FC Bayern

FC Bayern home jersey WCC badge

FC Bayern home World Club Champions 2013 badge

FC Bayern won no less than 3 titles during the spring and early summer of 2013.

Bundesliga title

German Cup title

The UEFA Champions League title

Therefore the jersey of FC Bayern for the season 2013/14 is fairly well-decorated.

FC Bayern home jersey WCC 2013 badge

To the right arm sleeve one can see the Bundesliga 2012/13 gold patch indicating that FC Bayern won the Bundesliga title back in season 2012/13.

To the chest one can see another gold patch which is the FIFA World Club Champions 2013 badge indicating that FC Bayern won the WCC back in December of 2013.

No badge is granted to the winner of the German cup tournament so therefore there is not a third badge on the jersey.

In the German Bundesliga there is a sponsor logo to the left arm sleeve but this is absent here since it does not really make the jersey prettier. It is rather a distraction than a bonus.



FC Bayern

FC Bayern UCL + WCC 2013 badges

FC  Bayern  UCL  away  jersey  2013/14 | UCL badges WCC 2013

The FC Bayern UEFA Champions League away jersey for the season 2013/14 comes with 2 sleeve badges.

The sleeve badge to the right arm is the version of the UCL StarBall which is exclusively for the reigning champ.

Thus the depiction of the trophy with the big ears and the year 2013 engraved.

The badge to the left arm sleeve (seen from the perspective of the player) is the UEFA honors badge which can be worn by those clubs which have won 3 consecutive titles or 5 titles all in all.

FC Bayern in principle lives up to both criteria since the club has won the UCL 3 times in a row back in the 1970s and since then a further 2 titles which brings the total to 5.

FC Bayern UCL away jersey WWC badge

Finally the gold patch to the center of the chest is the FIFA World Club Champions badge which reads the year 2013.

FC Bayern won the tournament versus the other continental champs in Morocco in December and thus has the right to wear the badge until December 2014.



Macron and Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace and Macron sign new kit deal  

Macron and Crystal Palace Football Club can today announce the signing of a new four year kit deal which will start from July 2014.

Crystal Palace Chairman , Steve Parish says  “ We are  really excited that we are able to bring you a leading brand together with a unique bespoke kit.  We tested the playing, training kit and leisure wear on players and fans against a range of competitors and Macron was easily the most popular. Whilst the players liked the sleek fitted  shirts and training wear, the Italian designed leisure range was a huge hit with fans and players alike. I want to give Palace fans a range of quality merchandise that reflects us and that we are proud to wear.  I am looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Macron.” 

Gianluca Pavanello, Macron CEO, says: ” We are very proud to start this relationship with such a prestigious club as Crystal Palace FC. Macron wishes to be associated with top clubs where the company’s principles of high quality customized products according to each client’s requests and needs can be further demonstrated. We feel this agreement we have been able to consolidate Macron’s brand as a major player in the European sponsorship market. I want to truly thank club president Steve Parish for confirming the agreement and we welcome him and Crystal Palace to the Macron Family. We are now working together closely with the club in order to create a unique collection for next season that will surely be appreciated by the Palace’s fans”.



Arsenal News

Arsenal Puma deal



New Partnership Represents the Biggest Deal in Each Organisation’s History

 Arsenal indgår aftale med Puma


London, UK (27th January 2014) – PUMA and Arsenal Football Club have today announced a long-term partnership. Effective 1st July 2014, PUMA will become the official kit partner of Arsenal. In addition to producing the playing and training kit for all Arsenal teams, PUMA has acquired wide-ranging licensing rights to develop other Arsenal branded merchandise on a global basis. This new commercial partnership represents the biggest deal in PUMA and Arsenal’s history.  

PUMA and Arsenal will work together to bring further innovation into the sports brand’s performance apparel range.  Both organisations will work collaboratively on a global strategy to drive mutual growth across all football markets, achieved through PUMA’s global sales network, international tours and integrated marketing activities. Arsenal also presents PUMA with its most prominent platform to showcase performance products through its significant global fanbase, profile and reputation.

Having extended and deepened its relationship with the FIGC (Italian Football Federation), signed 2013 UEFA Champions LeagueTM finalists Borussia Dortmund and bolstered its player portfolio with Sergio Agüero, Cesc Fàbregas, Mario Balotelli, Radamel Falcao, Olivier Giroud and Yaya Touré amongst others; PUMA is defining itself as the clear number three football brand. 

Bjoern Gulden, Chief Executive Officer for PUMA said: “Arsenal have been a key strategic target for PUMA for a number of years now. Through a clear commercial vision, a well-defined sports marketing strategy and a relentless enthusiasm within the PUMA organisation, we’re proud to have signed this partnership with a truly global football club. As we enter a new era in our company history, Arsenal represents a major commercial and marketing opportunity to reinforce PUMA’s credibility as a global sports brand, and we have full confidence the plans in place to activate this partnership will have a significant global impact.”

Ivan Gazidis, Chief Executive Officer at Arsenal Football Club said: “We are excited to be partnering with PUMA, a company whose football heritage and record of innovation have a strong affinity with our own. This represents another important step forward in Arsenal’s progression on and off the pitch.”


New Napoli away jersey 2014

New Napoli away jersey 2014

Macron and the club SSC Napoli have decided to launch a new away jersey for the spring 2014.

The new away jersey will be used for all Napoli’s away matches during the second half of the season 13/14.

The kit incorporates yellow and blue building on the base of camoflage green used during the fall of 2013.


Napoli away jersey 2014


Puma evo power boot release

Press Release


High Performance Boot Inspired By the Natural Power of Barefoot Kicking


BARCELONA, SPAIN (17 January, 2014) – PUMA is proud to introduce its most powerful boot yet with the launch of evoPOWER. Officially launched in Barcelona today, evoPOWER is a new performance boot designed to enhance a player’s natural kicking ability, and optimise a player’s power and accuracy when striking the ball. Inspired by the freedom of movement of barefoot kicking, evoPOWER features the most advanced PUMA technologies to date and will be worn on pitch by Cesc Fàbregas, Marco Reus, Mario Balotelli, Yaya Touré, Nemanja Vidić, Dante and many others.

Studies show that a bare foot generates a more powerful kick than a booted foot through non-restricted flexibility. However, players experience a loss of control and accuracy over the ball due to the natural contours of the foot. evoPOWER features the Gradual Stability Frame (GSF) which is an innovative spine in the sole plate that allows the boot to bend both ways, enabling the boot’s movement to be as close as possible to the biomechanics of the bare foot and replicate its natural power. This is further enhanced through the Adap-Lite special upper that only stretches vertically. Control and accuracy are improved through AccuFoam insert located on the upper which, upon impact, creates a smooth and flat kicking surface.  

Throughout the boot’s development, PUMA worked with independent experts to test and prove the power and accuracy of the evoPOWER boot. PUMA players Cesc Fàbregas and Marco Reus also tested the boot, providing important feedback.

Cesc Fàbregas said, “Taking inspiration for a football boot from an actual foot sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but in all the time I’ve spent in football, it’s the first time I’ve heard of this being done. When you try on these new boots, they are actually quite different to what we have worn before. They are so much more flexible; the way they bend with the natural shape of your foot really helps you to shoot harder.”

Marco Reus commented, “Shooting from distance is a key part of my game, in open play and free kicks. Having a boot that maximises power in these instances is necessary to help you capitalize on these moments, and this evoPOWER boot gives me a lot of confidence. I like the thought behind it and have tested it a lot. You can feel a genuine difference – so much so, it actually surprised me. This is a very exciting new boot PUMA have created.”

Mario Balotelli added, “I’m new to the PUMA family, and the football boots they produce were one of the reasons for me signing the deal.  The evoPOWER boot impressed me from the first day I tried it in training, I hadn’t really seen a boot like it before.  What PUMA say about it is true, the flexibility helps create a better contact with the ball and generate really good shooting power.” 

AC Milan

Balotelli in Puma

Press Release from Puma

Bad boy Mario Balotelli decides to make a switch from Nike to Puma.

The deal was announced back in December. Balotelli has already started playing in Puma footwear back in December 2013.


Balotelli signs with Puma



Sports Brand Announces Long Term Partnership with Italian Star Striker


Herzogenaurach, Germany 23 December – Sports brand PUMA is proud to announce a new long-term partnership with the International Icon Mario Balotelli. The Italy Striker becomes the latest sporting sensation to join PUMA’s family of star players and athletes that includes Usain Bolt, Sergio Agüero, Cesc Fàbregas, Marco Reus, Radamel Falcao and Rickie Fowler.  

Never out of the news for long, Balotelli wore PUMA boots on pitch for the first time last week in AC Milan’s game against Roma, and again in the Milan Derby last night.  The PUMA evoPOWER Stampa FG were covered in the news headlines that have defined his career to date. 

Mario Balotelli is a key signing for PUMA, and will become a key asset in PUMA’s brand and football communication over the coming years. PUMA’s long-standing partnership with the FIGC (Italian Football Association) is another strategic focus in which the Italian Centre Forward will play a significant role.    

Speaking about the new partnership with PUMA, Mario Balotelli said: “This is a great move for me.  From the early conversations I had with PUMA it was clear that they understand me, my personality and my ambition.  The product and marketing plans they have developed are very exciting and I will be proud to be associated with everything I have seen.  PUMA’s support for the Italian National team was another instrumental reason for me signing this contract and I am sure that the coming years will bring many good things for us all.”

Björn Gulden, CEO at PUMA commented: “Mario Balotelli is a world class football player who will become a key ambassador for PUMA as his passion, speed, agility and power make him a perfect fit for our brand. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil ahead of us, 2014 will be an important year for PUMA. Having Mario to complement an already strong sports-marketing portfolio, he will support our new brand mission ‘Forever Faster’ which will have a significant impact for the PUMA brand.”



Exercise: The magical number 30

How much exercise is required a day ?

The magical number seems to be: 30

30 minutes of medium to intensive exercise a day can work wonders for the well-being and health of the average adult aged 18-65 years.

Click here to read more or simply surf the net !

For the young people the number is a bit higher.

For childen aged 5-17 years og age the magical number turns out to be 60 minutes a day.

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so just get out there and do it!



Exercise | The oxigene that keeps us going

Exercise | Move it | Now !

Exercise is very important for all aspects of well-being among human beings.

A number of positive health effects could be mentioned.

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and it also works wonders as medicine

Exercise  the magic pill that cures everything!


so get the kids out and get them to move for at least 60 minutes a day.

and adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes a day but no harm done in doing 45 , 60 or even 120 minutes!

And do not forget to get the pulse up from time to time as well:

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So go out there and do it! Just do it! Impossible is nothing!

5 x 30 minutes

One way to do your recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity is to do 30 minutes on 5 days a week.


Best Places to visit in 2014

Best Places to Visit in 2014

Not necessarily when it comes to sports and even less so specifically when it comes to football.

But in this case there seems to be a bit of overlap:

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and the winner is . . . .

Maybe not surpricingly – BRAZIL.

The final will be played in the Maracana

Brazuca in the Maracana

The winner will lift the iconic World Cup trophy.

World Cup trophy 2014 and Brazuca

The ball used for the Final in Rio de Janeiro in July of 2014 will be a special final ball though and not the one displayed in the image.