FC Barcelona jerseys for the season 14/15

Already on the 13th of November was the Barcelona based newspaper Mundo Deportivo MD in possesion of the designs for the 14/15 Barcelona jerseys.
Barca home and away jersey 14/15
Read the details here in the MD and see the comment by the fans!
broader stripes.
no red/yellow trim at the sleeves nor collar at the home jersey.
blau/grana at the sleeves of the away jersey
Seynara flag at the collar of the home jersey
crew neck on both jerseys



This time around it is for real. Back in 2007 Putin was Time Magazine person of the year. Though we do not know who will eventually win the World Cup 2014 in football then at least we have a pretty safe bet that Putin will indeed come out as Time Magazine person of the year 2014. And thereby repeat the victory back in 2007.

Time Magazine Person of the year 2007 Putin

The painting by George W. Bush.

Putin painting by Bush

what else is there. Well, how about Putin himself as an artist ?

Putin presentation of own painting


Color Scheme 2014/15

The major clubs will launch a variety of color schemes over the summer 2014/15.
Real Madrid
home: white / black
away: pink
third: black / white
FC Barcelona
home: blau / grana
away: mango
Atletico Madrid
home: red / white
away: navy
FC Bayern
home: red / blue
away: white
third: black
Juventus (Libya)
home: black / white
away: blue
Paris SG (Qatari)
home: navy
away: white
home: red
away: yellow
third: black/red
Manchester City (Abu Dhabi)
home: blue
away: navy
Manchester United
home: red
away: white
Chelsea (Russian)
home: blue
away: yellow
third: black / grey
AS Roma
home: red
away: white
third: anthracite
home: blue/black
away: white


Sweden home jersey 2013/15 – Ibrahimovic 10

Sweden did not make it to Brazil. A player with the name Ronaldo carrying a team called Portugal was in the way.
Never the less the Swedes have a really nice yellow / blue home jersey. With an Adidas style name and number kit accompanying.

Sweden home jersey Ibra 10

The front number is blue for the jersey. National team jerseys come with front number.

Sweden home jersey front number 10