New Venezuela jersey Copa America 2015

Another new stylish kit from Adidas. This time the home Venezuela jersey of the baseball country Venezuela.
Venezuela home jersey Copa America 2015
Not sure why Venezuela typically features such dark shade of red. Bordeaux almost red. The shade of red in the flag is more of a typical mailbox, blood, wine red.
But looking at the history of Venezuela jerseys this looks to be much the norm so there is probably a good reason for it.


New Argentina jersey Copa America 2015

New Argentina jersey for the Copa America 2015 is now available.
The front figure on the marketing campaign is of course ……. Messi
Argentina Copa America 2015 jersey
The jersey has been received with some reservations in place.
The crest is rather small scale. The white, light blue colors might seem a bit vague.
Maybe it will help a bit if name and numbers in black are added – to spice it up a bit.


New Colombia jersey Copa America 2015

It used to be Falcao. But after the World Cup 2015 James Rodriguez is the new front figure of the Colombian team.
In order to promote the Colombia jersey 2015 it probably also helps that he is endorsed by Adidas at a personal level.
Colombia jersey 2015 Copa America
The colors of the Colombian flag are red, yellow, blue.
Red for all of the blood which has been spilled.
Yellow as the color of Gold.
Blue as the clear blue sky visible much of the time.


New Mexico jersey Copa America 2015

New Mexico home and away jersey has now been released! As of February 2015.
The home jersey this time around is black/gray which is rather novel since tradition mandates green.
The contrast color is green though as well as the printing.
The away jersey on the other hand is white. At the bottom there is a thin green , and a thin red horizontal bar. Together with the white bar the 3 bars make up the stripes of the Mexican flag.
Mexico jerseys Copa America 2015
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Review: AS Roma home jersey 2014/15

By Julian Smith, NYC
AS Roma 2014-15 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review
AS Roma 14/15 home jersey model
It’s been a rollercoaster season for Roma so far… Riding high from an undefeated set of competitive fixtures through the beginning of October, the Giallorossi were derailed by a 3-2 defeat to Juventus from a last minute Leonardo Bonucci wonder strike (yes, you read that correctly) and a 7-1 hammering from Bayern Munich to finish the month. After a few seasons of relative mediocrity, it’s good to see a traditional powerhouse back in the top three of one of best leagues in Europe (take note, Milan).
A new look squad has been complemented by a new look kit, and the home shirt this year is just as noteworthy as their summer signings. Nike took over after a longstanding deal with Kappa to produce a shirt design and style that has seen widespread praise.
The Shirt
AS Roma printing model
Roma’s 2014-15 home shirt sticks with their trend of moving towards a darker shade of burgundy that blankets the jersey. The material is the standard Nike polyester blend, which is soft to the touch and comfortable lying on the body. The shirt is of average weight, maybe slightly heavier than normal, but not very noticeably so. It fits just right on a slender body, like mine; not too baggy, not too tight.
As with most collared shirts, if you tend to have a smaller chest, like mine, the material will tend to bunch up in a V shape because of how it naturally falls. This is really only noticeable when you’re standing upright and not moving. See the title picture for an example of what I’m referring to.