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Prada – Milano


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Hermes – Paris

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Product Reviews

Soccer Jersey Meta Review


 Here is a look at the segments of my reviews and how I attribute them to the necessities of reviewing a jersey.


The Introduction

 I always start my reviews with a brief introduction. Maybe I will talk about the team, maybe a player in particular… The point of the introduction is to bring up the subject of the review. I think the introduction is important because it gives me an opportunity to note the success or maybe just the present state of the club or player at hand. It gives me a chance to slip in some statistic or fact that I can come back to throughout the review, before I take a deeper look at the actual product for review.


The Look

 I would definitely say that the most important part of reviewing a jersey is describing the visuals and significance of what I call “the look”. I describe the look as the visual appeal, design, and style of the jersey. At the end of the day, we do judge things by how they look. An awesome fitting jersey that has everything right with it will not sell anything if it looks awful or lacking. At the end of the day, you are wearing the shirt because you want to “show” something. The subject of the display could be your representation, your colors, or maybe just your style. No matter what the point is, it is how your shirt looks that brings that point across. In reviewing, it is important to take some snapshots of the design, both literally and figuratively, for the reader to understand what they are looking at, both in the jersey, and in your words.


The Fit

Just after the look, “The Fit” is the most important section. If you are going to spend the amount of money most jerseys cost, you had better make sure you are getting a quality, well-sized, and properly made jersey. Most purchasers are going to be looking for a jersey that will be worn for watching matches or getting together with other fans, so the importance of fit strikes a more casual note than athletic. In that case, replica jerseys should be comfortable whilst maintaining the athletic, sporty look and feel of what the players wear on the field. The authentic and match jerseys are a different market, in general, than that of casual purchasers. If I am going to gift my German friend a German National Jersey, I am going to look for the approximate size from a set of standards and, in all likelihood, grab the home jersey and give it to him. It is just not common for someone to go purchase one of the super-authentic jerseys unless they are collecting that sort of thing or are an athlete in the field of football who is actually complimented by such products.


The Customization

 If necessary, depending on the jersey, a “The Customization” section is plugged into the review. Here, I give readers an opportunity to read about the finder details of the name and number additions to the shirt. I usually note the quality of the printing, in both look and adhesion, as well as the effect on comfort to the wearer. Typically, I support it with a couple of photos of said customization and any final notes.


The Conclusion

Lastly, after the review, I always include a conclusion. It allows me to go back to any subjects I mentioned, usually the most important of the review, and note them once again before giving a send-off and a recommendation to the reader. I like conclusions because they bring closure to the text and give the reader an opportunity to think about what the review brought to their attention. It is possible that the review made them rethink their idea of a jersey, possibly in a positive or negative way, or maybe they are indifferent. It is here in the conclusion where you wish you could read minds and determine the final effect your review had on the reader.



Spain customization review

Custom (haute couture)


As is the case with any and all jerseys that have a name and number on the back, the shirt may feel a little tight because of the printing. It is not uncomfortable at all and in fact, the number printing on the front cannot even be felt in most situations. There are various versions of each jersey, such as Authentic, Match, and Replica, that all have differing feels and builds. This one is great with the customization and it feels natural to have it. It is not like there are not world-class players to choose from in Spain’s squad!


The Customization

Custom (haute couture)

Spain home jersey front number


The printing on this Spanish jersey is really good. I like the bold font and thicker text, and the use of Spain’s yellow makes the detail really stand out. The adhesive is flawless and you will have to be going out of your way to damage the printing.

Spain numbers



The text is a standard bold font in all capitalized letters, but the number is larger and thicker in character width. Each of the numbers has a thin diagonal stripe design upon it to put a bit of attention on the numbers. The customization is bold and big on Spain’s jersey and I recommend it if you are picking up the jersey.

Spain lettering

Spain home jersey name and number kit




Spain national team jersey review

Spain Home Jersey 2012 (13 MATA) Review


For the EURO 2012 event, Spain came in champions of EURO 2008, and champions of the 2010 FIFA World Cup… and then they walked out, champions of EURO 2012 too.


As the only side to every win three major tournaments in a row (2008, 2010, 2012), Spain, former underachievers on the international stage, are doing well to eat up every trophy that stands between them, and the end of their legendary squad.


With maestros from Barcelona, veterans from Real Madrid, and the Spanish quality present in other leagues, such as David Silva and Fernando Torres (on a good day), this national side is competitive, powerful, and in some ways, rather unique. The possession play of Spain, as seen in Barcelona, is dominating, calculating, and ruthless. It has seen the ends of teams like Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy, huge teams that need only show you their trophy rooms to reveal their knack for international competition.


To represent this once-in-a-lifetime squad, Adidas has been careful to continue Spain’s jersey history: Red shirts, blue shorts. Spain has spent many, many years in the typical red and blue kit, and to keep the image that has always been there, but is now applauded, Adidas keeps producing some top-quality Spanish jerseys with the same deep red that has always been present with Spain in international competition.


As I review Spain’s 2012 home jersey, as seen in EURO 2012 and the pre/post tournament friendlies and qualifiers, I will be bringing a new review method to the table. Though I will be looking at the same aspects, Look, Fit, and Customization, I will be splitting each segment into two parts: Ready-to-Wear, and Custom. Like this, I’ll be able to look at the features of the jersey specific to each side, be it an off-the-rack, standard jersey, or a customized one. Here we go!


The Look


This Spanish jersey, like many in the past, sports Spain’s deep red paint, as seen on the Spanish flag. On the international stage, few teams are as famous in red as Spain is now. It is a powerful and in some cases, intimidating color, yet a team that represents a slower, more controlled play, with a focus on finesse rather than physical battles, wears it. Adidas and Spain have toyed around with what to put on the shirt, other than just red, and have learned that when it comes to the tournaments, plain red, with some details, is the way to go. Adidas has produced some nice side jerseys for the other competitions and friendlies between competitions, but when it comes to playing for a trophy, you can bet Spain will be at their best in their best with red.


Spain home jersey EURO 2012


The jersey, bathed in that red, has a couple of diagonal, glossy strips on the front, part of a design that Adidas has been playing around with lately. It adds some cool décor to the front of an otherwise solid colored front, and the visibility of said stripes is subject to the lighting. It is a nice effect that adds some attention to the front of the jersey.


The use of Spain’s yellow from the national colors is apparent, as usual, in the signature Adidas shoulder stripes as well as the Adidas logo itself. On the sleeves, a blue swish of the shade seen on Spain’s shorts and their emblem marks the end of the shoulder stripes. On the neck, a kimono-style design with a yellow centerline adorns the jersey. The look, seen in many of Adidas’ 2012 jerseys, is a nice, Asian styled touch. The inside of the neck are is also lined with a thin yellow line, and on the back of the inner-neck area, a blue rectangular patch reads “Campeones De Europa 1964 2008”, Champions of Europe 1964 and 2008. I guess they can add EURO 2012 to that list now!


Finally, on the top of the back of the shirt, another blue patch reads “Real Federación Española de Fútbol”, Royal Spanish Football Federation, the authority of football in Spain. The use of these blue patches with text are a clever incorporation of Spain’s other favorite color in the jerseys. I like them a lot and I think they bring more out then just two-tone of red and yellow.


Ready-to-Wear (prêt-à-porter)


Spain’s new jersey is smooth and casual with a rich red coat. The jersey goes great with many different pieces of apparel because of its primarily solid design. The national crest and Adidas logo do a lot to sport the brand image and show the quality of the design. I think it is a great national jersey and the strong use of red accented with yellow just yells “summer” to me.


Custom (haute couture)


With a custom name and number as well as some of the finer details, such as tournament patches, match details, and maybe even an authentic edition, this jersey is among the most complete of Adidas’ most recent offerings. You can make the look unique with your choice of player details in the back, or maybe even your own. The authentic version of the shirt uses Adidas’ techfit line of fabric technology and it looks very professional and very athletic.


The Fit


Like most Adidas’ shirts, this jersey is a real work of quality and years of experience. In vertical order, here is a look at this shirt’s fit.


The neck area or collar of the jersey is comfortable, and I am glad that Adidas’ has opted to go with this design rather than a large, unnecessary collar. The material with which it is produced is elastic and stretchy, making movement of the head and neck easy and intuitive. It is good for watching, it is good for playing, and it is good!


The sleeves are nice and loose, as is the lower-torso of the shirt. I prefer this kind of style where the upper-torso/shoulder area is tighter and then the rest of the jersey flows off that hold. It is nice and comfortable, thinner than many jerseys, such as Adidas’ 2010 lineup, but not quite so much.


The fabric is neat and soft. Details such as the diagonal strips on the front of the jersey are unfelt when wearing and the Adidas logo is neatly embroidered. Overall, it is a nice and comfortable shirt that is great for any use!


Ready-to-Wear (prêt-à-porter)


The standard sizes of Adidas are all appropriate and generally run close to their expected sizes, though on occasion they may be a little larger than expected. I received a shirt in US size Large, though I tend to get them large rather than medium because I like the general looseness of a jersey. It is consistent with my other Adidas shirts of the same size and it is perfect for casual or athletic use. No part of the jersey feels wrong; Adidas did a great job, as is typically the case.


The Conclusion

 Following the traditional scheme of Spain’s kits, Adidas cannot really go wrong here, and they have not. Proudly, Spain plays a possessive, beautiful game of football, and to show the origins of that style, they wear the same shirts they have worn for years and years. The red top with blue shorts has been with Spain for decades, and with the EURO 2008, 2010 WC, and now EURO 2012 trophies in their hands, it is easy to see why Spain does not play with the design much. Maybe it is luck, maybe it is tradition… Either way, Adidas has made a cool jersey with a great use of Spain’s signature red/yellow colors with a hint of their national use of blue. The design is clean, the new collar area is effective both visually and physically, as well as the shiny diagonal strips on the front of the jersey. With customization, you have a complete jersey with which to represent what is perhaps one of the greatest sides in footballing history. I give Spain’s EURO 2012 jersey a nine out of ten (9/10). Where did that one point go? Maybe just lost for a lack of creativity, but it is not as if Spain is going to be changing their victorious color scheme any time soon!



Portugal home jersey 2012

Portugal 2012-2013 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review

There are a few things that you can expect from most Portuguese people: loud and exuberant behavior, the smell of wine and codfish on their breath, hair (just Google “Bosingwa” to see what I mean), fervent piety, general nostalgia (especially when it comes to music), love of family, knowledge of how to tend to a garden but not how to write an email, but most importantly, undying passion for the Seleção. So, it is with great pleasure that I, a Portuguese, have the privilege of writing this review.

A brief modern overview of the Portuguese national team really comeS down to failed expectations… The Seleção have qualified for every Euro and World Cup since 2000, which comprises 6 tournaments, and have placed in the top four of 4 of them. Portugal has yet to win a trophy, even though in that span we saw the emergence of the Portuguese golden generation in Euro 2000 and their disaster showing at the 2002 World Cup (having lost to the USA and co-hosts South Korea in the group stage), the hugely entertaining Euro 2004 hosted by Portugal which took us to the final only to lose  to dark horses Greece, a fourth place finish at the 2006 World Cup, and two knockouts at the hands of Spain in the 2010 World Cup and in the semi finals of Euro 2012 (on a penalty shootout). This 12 year period has brought some of the greatest Portuguese players ever to play the game, including Luis Figo and current savior Cristiano Ronaldo, but after 2002 the team as a whole hasn’t been world class, which may be why our trophy cabinet is still empty.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese love the national team as it is a source of national pride and one of the most recognizable symbols of their country around the world today.

The home shirt debuted at Euro 2012 is of a simplistic design, which I prefer, but fundamental changes to its makeup make it one of my favorites ever.  

The Shirt

 Portugal home jersey 2012 number 3

Portugal’s 2012-13 home shirt uses a glowing crimson base that I much prefer to some of the brighter reds which we have seen in recent years. My favorite color scheme to this day is still what was used at the 2006 World Cup, a maroon/wine color. The ever present green accents this year show on the collar and elevated material on the sleeves.

The Nike shirt is a crew neck model, and the material is the new Nike dri-fit fabric, which is a huge upgrade from the past and is relatively comfortable to wear (although, as mention in previous reviews, still not as comfortable as Adidas or Umbro).

Portugal home jersey 2012 model


*Note: Shirt being worn is a medium, wearer is 6’1” and 160 pounds (1.85m, 72.5 kg)


Portugal home jersey 2012 logo

My only qualm with this shirt is the badge, which Nike totally %@+&$#’d up. Of course, the crest is beautiful, and the material used to make it is nice, but the border is absolutely atrocious. I think this is the first time I have ever made this comment on any shirt, so I really have to question Nike as to how they could screw it up this bad. The border is too thick, the color does not match and is even off-putting to the jersey as a whole… such a shame.

Portugal home jersey 2012 sleeve

The aforementioned sleeve accents have the same design as the front of the away shirt. 

Portugal home jersey 2012 collar

Many have asked what the above symbol is, which you will find just above the back neck size and “made in” details.  This represents an armillary sphere, a tool used by navigators of old to guide them and also a symbol of Portugal’s historical dominance of the sea. Magellan and Vasco de Gama are some of Portugal’s most famous navigators.



Portugal home jersey Pepe 3

The printing is just as simplistic as the shirt, which is a huge plus. We have seen the perforated numbers on Nike shirts since 2010 and as the old adage goes, “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken”. Perhaps the letters could us a little more flavor, but I much prefer this to Puma’s font, for example.


Nike national team customization

Now the question you’ve all been waiting for me to answer: why would I get a Pepe shirt?? Well, aside from the fact that I already have 8 Ronaldo shirts from various years/teams (since he’s been the only Portugal player to really stand out recently), Pepe had an immense 2011-12 season with Real Madrid. Furthermore, in my eyes, he was our next most important player at Euro 2012 after Cristiano, and one of the best defenders at the tournament (he made the official Team of the Tournament, along with Cristiano and Fábio Coentrão). Sure, he has his crazy side, but I have no reservations in saying he is definitely one of the best defenders in the world at the moment. Check out some his highlights from the 2011-12 season here: 


Portugal jersey review score


A beautifully simple and vibrant shirt, I am sure this will remain as one of my favorite Portugal shirts for years to come. 


Portugal fan full kit



As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from MMSports.





FC Bayern

FC Bayern home jersey 11-13

FC Bayern Munich 2011/2013 Home Jersey Review

(With player #31, Schweinsteiger customization.)


Bayern Munich, as it stands, have an impressive 12 point lead at the top of the Bundesliga table in Germany. In 20 matches, they have obtained 51 points from 60 possible, and that’s just because of a single loss and three draws. If that was not impressive on its own, their goal difference is an astonishing +44, that’s 51 goals scored, and just 7 conceded! Why does this all matter? Because Bayern Munich are veteran German legends, and their feisty lunge to retrieve what they believe is rightfully theirs, the Bundesliga title, needs to be supported by the look of a champion on the field. Bayern Munich’s 11/13 Home Jersey does just that, bringing a simplistic yet intimidating look that keeps the roar of Die Roten ringing throughout the competitive premier football league of Germany.


With an astounding league run, a top-notch squad, and the incredible incoming manager of Josep Guardiola just around the corner, the only thing Munich fans need to know is to keep their feet on the ground so that they don’t take off in heavenly bliss. It’s going to be hard to deny the title to FC Bayern Munich this year.


As I review their home jersey, as seen in the 11/12 season and now in the current 12/13 season, I’ll be looking at some deeper perspectives than ever before, appreciating and detailing the custom value of a jersey such as this, printed with “31 SCHWEINSTEIGER”, the impeccable German midfield maestro as seen on the field for Munich and the German national team.


FC Bayern home jerseyFC Bayern name and number kit


The Look


I’ve always been a part-fan of Munich to put it one way. I favor other clubs but I can and have appreciated the raw strength and machine-like consistency and performances of the wondrous Germany club. But in all honesty, I’ve never been a big fan of their kits. I find that their most recent kits have had way too much white and have given too much of a carnival-like feel, but this is just a matter of taste and does not likely convey the majority opinion. With this new home-kit, my taste wins.


FC Bayern fabric patternFC Bayern 3 stripes sleevesFC Bayern collar


The strong red color that is now the basis of the entire jersey is powerful. Gone are the large white stripes, be they vertical or horizontal. Adidas and Munich have brought a new look to the table that is simple and clean, yet manages to capture the ferocity of Munich with its small touches and elegancy. The cool red encompasses the entire shirt, but it is greatly enhanced by the decision to use gold as the trim and secondary color. The signature Adidas stripes down the shoulders: Gold. The thin ring at the end of the sleeves and the lines about the neck area and the lower-sides of the jersey: Gold. The personalization name, number, and club title on the back: Gold. I feel that the selection to use gold, and in particular, a shade that perfectly matches the four stars above Munich’s classy emblem, makes this a really nice jersey that looks very nice and regal. It’s sporty, both in its nature and use, but the design has its chin up in the cleanliness and simplicity. The glossy zigzag design on the front of the jersey, easily seen in certain light, adds a nice detail to the shirt that is subtle and suppressed.


The Deutsche Telekom AG sponsorship goes well with the new jersey, their signature “T” logo is not intrusive at all and it makes for a well-cut presence on the front of the shirt.


FC Bayern sponsor logoadidas logoFC Bayern club logo


On the back of the inside-neck area, the motto has been included: “Mia san Mia”, Bavarian text for “We are who we are”, a brief and proud expression that holds the clubs players, fans, and origins in high regard. It complements the comment opposite of it, on the back of the shirt at the neck. In bold text it reads, “REKORDMEISTER”! Shouting out the undeniable fact that Bayern Munich are a highly titled, record breaking team, the “Record Holding Champions”. It is a shirt with an exceptional touch of high-standing, but if not at the top, where else could you place the 22 time national title champions?


FC Bayern collar Mia San MiaFC Bayern sleeve Bundesliga badgeFC Bayern collar


My finishing comments on the look are that it just complements itself so well. The red color accented with gold is just such a nice look, and the choice to leave out obtrusive white segments and an over athletic design have paved the way for one of Munich’s nicest shirts in years. I’m a big fan of the look and I’m happy with their changes and the direction.


The Fit


Munich’s new shirt is a real piece of production excellence. I have many jerseys and I’ve been able to appreciate a broad diversity of fits, feels, and fabrics. I rate FC Bayern Munich’s 11/13 Home jersey as one of the best quality shirts.


FC Bayern adidas hologramFC Bayern clima cool polyesterFC Bayern size


The overall product, as manufactured by Adidas, is a work of art. The Adidas stripes are silky smooth and the club’s crest has a covering fabric on the inside of the shirt to avoid discomfort to the wearer from the embroidery. The quality is top-of-the-line.


The jersey fits very well. I always get my jerseys in USA Size “L” (Large), though I actually may fit medium better. I prefer a slightly looser feel of a jersey and it works well in all seasons for me. As is the case with pretty much all Adidas jerseys, I have no complaints with the fit and size.


I always approach the fabric of jerseys with a “is it thin or thick?” test and I consider this jersey to be a comfortable, mid-level material. Some jerseys can be great but the thickness creates too much heat or is abrasive and uncomfortable for movement, but Bayern Munich’s 11/13 home jersey does not suffer these issues. I’ve enjoyed this jersey in many conditions and never found it to be a hindrance to my task at hand.


The Customization


Once again, the generosity of MMSports means I have a great chance to review the added customization to a jersey, in this case, we can take a look at the printing of Germany’s one and only Bastian Schweinsteiger, number 31 midfielder for Bayern Munich, and number 7 for the German national team.


FC Bayern name and number


The number 31 is written in gold text, matching the accent of the jersey itself. The numbers are tall and thin; their bottom area containing the Bayern Munich crest in the color of the jersey behind it, as is the standard with most clubs and their customized fonts and decoration.


Beneath the number, the last name of the player, in this case, “SCHWEINSTEIGER”, is written in a slightly compressed text. I’m always iffy with longer names on jerseys but having sported “IBRAHIMOVIC”, “SERGIO RAMOS”, and now, “SCHWEINSTEIGER”, I can say that the text is perfectly sealed to the shirt and will in no way be a noticeable bother.


FC Bayern fontFC Bayern numbers logoFC Bayern club logo in numbers


Lastly, above the number, the title of the club, “BAYERN MUNCHEN”, is written in a smaller text than the name. I like the Club > Number > Player look on the back of the shirt.


Deeper Look on Customization and Personalization


Here’s a great opportunity for me to capitalize on the value and scale of a custom, personal jersey compared to an “off-the-rack” one.


If you like association football, you are most likely a fan of some particular club.

If you like a club, you are most likely a fan of a particular player.

If you like a player, you may be a fan of their national team and almost guaranteed, a fan of your own.


The way that tastes, preferences, and favoritism link together tend to go on and on, like a vine. That means that there are quite a few things that you like and directions that they go in.


For example: I’m Spanish, I like football, I like La Liga, I like Real Madrid, and I like Iker Casillas.

In some way or another, each of those things are chained, and I have a liking to each and every subject on the way. Here’s another great example, but this time, in reverse.


I like Miroslav Klose, I like Lazio, I like Serie A, I like football, and I like Europe.

Now, these aren’t representative of my favorite things, but they are representative of what I like, and what I would be willing to display when I go out to any destination. Maybe when I go out shopping, I’ve got my 2010 World Cup jersey of Miroslav Klose for the German national team on. It’s got a team I like with “my” player and it’s just “my” size. I can sport it when I go out and know that I’m not wearing a particular brand or a certain new fashion style; I’ve got my own shirt, my own style, my own look.


The true value in having a custom jersey is knowing that it’s “yours”. Everyone has their own tastes, preferences, and opinions, and a custom jersey lets you tell the world your side of things. An authentic jersey, even more so. To be able to watch your favorite club in official competitions in your own jersey or to be able to out with a custom shirt is where the value truly lies. Back in high school, I used to go in with jerseys all the time. I’m a big football fan, and to be able show my dedication and joy for the sport by wearing a jersey of one of my favorite clubs or national sides, I had a way to express myself in my own way. It was when I purchased a customized jersey that I realized the real strength of that expression.


FC Bayern name and number kit


Wear it loud and proud; getting a personalized shirt with your favorite player, number, or maybe your own choice of name and number, is a great way to make your own look while keeping to the things you like best.


The Conclusion


Bayern Munich’s 11/13 home kit is a great piece of eye candy. It’s got a powerful red base with fitting gold accents, it’s got a sense of nobility and flair about it that speaks volumes about the strength and history of the Bavarian football club. The simpler look than those of the past has created an incredible jersey that doesn’t need to be foolishly complex to satisfy the need for a modern design. It has been, and will continue to be worn by an overwhelmingly powerful force on the football field, at least until the end of this incredible run that FC Bayern Munich are making for the Bundesliga title. The jersey is of the utmost quality, accurate to size, and comfortable to wear. The player customization is clean and bold; the printing is very good.


FC Bayern home jersey front


My final say on FC Bayern Munich’s home jersey? Well, if you are a fan of Die Roten, you should get it right now. This is the best jersey Munich has had in years; the design, the quality, and the fit are all what define the legacy of Adidas. The simplistic approach to creating Munich’s home jersey has paid off with a beautiful jersey that will look good on the field, good in the store, and good on you!



NFL injuries

The NFL and injuries

The NFL is the professional North American football league.

American football is a very violent sport.


NFL injuries


People tend to get injured when playing.

Click here to read interesting article about injuries in the NFL




Cover Esquire Leo Messi

Cover Esquire

Leo Messi is the front page of the sports magazine Esquire.

and the main article inside. Focus the feet. The most expensive or valuable feet in the world potentially.


Leo Messi cover Esquire



Ajax Retail Store | MegaStore

Ajax Retail store

Very cool Ajax megastore in futuristic design.

Click here to see the full range of images!


Ajax Retail Space



Holland away jersey 2013

Holland away jersey 2013

The new Dutch away jersey has just been launched. The jersey is in the same colors as the Dutch flag. Blue, white, and red.

Stylish jersey with a nuance of red slightly darker than what is commonly used.

The Dutch will never play an important match in this outfit though. The jersey will probably be retired in the spring of 2014 prior to the World Cup 2014.



Dutch away jersey 2013


The material is Nike dri-fit polyester.