greenland home jersey 2017/18
The new athletic apparel sponsor is Kelme, a Spanish company which has earlier had kit deals with Valencia and Real Madrid but is otherwise more famous for its cycling team than for football kit deals.
Greenland away jersey
The Greenland away jersey is white with black contrast. Usually the contrast is red but this time around black has been chosen for a change.
Greenland does not play official international matches though it is unclear why not since another Danish autonomous territory the Faroe Islands does so already for a long time.
Maybe because they do not have a pitch which lives up to the FIFA criteria and the Greenlandic FA does not have the money to play home matches abroad. . . Artificial grass fields are now present in Greenland but due to the location to the far north the season is short. The only way effectively to be able to stage a match in Greenland outside of the three summer months would be on a covered field. This kind of venue does not exist currently in Greenland.