The Trim

The Trim of the Jersey

Most jerseys come with a fairly straight forward trim. But some use the trim as an opportunity to make a small understated design statement.


FC Barcelona home jersey 2012/13 inside trim.

FC Barcelona jersey the trim on the inside


FC Barcelona home jersey 2012/13 outside trim!

FC Barcelona girl outside trim


Manchester United jersey 12/13 inside trim.

Man Utd home jersey trim inside


Man Utd jersey 12/13 outside trim.

Man Utd jersey outside trim girlish


Real Madrid home jersey 12/13 trim look inside

Real Madrid girl trim inside


Real Madrid girl in 12/13 home jersey focus: trim outside

Real Madrid girl trim outside


Conclusion ? not quite sure but there are different options for sure.


The Little Extras

Everybody Loves the little extras

WHo does not want a bit of extras. A little freebee a little goodie to complement what one has already.

Liverpool look inside collar neck

Valencia has it as well.

Valencia collar look inside

A slightly different variant over the same theme.

AC Milan collar with Italian flag




Long Neck

Looks from Behind

How does the jersey look from behind. Well it all depends on what the focus might be.

In this context let’s take a closer look at the area on the backside of the collar at the neck.

Valencia CF neck from behind flag


The classic Man Utd Red Devil in this context in a black version in order to fit with the red jersey.

Man Utd backside of neck Red Devil


Liverpool FC home jersey backside of the neck.

Liverpool FC home jersey Hillsborough Flames

FC Bayern slogan of the Bavarian club Mia San Mia

FC Bayern Mia San Mia slogan of the club





Collar me Bad

Collar me Bad | The head of the jersey

The football shirt (soccer jersey) has certain things in common with a traditional dress shirt.

The bottons are absent but the collar is there at least those times when a high collar is chosen.

The crew neck and the v-neck do not quite resemble the dress shirt that much but they do point to the importance of the collar as a signiture feature of the jersey.

Brazil high collar

Brazil home jersey the high collar


The mixed collar. Not high not low but somewhere in between.

man city away jersey 13-14 mixed collar


Lets move on towards the v-neck. or almost a v-neck. does have a bit of a crew feeling to it but strictly speaking it is probably what one would consider a V.

BVB v-neck home jersey 13-14


and the pure classical crew neck! Lets take no other than Real Madrid and use that one as an example.

Real Madrid crew neck 2013/14


But back to another pure play high collar traditional dress shirt style.

Arsenal away jersey 13-14 high collar


Hybrids are not only present when it comes to cars. Also when it comes to collars. This collar from Joma seems like a hybrid between the high collar and the v-neck collar.

Valencia home collar 2013-14


Juve away collar including a tag with the year of foundation.

Juve away collar 2013/14 tag 1897






From Bland Poly to Cool Patterns

Something has changed. The bland polyester jersey where one mask looked like the other is a thing of the past.

Over the past couple of years the jersey manufacturers have put a lot of effort into producing jerseys with a very vivid and cool pattern woven into the fabric.

Below we will look at different types of techniques and patterns.

Chelsea home fabric 2012/13 pattern


Napoli home fabric for the season 2012/13

Napoli home fabric 2012/13


AC Milan home fabric for the season 2013/14. Mesh panel and Clima Cool polyester.

AC Milan home jersey 2013/14 Clima Cool


Nike Dri-Fit polyester woven in special pattern.

PSG woven fabric 2013/14


Warrior and Liverpool also has a special style. Example is the LFC home jersey 13/14.

Liverpool FC home fabric 2013/14


Puma home jersey 2013/14 Puma style pattern woven into fabric.


Puma style fabric 2013-14


which one is the coolest ? hard to tell . . . But they all look cool.


Real Madrid

Cool Real Madrid photo!

COOL Photo | Who is the Man ?

By James Um | Washington DC

Did anyone mention the name Cristiano Ronaldo . . . 

Real Madrid cool pic Ronaldo 7 feature


Looks really cool and at least 8 guys have turned out kitted out with the RM away jersey 12/13 + the RONALDO 7 printing.

Real Madrid

Pre-season match Real Madrid vs. Inter

Real Madrid versus Inter Milan | Pre-season 2013/14

By James Um | Washington DC


Real Madrid vs. Inter Milan, two of some of the most famous and well supported football teams in the world met up in St. Louis, Missouri on 8/10/13 at the Edward Jones Dome, the home of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams.  Living near the Washington D.C. region meant that I would’ve had to drive almost 1700 miles round trip but knowing that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was going to be a live Real Madrid performance made the trip even more enticing.


Real Madrid home jersey 13-14 live model


I drove through six states in a matter of thirteen hours and when I reached St. Louis, the town was bustling, just as I’d imagined.  St. Louis definitely gave off a mid-west city vibe and had something for everyone.

In the morning leading up to the event, chaos ensued.  The freeways leading into the city were jammed with traffic.  Due to lanes being closed because of construction, it set everyone back a while and although it took me an hour to drive three miles, I was lucky to have left a bit early to make it in time.  When I finally arrived, Real Madrid fans were scattered all throughout the streets.  You’d see the occasional Inter and Italy shirts but 85% of the fans (including myself) were pulling for Real Madrid.  Regardless where your loyalty lied, it was a great day for football.

While rocking the new Real Madrid shirt, provided to me by the awesome people at, I was ready to go and into the stadium I went.  As I located my seat, I couldn’t believe how close to the pitch it was.  Hordes of Real Madrid fans gathered around the railing in front of me during the shootaround to get a chance for an autograph but it could have been their exhaustion from the International Champions Cup but none of the players took the time to mingle with the fans on our side of the stadium.

By the time kickoff came around, it was a near full house.  54,184 people flocked to the stadium to get a glimpse of their favorite athletes and that turned out to be a new city record for a football match, breaking the previous record of 48,000 held by the Manchester City and Chelsea friendly at the Busch Stadium a few months prior.


Real Madrid pre-match warmup CR7 

Within five minutes after the start of the game, it was clear that Real Madrid was going to dictate the pace of the match.  Kaka scored on a second chance header in the 11th minute and when Cristiano netted one in the 38th, everyone knew it was going to be RM’s day.  Inter had some good opportunities but lacked the decisive finishing throughout the entire match.


Real Madrid scores a goal versus Inter

One of the best moments in the game actually came after the third goal for Real Madrid.  A few fans decided to run out onto the field to hug some of the stars, which caused a few minutes of delay but was entertaining nonetheless. 

After the whistle blew, more than a dozen fans ran onto the pitch, one by one, to shake the hands of the players before they left for the dressing room.  It was hilarious to see security chasing them all over the field but considering how rare it was to see such world class athletes in St. Louis of all places, I could justify their reasons.


Final score Real Madrid - Inter 3-0


Real Madrid easily took the game 3-0 and back on the road I went to drive another 850 miles to home.  Attending games like this always reminds me that football truly is popular in America but needs to be cultivated more from the domestic perspective to really enhance the overall image of the sport.  The U.S. is making excellent ground on trying to remove the negative stereotypes of the game but still has a long way to go.  With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take over America in a decade or two.

Real Madrid

The Wrong Economic Model ?

It would be inexcusable if Real Madrid had to become a Limited company

rather than being owned by the members.

Increasing critism of the economic model and management style of Florentino Perez.

To few titles and too much debt. Many members are now worried about the future of the club.

Read the interview with one of the members here!

The name is Borja Martínez Laredo.

And yet another interview dealing with the same issue!



Brazil home jersey ConFed Cup 2013

Brazil home jersey ConFed Cup 2013

In February 2013 Brazil launched a new jersey. A ConFed 2013 national team jersey which was made explicitly for the ConFed Cup in Brazil as of June 2013.

Brazil ended up being the positive surprice of the tournament and went on to demolish reigning European and World Champs in the final at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.



Brazil home jersey number 10


MVP of the tournament was Brazilian youngster Neymar. Neymar came into the tournament wearing the number 11 and with the name on the back NEYMAR. But for one reason or another he played in the tournament as number 10 and with the addition JR to the name.


Brasil home jersey 2013 NEYMAR JR 10

The jersey is yellow with green contrast. Sun and forrest ? or gold and forrest ? The printing is green with accents of yellow.

Together the two are very well integrated and create a powerful expression.

As Caraninhas – the little canaries is the nick name of the Brazilian national side. The logo at the back of the collar tries to make the connection. Nice little detail.




Winners of the Contest August 2013

And the Winners are . . .

A group of Finns who all managed to get an equal number of right answers: 23

Tapio Keränen 

Ville Keränen

Riikka Pohjanen

Vera Pohjanen

Jonne Keränen


In order to determine whom of the 5 should walk away with the 3 prizes awarded we had to make a draw.

And so it was that the final winners are:

Riikka Pohjanen

Vera Pohjanen

Tapio Keränen


Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the rest of the participants for their contributions.

Much appreciated!