Valencia home jersey 13/14 details

Valencia 13/14 home jersey | The Details

The Valencia 13/14 kit is once again from Joma. Valencia is the top team for the Spanish brand Joma so it is also the collection which gets the most attention to design and the most marketing spend.

The Valencia home jersey is white as default. Usually black is the favorite choice for contrasting color.

Orange is another popular color for Valencia so it is not surpricing that orange is used for giving the jersey a spark.

Black is used for sponsor logos, Joma logos, Club logo, and printing on the back.

Valencia home jersey 13/14

Let’s move on and take a look at the collar of the jersey. One of the most prominent distinctive features of a jersey.

Valencia home jersey 13/14 collar


Amunt Valencia meaning “Go Valencia” or “Forza Valencia” a way to encourage the team and the players. The club logo is also engraved at the back.

The club logo is kept very stylish this time around in white / black but with the red , yellow, and blue featuring under normal circumstances. See the collar at the photo above for an example.

Valencia home jersey club logo

How does the logo compare to the coat of arms of the city of Valencia ?

Valencia ciutat coat of arms



At the backside of the collar there is an image of the Valencian flag. Similar in style to Catalunya but also slightly different with the addition of the blue area to the lefthand side.

Valencia home jersey 13/14 flag


On top of that there is the LFP La Liga badge to the right arm sleeve.


Valencia LFP badge 13/14


The badge is embroidered and in player’s size.

Joma has also tried to work on the pattern in the fabric of their jerseys so give the blank white surface a more lively expression.

Valencia detail photo authenticity


Probably not too hard to imitate. But the thinking behind is clear. It has to be emphazised that the product is genuine and licensed and authentic and thus should be a trusted source of authority for providing the quality one would expect from a branded product.




Valencia home printing 2013/14

Valencia CF home printing 2013/14

For the season 13/14 Valencia CF has launched a new name and number kit style.

The printing is black with silver logo at the bottom of the numbers.

Valencia home printing 2013/14

After the departure of SOLDADO to Spurs the biggest star with the club may be the Argentinian midfielder EVER.


Valencia printing EVER 10


And finally a detail shot of the numbers which carry the official club logo.


Valencia number with club logo engraved


The printing is designed and produced by Spanish company SIPESA SA.

AC Milan

Review: AC Milan 13/14 home jersey

AC Milan Home Jersey 2013/2014 Review

 by Enrique Madrona Jr.


After a year that looked like a revolution of sorts, AC Milan was able to clinch third place in Italy’s Serie A football league for the 2012/2013 and claim a spot in the UEFA Champions League playoffs. Now Milan heads into another domestic league where the expectation is mixed and the future of the club is not yet so clear. The squad has been pumped up with a few new members, most notably the return to Italy of Mario Balotelli, and it is starting to look like AC Milan may just be shaping up into the young and sparkling squad it hopes to become.


AC Milan dives into the 2013/2014 season with a great new home jersey, as presented by Adidas and the club, and I am here to bring to you another review of this AC Milan production. The design changes brought in this year are all in my favor and almost every criticism I have ever had with Milan home jerseys is solved here, but what will make the cut and what will be a miss? Read up on my look at the new AC Milan 2013/14 home jersey right here, customization included!


The Look


For the past couple of seasons, AC Milan’s home jerseys have flirted with a heavy use of white, bringing in that very white that the Milan’s crest uses and spamming it all about the jersey. White collars, white cuffs, white accents… but this year, that has been switched up. For the 2013/14 season, Adidas and Milan have created a home jersey that is modern in its base, but it succeeds in bringing back the more sinister, darker theme of Milan’s past jerseys. Gold is the new white, according to AC Milan, and this shows on the new kit range as a whole.


AC Milan’s new home jersey has red and black stripes, as is traditionally necessary for AC Milan and their iconic design, and once again, the stripes have changed. This year brings about thinner stripes than the 2012/13 home jersey as well as the subtle yet effective introduction of a thin black pinstripe within each of the alternating red stripes. A small detail indeed, but it adds a bit of flair to a never-changing design. The stripes do not continue onto the sleeves; this is a cosmetic effect that I think adds a sporty look to the jersey and keeps the stripes from being overwhelming. The sleeves are completely black, other than a small panel-segment of red underneath, and I think it gives the shirt a more athletic feel in its portrayal.


The V-neck has arrived! As a frequent wearer of AC Milan jerseys, you cannot tell just how happy I am to see the home jersey feature a V-neck design! The 11/12 home jersey had a closed crew-neck and last year, there was a large white collar on the jersey. Now, a smooth red V-neck, outlined in black, is here on the home jersey and you will hear my comments on the comfort later. The V-neck has a tiered layer design and also one of my favorite aspects of this jersey: a tricolor segment with the Italian national flag. AC Milan has always tried to fit small hints of the Italian colors on their jerseys, and I think this is the best use of that idea yet. It fits well with the jersey’s design and it complements the colors around it quite well.


The signature shoulder stripes, as seen on all Adidas jerseys, are now a regal gold color. I think that the color choice, particularly because the stripes are on a black segment rather than alternating colors, works in conjunction with the jersey as a whole. I really like the gold touch and I am glad they limited it to the shoulder stripes; it is just enough gold to appreciate it, but not too much that would misbalance the color scheme.


Overall, the look of the new AC Milan home jersey does not disappoint. All of the iconic elements are here and all with a touch of gold. It is not a visual design that strays too adventurously from the Milan norm, but it changes enough to be a fresh start from the last couple of seasons.


The Fit


I put this jersey on and took it through some real tests: I wore it while out shopping, took it on a trip, played with some friends (and a dog) outside, and just sported it casually when I could. I would say that it runs barely, and I mean just barely, below the standard size. I was sent a U.S. Size Large jersey, just as I asked, and I do think it runs just a little below that, just a bit closer to medium. Ironically, this is the way I prefer it. I myself find the large sizes to be somewhat overwhelming, but medium jerseys tend to be too tight on the shoulders for me.


The fabric is as smooth as always. This jersey’s material makeup is a little bit thicker than last year’s but this is cancelled out by the mesh used throughout the black stripes. It is nice and cool to wear; on one of my trips wearing this, it was hot and humid and I was pleased to have taken an Adidas ClimaCool jersey with me. I have no complaints about the feel of this product.


My most important note about the fit? It is about the collar, or lack thereof! I reviewed the last two Milan home jerseys and though I was satisfied with both designs (the 11/12 crewneck and the 12/13 collar), I found that the following year was always an improvement, and this time it is big. The V-neck is a deal-maker for me; Adidas’ V-neck design is slick and comfortable; there is no nagging, pulling, or discomfort on any part of the neck when wearing one of their V-neck shirts. This is definitely, without a doubt, my favorite neck design on a jersey and I am so glad that this was chosen for AC Milan’s 2013/14 home jersey. If you buy your jerseys with comfort as a big factor, AC Milan’s new home jersey is a marvel of comfort. It is a big improvement over the last few seasons’ worth of home jerseys and I would bet on Adidas shaking it up in the future, so if you like V-necks on your home kits, get this now, before they do something crazy next year!


The Customization


At the moment, the customization details for AC Milan’s 2013/14 jerseys are actually the same as last years, just with different colors. It is efficient though; this customization style is more appropriate to the new jerseys. For review, I received Milan’s new home jersey with the name and number of Giampaolo Pazzini, AC Milan’s #11 forward. Pazzini joined AC Milan at the start of the 2012/13 season and enjoyed a good start to his Milan career, including an early season hat trick.

The font for the name is a sharp, all-caps style that is white. The pointed edges of the letters gives a bit of a devilish style to the team whose colors and symbolism are red, black, and sly. The number font is more casual; the digits are in a tall and bold font that is not too different from the standard. There is much less stylization on the numbers than Milan usually does, but I think simpler is better here and the white fill of both the numbers and text greatly complements the shirt as a whole, especially since the opposing side of the product has the sponsor and brand in white too.


The printing is of high quality and like all customization options, some care should be taken to avoid damaging the screened characters. I have put this jersey through some rigorous testing already and I see no indications of damage on the printing. If you are a fan of an AC Milan player, you should get this jersey with any of the great customization options such as PAZZINI 11, EL SHAARAWY 92, or BALOTELLI 45. You will not be disappointed.


The Conclusion


AC Milan’s new home jersey for the 2013/14 season is a series of improvements and fresh yet subtle changes. The change from a heavy focus of white accents to the thin use of gold touches makes this season’s home jersey darker overall, something that I think suits AC Milan’s symbolism more appropriately. Switching up the stripes again may seem redundant, but the introduction of thin black lines centered within the red stripes helps to bring the detail into focus. The polyester material is as great as ever and with the new V-neck, it is also as comfortable as ever. Lastly, the customization options, though relatively unchanged from last year’s, follow the jersey’s theme and help make both sides of the product work together.


As is frequently the case, AC Milan fans should enjoy this great new jersey. If you are one of those fans, you will be happy with what you get! If you are a collector, this is an awesome addition to your set. But perhaps most importantly, if you would just like any kind of great looking, comfortable, and fashionable football/soccer jersey, AC Milan’s 2013/14 home jersey is another testament to representing style, taste, and coordination.



Various Clubs . . .

Zenit St. Petersburg name and number kit

Zenit St. Petersburg name and number kits

Zenit plays in Nike. Blue home kit and white away kit. The contrast color is opposite.

The name and number kits follow the contrast color meaning white for the home kit and blue for the away kit.


Zenit name and number kit 2013/14


The name and number kit looks like it is based upon a Nike font. The Zenit club logo is at the bottom of the numbers. It does not look very visible though.

The image is from a UCL match between Zenit and Danish side FC Nordsjælland. Thus the UCL Starball + the UEFA Respect patch to left and right arm sleeve.



Quiz Time Summer 2013 The Answer

The Answer Session to follow the Quiz Time 2013 contest

Let get straight to the answers:


1. What is the name of the World Cup 2014 match ball ?

a. Brazila

b. Carioca

c. Brazuca

d. Brazilia

e. Bazuca

The Answer is C: The name of the ball BRAZUCA


2. Brazilian star Neymar used to be number 11 for the national team and have his name spelled out Neymar. For the Confed Cup something changed but what ?

a. his number was no longer 11 but 10

b. rather than being neymar he was suddenly neymar jr. 

c. not only did he change the number but the jr. was also added

d. nothing at all. Neymar #11 was still the name and number kit.

e. neymar got the number of his idol Ronaldo : 9

The Answer is C:


3. The English Premier League introduced a new name and number kit but what is the name ?

a. Sencilla

b. PU

c. PS Pro

d. Premier League Pro

f. Polyflex

The Answer is C:


4. Which company produces the name and number kits for Napoli and Lazio ?

a. Sporting ID

b. Stilscreen

c. Sipesa

d. Monblason

e. Deko Graphics

The Answer is E:


5. Which company is running the online stores of the likes of Man Utd, Real Madrid, Chelsea, and Marseille ?

a. subside sports

b. pro soccer direct

c. sports direct

d. kitbag

e. made in sport

The Answer is D:


6. where is adidas building the biggest adidas monobrand store in the world ?

a. next to the Bernabeu in Madrid.

b. next to San Siro in Milano.

c. next to Allianz Arena in Munich.

d. next to Stamford bridge in London.

e. on Time Square in NYC

The Answer is A:


7. Which material is the official Bundesliga sleeve badge made from ?

a. lextra

b. 3D lextra

c. sencilla

d. flock

e. plastic

The Answer is B:


8. The English Premier League is well-known for sporting a uniform name and number set. Which other league adheres to the same principle ?

a. the Bundesliga

b. the Ligue 1

c. La Primera Divicion

d. Serie A

e. The Danish Superliga

The Answer is B:


9. Umbro was spun of by Nike in 2013 and therefore Nike took over most Umbro teams. Which team did not follow from Umbro to Nike ?

a. Athletic Bilbao

b. England

c. Blackburn

d. Lille

e. Sevilla

The Answer is E:


10. How many jerseys would Danish side FC Copenhagen typically sell during one of the most recent seasons ?

a. 120000

b. 12000

c. 1200

d. 24000

e. 50000

The Answer is B:


11. Which company produces the name and number kit for AS Monaco ?

a. Metro Sport

b. Sporting ID

c. Monblason

d. Deko

e. Own production

The Answer is C:


12. Which company runs retail and licensing operations for FC Barcelona ?

a. Nike

b. the club itself

c. media pro

d. kitbag

e. el corte ingles

The Answer is A:


13. Arsenal is said to leave Nike to join which company for their new 14/15 & forwards kit deal ?

a. warrior

b. under armour

c. li ning

d. adidas

e. puma

The Answer is E:


14. The British Prime Minister as well as Prince William both support an English club, which one ?

a. Birmingham

b. Crystal Palace

c. West Ham

d. Aston Villa

e. Coventry

The Answer is D:


15. Nike will launch two WC 2014 home kits for the draw in December 2013. But which ?

a. Brazil and France

b. Brazil and Portugal

c. Brazil and Netherlands

d. France and England

e. Brazil and England

The Answer is A:


16. Mario Gomez used to wear Puma footwear and while with Puma his boots should always be in a specific color. Which one ?

a. white

b. black

c. blue

d. red

e. green

The Answer is A:


17. Which kit deal is the most expensive for Nike ?

a. France

b. Brazil

c. England

d. Holland

e. USA

The Answer is A:


18. AS Roma has been sponsored by Kappa for a number of years. In 2014 the club will switch to ?

a. Puma

b. Lotto

c. Diadora

e. Nike

d. adidas

The Answer is E:


19. With which club has adidas had the longest uninterrupted cooperation ?

a. Real Madrid

b. AC Milan

c. O. Marseille

d. Benfica

e. Ajax

The Answer is C:


20. Which company has most stores in Russia ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma

e. Li Ning

d. Lotto

The Answer is A:


21. FC Barcelona has usually used their away kit from the previous season as new third kit for the following season. This year is different. In September Barcelona will launch a brand new third kit. What will be the color ?

a. black

b. white

c. yellow

d. mint green

e. grey

The Answer is A:


22. The English Premier League uses a set scheme of name and numbers. But how many different colors are available ?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

e. 6

The Answer is D:


23. How many Nike clubs in Germany receive a custom designed kit ? while the rest will have to do with the team sport collection.

a. 1

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

e. 5

The Answer is B:


24. Which line of Nike footwear sells the best ?

a. Mercurial

b. Tiempo

c. Control

d. T90

e. HyperVenom

The Answer is A:


25. which team is not or has never been sponsored by Italian Legea ?

a. Iran

b. North Korea

c. Iraq

d. Montenegro

e. Bosnia

The Answer is C:


Thank you for your participation – may the best win!

Various Clubs . . .

AS Roma name and number kit 13/14

AS Roma name and number kit 2013/14

For many years AS Roma had their name and number kit produced and distributed by Italian company Stilscreen.

For the season 13/14 the name kit is new in design and style. And it is only available from the AS Roma store.

It incorporates the club colors at the edge of the numbers as well as the club logo at the bottom of the numbers.

So there is a pretty good match and integration with the jersey.


AS Roma name and number kit 13/14


When AS Roma starts working with Nike from the beginning of the season 13/14 most likely the printing will be distributed by Stilscreen once again.



Best Selling Jerseys in the Premier League

The Best Selling Jerseys in the English Premier League 12/13

v. Persie #20

Rooney #10

Kagawa #26

Kun Agüero #16

Torres #9


Hazard #17

Suarez #7

Wilshere #10

Oxlade-Chamberlain #20

S. Cazorla #19


Notable absentees:

Bale (player of the year 2012/13) Tottenham

Gerrard – Liverpool

Lampard – Chelsea

Podolski – Arsenal (German market)

Silva – Man City (World and European Champion)

Mata – Chelsea (one of the 3 amigos in the Chelsea midfield)