Sporting Goods logistics

In the world of sporting goods most of the products are produced in far out places (from a European perspective).

Transport takes time. Sourcing takes time. Production takes time. Lead times are usually around 5-7 months.

The retailer places his order November or December one year for delivery June or July the following year.

How does the world look like 6 months ahead ? Did Barcelona win the Champions League ? Did Man United make a major signing ? Was Juventus relegated due to fraud ? all of these issues are impossible to predict.

But one has to place the pre-orders anyway. Looking into the crystal ball and making a qualified guess about the state of affairs 6-7 months ahead.

Does it have to be like that ?

Maybe not so.

Maybe there is hope that lead times like the ones of Spanish retailer (and producer) Zara is working with can be cut to weeks or low digits months rather than what we are seeing currently.

The near shoring or quick sourcing might be on the way as costs are rising in China and elsewhere.

See here for an example of how it works between the US and Mexico!


Finance News

TV | Live TV | Sports Rights

TV Sports Rights

Modern day TV is pretty much dependent upon live sports in order to sell their product.

None other TV programme actually comes close to the necessity of sports for being watched live.

Click here to see the article in New York Times relating to the issue


The TV channels bundle their offerings so that the non-sports fans get to pay quite a lot for their TV package in order to subsidize those who actually watch the expensive sports programmes.

Due to the monopolies in the sporting leagues it is hard for the market to regulate this phenomenon.



Global jersey deals

Value of Kit Deals in world soccer

So how much are the clubs paid by the kit suppliers ?

Click here to see the figures from Sportsintelligence!

Real Madrid gets an estimated 38 m € Euros from adidas pr. season topping the list.

FC Barcelona gets an estimated 33 m € Euros from Nike.

Next are Man Utd and Liverpool FC with each 31 m € Euros from Nike and Warrior.

To complete top 5 is Chelsea with 24.8 € m Euros a season.

FC Bayern (adidas) 20

Inter (Nike) 18

Man City (Nike) 15

AC Milan (adidas) 15

Juventus (Nike) 13

Once again the source for the numbers is Dr. Peter Rohlmann of the PR Marketing agency.

Click here to visit PR Marketing website!

See also the website of Sport + Markt for further information.

Sport und Markt website



Global Sales of replica jerseys

Global replica jersey sales 

These figures were first published by the UK sports intelligence publication Sportingintelligence back in October 2012.

Click here to see original blog post by SportingIntelligence!

However, the source of the numbers is a German sports marketing agency PR Marketing.

Click here to see the website of PR Marketing

The figures listed are an average over a 5 year period.

During this period of time the top 3 teams Real Madrid, Man Utd, FC Barcelona would sell +1 million jerseys a year.

Other clubs would sell in the hundred of thousands but not in the millions.

Nike Clubs:

Man Utd 1.4 m

FC Barcelona 1.15 m

Arsenal 800 k

Juventus 480 k

Inter 425 k


adidas Clubs

Real Madrid 1.4 m

Chelsea 900 k

FC Bayern 880 k

Liverpool 810 k

AC Milan 350 k


The new Liverpool jersey from Warrior is said to have broken the 1 million mark already before half season making it one of the best selling Liverpool jerseys of all time.


Soccer jersey sales for the season 2011-12

For the 11-12 season only the estimates go like this:

More than 1.5 m: RM and MU

1m to 1.5 m: FC Bayern and FC Barcelona

750k to 1 m : Chelsea and Arsenal

500 k to 700 k: Liverpool Juventus

250 k to 500 k: AC Milan, Inter, Dortmund, PSG, Marseille, Man City.

Clubs from smaller leagues like Ajax from the Dutch league may sell around 100k in a good year.


When it comes to total merchandising sales including all products Man Utd and Liverpool FC are top of the list.

Liverpool is said to sell a total of 8 million items.

Man Utd (which is now a publicly traded company) is said to sell around 5 million items pr. year.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are probably 3rd and fourth on the list. Since they rely on licensing programs for their branded products compared to LFC and MU it might skew the numbers somehow.


Finance News

Deloitte Money League 2013

Real Madrid breaks 500€ million revenue barrier

Real Madrid continues to be in the top spot in Deloitte Money League over the highest grossing football clubs in the world.

Click here to read the press release!

FC Barcelona comes in second followed by Manchester United.

Highest climbers Dortmund, Man City, and Napoli. Primarily due to on field success both domestically and in the UEFA Champions League.

The figures are for the 11-12 season. The figures for the 12-13 season will only be available next January 2014.

But a similar ranking is expected by then.

FC Barcelona News

FC Barcelona jerseys 13-14

FC Barcelona jerseys 2013-14

FC Barcelona will launch 3 new jerseys for the season 2013-14.

Home and away will launch in July.

Third which is also the Champions League away jersey will launch in September.

(Out for retail in October).

The home jersey will be (yes you guessed it) red and blue with yellow v-neck collar.

The away jersey will be Catalan striped (red and yellow vertical stripes) somewhat similar to a Valencia retro jersey.

The third jersey will be an all black affair with a staint of red and yellow.

Shorts for the away jersey will be red.

Goal keeper jerseys will be black and blue – home and away.


Various Clubs . . .

River Plate 2012

River Plate 2012 | Back in the premiere division

As a shock to the many River Plate fans the club was relegated from the Argentinian top flight for the first time in the history of the club. After a short spell in the second best division the team did make it back into the premiere.

A club with huge traditions and a massive following. And playing in the monumental stadium El Monumental.

A club of great importance in Argentinian and in South American football. Many neutral (non-Boca) fans were probably glad to see the club back among the ranks of the best for the sake of the sport.


River Plate versus Boca Juniors El Monumental


Great atmosphere and fanatical fans. That is what makes el clasico el Super Clasico!


SuperClasico el Monumental Bs. As.


Various Clubs . . .

Top 50 Club Jerseys 2012-13

Top 50 Club Jerseys for the season 12-13

The criteria for making it to the top 50 ?

The club has to be present either at the 

IFFHS top 20

Deloitte Money League 20

UEFA club coefficients top 20

Conmebol ranking top 10

wild card (at our discretion)

The 4 first criteria produced a total of 44 club jerseys. We then completed the list by adding 6 more (and a joker) which we thought were interesting either due to the importance of club and players or due to an interesting design or a less well-known technical apparel sponsor.

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Below the clubs on the list are listed by name.


How to Participate ?

If you would like to participate in deciding which 20 jerseys should be on the top 20 list for the season 12/13.

Then you will have to pick 5 out of the 51 jerseys on the list. Your 1st pick will get 5 points. Your 2nd pick should get 4 points. 3rd pick = 3 points. 4th pick – 2 points, and your 5th pick should get a single point.

Click here to see the jerseys 35 to 51 on the pre-liminary list

Click here to see the jerseys 18 to 34 on the pre-liminary list

Click here to see the jerseys 1 to 17 on the pre-liminary list


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Jersey of the year 2012 - quick overview


Jerseys in the pot

FC Barcelona

Chelsea FC

Boca Juniors


Atletico Madrid

FC Bayern

Real Madrid





Ath. Bilbao

Valencia FC

Universidad de Chile

Hannover 96


Libertad Asuncion






Manchester United


AC Milan


Schalke 04


Man City


AS Roma




FC Porto




Sporting Lisbon

Santos FC 


Liga de Quito

Velez Sarsfield


Sao Paulo



Universidad Catolica 

St. Pauli


Red Star



FC Copenhagen


River Plate

Why River ? Click here to see why!


Jersey of the year 2012 labels


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