Real Madrid home kit Zidane patch

We have been to Marseille to look at the roots of Zidane.
This French Algerian model shorts us the badge and gives us a look out over the city in the direction of the neighborhood where Zidane grew up.
Zidane badge Real Madrid home
and as well we take a look at the pattern of the home jersey. With the strong flash light enlightening the foreground the pattern becomes clearly visible.
Real Madrid home kit pattern
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Liverpool away kit 2014/15 bright yellow

The Liverpool away kit for the season 2014/15 comes in a glaring yellow color.
An adventurous choice for the pale and colorless northern England.
in a Mediterranean context the choice seems excellent though.
Liverpool away jersey 14/15
and from the other side:
Liverpool away jersey backside
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Brazil third jersey World Cup 2014 Neymar Junior 10

The Brazilians are probably the only ones to have a third jersey for the World Cup 2014.
Dark green is the color + yellow name and number kit.
Brazil third jersey World Cup 2014
and let’s check the backside as well.
Brazil name kit Neymar Jr 10

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Seynara jersey

The Catalan inspired FC Barcelona Seynara jersey 2013/14 and 2014/15.
FC Barcelona Seynara jersey
FC Barcelona Seynara jersey + Messi badge.
FC Barcelona Seynara + badge
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