Manchester United

New Man Utd star MEMPHIS Depay and UA

Best selling Man Utd jersey so far this season: MEMPHIS #7
with a wide margin to the number 2.
But Man Utd star Memphis is also the man in the spotlight in other regards.
One of the few top stars NOT to wear neither adidas nor Nike cleats.
Check out the latest UA campaign feature Memphis Depay and Under Armour footwear!

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Nike Store | EPL printing style ? PS PRO or PU Amateur ?

Though it took 9 days and 6 interactions with customer service finally a suitable reply was provided.
For the authentic Man City home shirt according to the info provided by Nike customer service the Nike online store does in fact provide the real thing. The PS PRO player’s issue name and number kit.
Below the conversation. latest first.
Nike Online store
Hi Mikkel,
Thank you for your patience.
Jim is out of the office so I will be happy to pass on the findings from our seniour management team.
The technology that we use is Polystretch Polyurethane heat transfers and it is the PS PRO player’s size
If you have any further queries, please get back to us again.
All the best,

EPL Printing Style
 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Sotiria) 09/16/2015 04:09 PM
Hi Mikkel,
Thank you for your response.
I can confirm that your question has been escalated to the appropriate team so that they can provide us with an answer!
As soon as the managers respond about it, we will let you know!
Take care and have a nice day,
EPL Printing Style
 Wątek dyskusji
 Odpowiedź Przez e-mail (Sotiria) 2015-09-16 02:13 PM
Hi Mikkel,
I hope this e mail finds you well!
Thank you for giving me the time to escalate your question to the appropriate department of Nike!
I have just received a response that the same question is already being reviewed at the moment. We will contact you again as soon as the appropriate department of Nike comes back with a response regarding the information that you would like to have.
Thank you, Mikkel and take care,
EPL Printing Style
 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Sotiria) 09/15/2015 03:34 PM
Hi Mikkel,
Thank you for your questions regarding our Nike 2015/16 Manchester City shirt.
I have also checked the description of the product and I cannot find that information on our web site either. In order to make sure that I am providing you with the correct information, Mikkel, I would like to escalate this to my managers team and ask them regarding this issue!
Please, bear with me until I got a response from them and I will contact you as soon as that happens!
Thank you, Mikkel and talk to you soon,
 Auto-Response 09/15/2015 08:47 AM
 Customer By Web Form (Mikkel Bager) 09/15/2015 08:47 AM
Dear Sir / Madam.
I was looking at this product:
The Manchester City home shirt.
However, I could not see from the product description what kind of printing is being used to customize the shirt ?
Is it the player’s version PS PRO or is it the replica version PU transfer ?
Thank you for your time.
kind regards
Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (James) 09/10/2015 11:27 AM
Hi Mikkel,
I hope that all is well!
Regarding your enquiry about the printing style, I will look further into this for you, and I will be back in contact as I have further details to provide you with.
I wish you a great day in the meantime!
 Auto-Response 09/09/2015 09:29 PM
Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Team!
We have received your inquiry and we will do our absolute best to respond to you within 24 hours. Your reference number is [150910-013733]. Please note that emails are answered in the order they are received.
For time-sensitive issues, you can give us a call from Monday to Friday. To see our local opening hours and phone numbers per country, please click here On Saturdays, our English Consumer Service Support line is open from 10:00 to 18:00 (local time).
We also would like to let you know that you may be able to quickly find the answer to your question by visiting our Get Help page at We’ve put together some helpful answers to frequently asked questions about our products, policies, and procedures. You can also browse our great selection of athletic apparel, shoes, and equipment at
Our priority is to provide you with the service that you would expect of Nike. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We look forward to helping you with your inquiry.
 Customer By Web Form (Mikkel Bager) 09/09/2015 09:29 PM
I was looking at your Man City home shirt: wonder what kind of printing style you apply ?
is it the PU replica size or the PS PRO player’s size ?thanks.
FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona 3rd kit 2015/16

New Barca third kit will launch on the 1st of October in retail. First time Barca will wear the jersey on the field will be the 16th of September in an UCL match versus AS Roma.
Thus the new third kit can also be labelled as the UCL away kit.
FC Barcelona third kit
The printing is a special typefont inspired by the works of Gaudi.
Click here to shop Barcelona 3rd kit 2015/16!


Placement of Arsenal Sleeve Badge 2015/16

Challenging placement of Arsenal Sleeve Badge 2015/16

The Puma jerseys for the season 15/16 may be slightly challenging when it comes to placing the sleeve badges right.
Arsenal 15/16 sleeve badges
The EPL numbers seem to be placed just below an imaginary line from the lowest point of the nameblock.
In this case being the tip of the letter T to right and the tip of the letter W to the left.
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FIFA WC | UEFA EURO Product Reviews

2015-16 Portugal Away Jersey Review

By Julian Smith, NYC

Portugal away jersey 2015/16 | back in black

Portugal away jersey in black
Portugal: a country of 10 million people and some of the most recognized football icons on the planet. Super agent Jorge Mendes, super manager José Mourinho, and super hero Cristiano Ronaldo all hail from the Western-most European nation that has experienced staggered footballing success. A Seleção das Quinas first appeared on the football map with the emergence of Eusébio, who led Portugal to a third place finish at the 1966 World Cup. Some years of anonymity ensued, followed by a golden generation: which included the likes of Luís Figo, Rui Costa, Pauleta, and Vítor Baía. While those stars underwhelmed in their prime, eventually Portugal finished in 2nd place at Euro 2004, and in 4th place at the 2006 World Cup. That era ended as the era of Cristiano Ronaldo began, but his international teammates have relied too much on his superior abilities and have not been able to seriously challenge for a trophy of late. There is promise for the future, though, as a number of youngsters have shown serious ability, dominating many at the 2015 U-21 European Championship before suffering a shock loss to the Swedish. Hopefully, the elusive first trophy will enter the empty cabinet after Euro 2016 and get Portugal on a winning track.
In the meantime, they can hope that Nike continues to ensure they at least look good on the pitch. The 2015 away jersey is stunning in appearance, but leaves much to be desired when worn.
The Shirt
Portugal away jersey - front number 7
Nike used a v-neck with a bottom lip, which I rather like on this shirt given that it all blends together. The v-neck is also used on the 2015 USA home shirts, but the contrasting colors make it look much more awkward. The red accent around the opening with infused green piping adds a nice bit of flair.
Portugal away kit detail
In this close up, you can see the poor material quality. Honestly, just by looking at it I think you can see how uncomfortable it is… on a happier note, the badge is nicely sewn into the shirt with black stitching.
Portugal front number details
The Nike logo is in red, which works well with everything else. Green would’ve looked out of place and white would be too much contrast.
Portugal away kit - details
The sides of the shirt have a porous strip to allow for extra ventilation. It is much more breathable than the main pieces of fabric and I could absolutely see how it would help cool you down on a hot day.
Portugal away shirt inside out
Inverting the shirt shows the discolored interior. I still don’t know why this is, but it cannot be good. I have a feeling this is a product of the deteriorating material quality used more recently in mainstream replica shirts.
Portugal away shirt - printing
I’m torn on this print. The font is actually pretty good, but the back and front numbers are quite different in that the back is much more intricate in design. The front is a single, white piece of plastic (see close-up above).
As seen here, the back number has a dotted design with a red border and crest.
Portugal number - federation logo
Portugal away jersey rating
It pains me to write this not so favorable review, but ultimately these shirts are meant to be worn, and if they’re not comfortable that’s a huge problem. It may look great on the stars on the pitch or in your closet, but don’t plan on wearing this one much.
As always, the official Portugal away jersey and the official printing from Sporting ID are available to purchase from iDfootballdesk.
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Real Madrid

Real Madrid away printing 2015/16 Bale 11

How does the Real Madrid away printing looks like?

A look at how the Real Madrid away printing for the season 2015/16 is positioned on the jersey.
Real Madrid away printing 15/16 Bale 11
Fairly high up on the jersey. Probably around 3-4 cm distance between name and numbers.
The numbers positioned slightly wider than the name meaning that there is a bit of space between them.
Probably Rafa would speak to Bale in English.
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Adidas Store | EPL printing style ? Pro or Amateur

Which style of EPL printing does the official Adidas online store apply ?
What is the expertise of the customer service staff ?
let’s try to address these to questions taking as our point of departure this email thread.
Adidas customer service knowledge

Thank you for your request!

09/09/2015 03.04 PM
Dear Mrs Pekar,
Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in adidas!
 We are sorry for replying to your e-mail so late.
We decided to escalate the case to our Management.
We received the following information:
‘On our Manchester United jerseys we use the replica size letters and numbers which is the PU style.
The numbers have the EPL logo inside.
The applied badges are “Prem Lge Replica Sleeve Badges’
We hope we have answered your questions.
Kind regards,
Your adidas online shop team
07/09/2015 05.59 PM
Let me try to explain what I mean.
It is possible to order the jersey with a name and number on the back.
For instance a player name like Memphis #7 or a custom name like Adidas #0
this printing is not part of the jersey as default.
so adidas will apply the printing upon request.
my question now is what kind of printing is applied.
is it the PS PRO or is it the PU style ?
the difference being size as well as quality.
I have previously in this thread linked to the page of the producer where these 2 different products are presented.
so please let me know which style of printing you apply ?


07/09/2015 03.01 PM
Dear Mrs Pekar,
We are sorry if our reply has caused some confusion. We have taken a screen shot of the possible badge arrangement.
Please, see the attachment.
 As it comes to the exact printing, unfortunately, we are not provided with that specific piece of information.
We highly recommend contacting our General Enquiries Line for more information: 0800 – 389 3845.
Kind regards,
Your adidas online shop team
07/09/2015 01.44 PM
Thank you for the reply.
I do not understand what do you mean ?
do you apply the PU printing or the PS PRO ?
that is the question.

07/09/2015 01.26 PM
Dear Mrs Pekar,
Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in adidas!
 We are sorry yet at the beginning we could not make out what you meant.
luckily, you sent us the link.
As it comes to our online shop, we have the option to make use of the badge.
However, it will be displayed on every  digit (inside the digits), not separately.
Kind regards,
Your adidas online shop team
04/09/2015 09.28 PM
Thank you for the reply.
however, it does not answer the question.
so let me try to elaborate.
is it this type of printing:
or is it this one ?
or the printing style you use it not even the official one ?

04/09/2015 04.15 PM
Dear Misha,
Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in adidas!
Our sincere apologies for delay in response – we have a big amount of e-mails to respond to which prevents us from getting back to you sooner.
We are very sorry to hear you have encountered so much inconvenience as it comes to the item personalisation.
We can imagine how frustrating it might be.
Also we would like to inform you that currently we have only Premier League font available in our on line store.
Unfortunately we do not have an official information when the Champions League font will be available in our store.
As it comes to the badges, the Champions League and the Premier League are currently available.
If you interested in the purchase, you are welcome to place an order with us.
Kind regards,
Your adidas online shop team
02/09/2015 10.08 AM
I was looking at the Man Utd home shirt.
A few questions relating to the printing.
If I choose the EPL badges will they be replica size or player’s size ?
and the printing will it be PS PRO (players) or PU (replica) ?
If I pick the Starball + Respect logo will the printing be the Man Utd EURO style ? with the club logo rather than the EPL logo in the numbers ?