Premier League letters and numbers 2017/18

Latest News! A new Premier League design has been launched with regard to letters and numbers.
New sleeve badges were introduced before the start of the season 2016/17. The new design seen to the left of the photos were introduced as substitutes for the previous design seen to the right hand side of the photo.
Apparently the Premier League is now such a massive business in its own right that they do not need an external sponsor anymore. The league advertises the league: Premier League.
EPL sleeve badges 2016-...
The new logo featuring a lion head with a crown on top has been included in the numbers as well starting with the 17/18 season.
The font of the numbers has also changed to a more clean less bulky one.
Premier League numbers
In the photo to the left hand side the new font is seen. At the center the old player’s version PS PRO. And to the right hand side of the photo the old replica version called PU.
The new 17/18 product has essentially merged the two by bringing the quality of the PS PRO with color block at the back while downsizing the size to the size of the old PU format.
The logo size seems about the same taking into consideration the dimensions of the new and old version.
Letters have also changed to a new font.
From the top the 17/18 letters. PS PRO letters, PU letters.
Once again the two types of letters from previous seasons have been merged into just one.
The size of the PU with the quality of the PS PRO.
New 17/18 EPL letters
and finally let’s take a look at how the new sleeve badges look like in real life applied on a jersey. The Puma above the lion. Pretty good fit for the Arsenal youth kit: size wise and design wise.
Arsenal third kit EPL sleeve badges

Manchester United

Video: Manchester voted Remain! Man United kit

Manchester alongside most other major cities voted remain. The Brexit referendum turned out to be more of a city/country side clash than a north/south devide. That landed cities like Manchester and Liverpool firmly in the half of the Remain campaign.

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Manchester United will launch a new away kit on May the 18. The kit will be worn on field for the first time on the 17th of May in an away match at Southampton.
Man Utd home kit video

FC Bayern

Video: FC Bayern kit – Bavaria is not Germany!

Bavaria to the south of Germany is a very confident and wealthy region. They have their own customs and their own variant of the German language. To many Bavaria is very different and very distant from Berlin. Almost to the extent of being another country.

Germany is a federal state so to a certain extent Bayern is separate political entity.
FC Bayern is surely a sign of can do prowess of the economic power house to the south of Germany. But it does not quite carry the same political connotations as FC Barcelona.
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Bayern will play the last home match of the season and the last match at all on Saturday the 20th of May. The new 17/18 home kit will be worn on field for the first time at this event. Expect it to be available from retailers across the world either on Friday the 19th of May or on Monday the 22nd of May.
FC Bayern video and home kit


Video: Liverpool voted Remain | You'll Never Walk Alone!

The city of Liverpool voted Remain at the 2016 Brexit referendum set up to determine Britain’s relationship with Europe. Liverpool is the name of a city though it is often used as a reference to the its’ famous resident the Liverpool Football Club. LFC was founded in 1892. Thus 2017 marks its’ 125 years anniversary.
Liverpool FC is very popular across Europe and in particular in Scandinavia.

In Russia the 3 most popular international teams are: FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid! But Liverpool might be 4th or 5th in a popularity ranking fighting it out with Chelsea and Arsenal has to who the most support among the Russian fans. AC Milan used to be popular when Shevechenko was in shape but lately focus has slipped away from the Italian game and most attention is directed towards the Premier League.

Liverpool home kit for the season 2016/17.
Watch Liverpool video here!
Liverpool home kit 16/17 from New Balance and with sponsor logo Standard Chartered.
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Very stylish 125th anniversary jersey.
Liverpool home jersey 2017/18
New Premier League name and number kit 17/18 available to accompany the new LFC kits.