Real Madrid

Real Madrid long sleeve third jersey

Real Madrid Long Sleeve third jersey 2013/14

Real Madrid third jersey long sleeve for the season 2013/14 is also the Real Madrid long-sleeve UEFA Champions League away jersey for the Spanish club.

Real Madrid long sleeve third jersey 2013/14


The name and number kit for the jersey is black both for the jersey and for the shorts.

BUT. the catch in this context is that the jersey is not available for general retail!

The Real Madrid home jersey in white does come in a long sleeve version as well. The blue away jersey and the orange third jersey do not though!

The demand for long-sleeve jerseys is much lower than for their short sleeve counter parts thus it does not pay for Adidas to launch long-sleeve jerseys across the board. Maybe they figure that any long-sleeve third jersey sold will mean one less short sleeve jersey sold. So the sale of long sleeve jerseys simply canabalize the sale of short sleeve jerseys.

Beyond the by far most popular of the threee kits. Which is and will always be the home jersey.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid long sleeve away jersey

Real Madrid Long Sleeve away jersey 2013/14

The blue Real Madrid away jersey is the official Real Madrid away jersey for the season 2013/14 and primarily used for matches in the Spanish league.

The full uniform is an all blue affair with blue jersey, blue shorts, and blue socks.

The name and number printing is white and the shorts numbers are white as well.


Real Madrid long sleeve away jersey 2013/14


The CATCH! the jersey is not available for general retail! Generally speaking many more short sleeve jerseys are sold than long sleeve jerseys. Therefore it simply does not pay to produce the long sleeve away and the long-sleeve third jersey.

The Real Madrid home jersey does come in a long sleeve version though.

And there is no guarantee that the current policy of only one long-sleeve jersey and only adult mens sizes will persist.

Next season Adidas might change the idea and try their luck with a long sleeve away jersey or a long-sleeve UCL jersey.

so what to do next if you are in the market for a long sleeve away jersey ? Well, two obvious options remain:

Get yourself the Real Madrid short sleeve jersey!


Alternatively get the Real Madrid long sleeve home jersey!

finally the third and last option we can currently think of. Wait until May or June and see what the season 2014/15 will bring.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid long sleeve youth jersey

Real Madrid long sleeve youth jersey

Does the Real Madrid long sleeve youth soccer jersey exist ? fact or fiction ?

As a rule of thumb the answer is negative. However, the situation is not static. From time to time a Real Madrid long-sleeve youth jersey does appear somewhere on the European continent.

But most seasons it does not.

For the season 2013/14 it seems like the answer to the question at the start of the paragraph is negative.

We have not been able to spot it anywhere: Spain, UK, Scandinavia.

The long-sleeve home jersey adult size mens is available in most European markets though.

But not in youth size. Conclusion: the smallest size available currently is the adult Small.


Real Madrid hjemme trøje med lange ærmer


Furthermore those looking for the adult mens Real Madrid long-sleeve away or long sleeve third jersey will also be looking in vain. These jerseys are not available for general retail either.

Last time we checked they were not even available from the available club website.

The alternative to the long-sleeve youth jersey is not surpricingly. . . 

The Real Madrid short sleeve youth jersey! Click here to see the selection!


Argentinian football for dummies

Argentina Football Explained!

By Mariano Manzi currently in NZ


AFA: Argentine Football Asociation. This year they change the champions historic table. They recognized a old titles (Amateur years). This is the actual table.


Boca: 26 professionalism, 18 internationals, 6 amateur.. Total: 50

River: 34 professionalism, 5 internationals, 1 amateur..Total: 40

Independiente: 14 professionalism, 16 international, 2 amateur..Total: 32

Racing: 7 professionalism, 3 international, 9 amateur..Total: 19

San Lorenzo: 11 professionalism, 2 international, 3 amateur.. Total: 16

Vélez Sarsfield: 10 professionalism, 5 international, 0 amateur.. Total 15

Estudiantes de la Plata: 5 professionalism, 6 international, 1 amateur.. Total: 11


AFA formalized amateur titles, then remain the same big 5.


In consecuence, the nominees “5 bigs team of argentina” are Boca, River, Independiente, Racing y San Lorenzo. These teams are also those who have more fans. This comes from years and years ago. 1910-1920-1930, these teams are the ones that had more money, so then they could buy the best players.


In 2012, River was playing on the second division. This year Independiente it´s playing on the second division. 2 years ago san lorenzo came close to the descent. Racing did not win a championship for 30 years. These teams are considered the Top 5 just for the history of the old, old, old years.


From 1990, Vélez Sarsfield is the team that most points won, just beaten by Boca and River. Also, if you check, Vélez have 5 international trophies, including, Copa Libertadores (South America Champions League) and European/South American Cup (actually FIFA Club World Cup), that San Lorenzo does not have these trophies.


Vélez is not considered among the Big 5, just because don´t have as many fans as other.


Also, if you take off the amateurs trophies, the table would looks likes this… 1) Boca, 2) River, 3) Independiente, 4) Vélez, 5) San Lorenzo.


About whom supports wich club….This comes from family. In my case, all my family it´s fan of Vélez. Boca juniors is the most popular team, this means that there are people who do not like football, but they are fans of boca juniors just being cool. The same case with River.


Velez was founded by Italians, but that does not mean their fans are all Italian. Just the people who founded the club born in italy. Most people in Argentina, are descended from Italian and Spanish.


neighborhoods teams are All Boys, Banfield, Lanus, etc, etc. Velez is considered a neighborhood team, but it is not actually true.



Brazil home jersey World Cup 2014

Brazil home jersey World Cup 2014

The new Brazil home jersey for the World Cup 2014 has been revealed.

The jersey will only launch on the 5th of December but already by now has the design been made public.

Not so much secrecy as what surrounds the launch of the official WC 2014 match ball The Brazuca.

Brazil home jersey World Cup 2014


The full kit consists of yellow jersey with green accent + blue shorts + white socks. The classical Brazil kit.

The and number kit is green for the jersey with white shorts number.


France World Cup 2014 home jersey

France World Cup 2014 home jersey

New France home jersey for the World Cup 2014 will be presented same day as the draw for the group stage.

That day is the 5th of December and will also be the day where the official match ball will be revealed.


France home jersey World Cup 2014


Dark blue color with a striking white collar. Looks cool. Straight forward pure white printing.

White shorts and red socks to make up the trinity of le tri-couleur.



Mexico World Cup 2014 home kit

Mexico home kit World Cup 2014

Mexico has been part of the Adidas family already for some years now.

Thus their new federations kit was launched alongside the kits of other nations like Spain, Germany, and Argentina around the 15th of November.

Mexico has been included in theme which calls for white shorts for a number of the Adidas teams.


Adidas Mexico home jersey 2014 World Cup


The name and number kit is the new Adidas style also introduced by the time of kit launch mid-November.

White letter and numbers for the jersey and red numbers for the shorts.

The Mexican flag is made up of the red colors: green, red. white. Thus it is only natural that the kit tries to incorporate these three colors. All 3 colors are seen on the jersey. When shorts and socks are included as well the full uniform makes up the flag by assigning one color as the primary to each of the 3 pieces.

Mexico also has an alternate version of the shorts which is red. Can be used when playing a team wearing white shorts.

The away kit due to launch in February will be held in a darker color though. Black or dark navy.



Gibraltar – new kid on the block – but which brand ?

Gibraltar in Europe

Gibraltar has been admitted to European football as an independent national team.

The rock will play its’ first international match against Slovakia this November.

The grand question though – which is the brand providing the uniforms ??


Gibraltar home jersey 2013


Maybe the relatively unknown English brand of Admiral ?? or a local brand from the south of the continent . . .

Gibraltar played in Danish brand Hummel previously but this uniform certainly does not look like anything relating to the bumblebee.

The Gibraltar players most likely do not have any endorsement deals what so ever at the individual level with any manufacturer of footwear. Nevertheless the seem all to be wearing either Nike or Adidas cleats.

Clearly the choice of the players one would think. So do Nike and Adidas produce the better cleats from a craftman’s and A product quality perspective ?

Many different variants of the two premier soccer brands in the world seem to be present in the photo. Also some of the less prominent lines like NitroCharge or Adipure seem to be the cleat of choice by one or more of the national team players.


Argentina World Cup 2014 home jersey

Argentina World Cup 2014 home jersey

New Argentina home jersey was revealed and used for the very time in a match between Argentina and Ecuador in New York.
Ecuador is also qualified for the World Cup 2014 but whether they will show up in the jersey in the image below is unknown.
The brand is Marathon which is a brand from Ecuador and which is largely unknown in Europe.
Argentina home jersey Ecuador home jersey
The ball in the image is the Adidas Confederations Cup 2013 ball.
The Argentina name and number kit is a new style designed by Adidas and produced by Deko Graphics.

Various Clubs . . .

Focus Foiltex

Focus Foiltex | The case of Real Sociedad

The Spanish company Foiltex from Madrid used to be an active player in the name and number transfers market.

The company have previously supplied Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla and more with their official name and number kits.

However, these deals have since expired and the company is now left with a portfolio including some of the smaller clubs in Spanish football. Real Sociedad, Real Betis, Deportivo La Coruña.

The quality of their products is good though. And the design provides a strong visual impression.

Real Sociedad home jersey Inigo 6

The name comes with the special accent known from Spanish ~ and a stylish square font.

Real Sociedad Iñigo name block from Foiltex


The number does in include the club logo though it is almost invisible. This part of the design could have been done better I guess.


Real Sociedad number 6 club logo