Review: Juventus away jersey 12-13

Review: Juventus away shirt 2012/13

by Julian Smith , Lisbon , Portugal


Juve are back, and boy are they doing it in style! Some masterful transfer dealings after the 2010-11 season, where they finished 7th in Serie A, have really reignited the fire for which Juventus have historically been known. Key signings before the 2011-12 season included Arturo Vidal, whose €10.5 million price tag proved costly but has been well worth it, Mirko Vučinić who tied for the club’s top scorer statistic during 2011-12 (even though perhaps he didn’t totally merit the €15 million fee), and Andrea Pirlo who was an absolute steal for free from Milan strengthened the midfield immeasurably. Marchisio also really came into his own and began to live up to his hype of being a future Italian superstar. Juve won Serie A by a mere 4 points, but really announced themselves to the world as a force to watch. Before this season, they further strengthened their squad by adding former players Sebastian Giovinco and Martín Cáceras, as well as Udinese duo Mauricio Isla and Kwandwo Asamoah. This season has started quite well for La Vecchia Signora, so much so that some claim they have the best midfield in Europe! (a claim this author would vehemently contest, but I digress…)

While the Juve shirt does not traditionally have much to work with, they created a top class kit for the away shirt with some great minimalist details.

The Shirt

Juventus away shirt 12-13


Juventus’ 2012-13 away shirt uses a simplistic yet vibrant black base which really helps to accent the few extra features on the shirt. The most noticeable detail on the shirt are the two rings around the arm holes, which are actually two sets of three thin lines made of raised rubber material… looks and feels great. The shirt is made by Nike and is the traditional t-shirt crew neck model, can’t go wrong! While the material feel isn’t the greatest, as with all Nike shirts, there’s not much you can do so you have to roll with it.

An interesting point to note is the two stars above the shirt. Because of the Calciopoli scandal some years ago, the number of titles which Juventus has actually won is disputed depending on with whom you speak. Juventus claim they have won thirty titles, while the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) will say they have won 28. The Turin club stirred up controversy this year by initially adding three stars above the crest and text under it saying “30 Sul Campo” (“30 on the Field”). While Juve only wear two stars during the match, you can customize the shirt with or without the contentious accessories.


Juve away shirt 12-13 model

*Note: Shirt being worn is a medium, wearer is 6’1” and 160 pounds (1.85m, 72.5 kg)



Juventus sponsor logo 11-12


Juventus sponsor logo 12-13

Jeep is the new sponsor featured on the shirt, a company which was recently acquired by the American-Italian Chrysler-Fiat partnership (go figure with the Italians…). The simple Jeep logo fits well with the modest design of the shirt. As to materials, if last year Juventus got it all wrong, then this year they got it all right! Last year’s sponsor, which can be seen in the first picture above, looked like a sticker that was slapped on the shirt and could peel off at any time. This year’s sponsor, seen in the next picture, has been deeply printed onto the shirt, almost like a plastic name and number that would go on the back. If you look closely you can see the ridges of the shirt material on the white background of the sponsor. It doesn’t look like it will go anywhere or wear out anytime soon.


Juventus Scudetto badge

Juve away kit Lega Calcio badge


Juventus away kit 12-13 crest


For winning the league, Juve are honored with the Scudetto patch worn in the middle of the chest. The new design, first implemented last year to Milan’s shirts, looks quite nice with the shiny gold outline.

The Serie A patch is the same it has been for the past couple of years, combining a rubber material on the raised parts with Lextra-type material white base which looks great.

The club crest is also spot on, embroidered on the shirt with great stitching on the patch itself. The stars are also embroidered into the shirt.



Juventus away jersey name and numbers

Again, Juventus got the printing on their shirts right this year with BIG letters and numbers and a simple font. The characters are all white with no border and the numbers feature the club crest centered on the bottom.


Juve name and numbers 2012-13


Juve away jersey 12-13 score



This shirt is another of my favorites from this season, along with my recently reviewed Man City home shirt… the difference is this one, as opposed to City’s, is not so much for the feel, but more for the style. Nike really should do something to change what they put in their shirts to compete with the ever more comfortable Adidas and Umbro shirts. They made alterations for the Euro 2012 country shirts, which were much welcomed by this author, but they still have a way to go!

As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from MMSports.


Real Madrid

Q & A with Real Madrid reviewer

Q & A with Real Madrid away jersey reviewer

Which was your first jersey and whom gave it to you ?

My first football jersey was a 2003 Manchester United Home shirt with Ruud van Nistelrooy printing. I don’t fancy Man Utd but was obsessed with the Dutchman’s prolific scoring ability. I received it as a present from my parents who recognized my passion for the sport. I’m still thankful for that. Luckily, Ruud was able to represent Real Madrid later in his career.


If you were to give a piece of advise to the clothing manufacturer what would that be ?

Tradition is one of the most important aspects of club football. Do not lose sight of that while trying to reach new boundaries in the business.


If you were to give a piece of advise to the name and number kit manufacturer what would that be ?

I hope that most name and number printing can become more accessible and affordable.


What is the greatest challenge for your favorite team right now ?

Real Madrid’s greatest challenge is the pursuit of Champion’s League title. They still hold a record (9) European cups but It has been nearly a decade since they won the competition. Several La Liga titles have been secured during that time. The next step is to re-capture Champion’s League glory. Many quality rivals stand in the way. Of course, there is Barcelona and Bayern but teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Juventus are very much capable of winning it all.


When evaluating the club at the current moment what is more important: the legacy or the players in the current squad ?

Real Madrid has one of the richest histories in all of sports. Legendary players have come and gone; a plethora of trophies have been won. The fans are very proud of this. That very same legacy also leads to big expectations. Therefore, the current squad is more important right now because they face the task of adding on to the legacy of the club.



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Review: Umbro Norway home jersey

Norway Home Kit Review

By: Robert Alex Kaufman (Dallas, Texas, USA)


                      The Norwegian national football team’s new home kit resembles its homeland’s countryside: clean, crisp, and distinctly Norwegian. Perhaps it should not be a surprise that a nation, which speaks a language that does not have a word for “city”, would outfit its national team in a jersey with such understated elegance.


There are some attractive accents on this jersey: the navy bars on the sleeves and the white framing of the collar reinforce the Norwegian flag, which is featured on both the front and back of the jersey. The flag on the back looks like a designer’s afterthought, and the small size and low quality of this flag on the back detract from the power and beauty of the red-white-and-blue Nordic Cross. However, the stitched flag on the front is exquisite.


Another interesting detail is a narrow silver sliver on the front that reads: OFFISIELT NORGE PRODUKT (followed by the Umbro emblem). I love that this jersey features something in Norwegian (albeit something extremely small and subtle), although I don’t understand why Umbro chose to repeat the same words inside the jersey in English.


                      Yet the most obvious component of this jersey is its unapologetic color: red. Red everywhere. So red I half-expected Taylor Swift to start playing tracks off her latest CD when I first opened the packaging. But the jersey is not just red. Upon further scrutiny, this kit is composed of three distinct shades of red: the red of the stitching, the red of the sides, and the red of the Norwegian flag on the crest. Perhaps if I sold or wore makeup, I could properly label each shade of red, but I don’t, so I can’t. However, just as most all Norwegians share a common love of their native land, but they love it for different reasons, so too each of the three reds on this kit are different and beautiful.


Although this jersey’s overall simplicity of style is unlikely to attract fans without a connection to Norway, anyone who loves Norway as much as I do would be proud to wear that exquisite stitched flag over their heart. Whether you’re walking up Karl Johan gate on the 17th of May or watching the Norwegian national football team strive to qualify for World Cup 2014 in a country that has a word for “city”, this jersey will wrap you in stolthet. Pride.




Obesity and Sports ?

Obesity and Sports

Does the world have a growing problem with obesity ?

Can sports play an important role in combatting the rise in obesity ?

The Economist has just published a special report on the phenomenon.

Check it out here!

The question is if part of the problem is related to nutrition and an other part of the problem to movement or the lack of it ?

It is hard to practice a sports without moving. So maybe football / soccer can be an important element in getting people kids and grown ups out of the coach and to get them move around. While at the same time having fun.



Gusttavo Lima and Neymar

Video With Brazilian Singer Gusstavo Lima and soccer sensation Neymar

Check it out!

Does he have the moves ?

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Details: Man City personalization 12-13

Details: Man City personalization 12-13

Click here to read the review breaking down the details of the jersey!


The photos show the personalization features of the Man City jersey 12-13.

Full view:

Man City personalization 12-13


The Sleeve badges:

Man C sleeve badge champs 11-12


Premier League name and number kit: Sencilla | black/white.

Man City name and number kit Sencilla



Various Clubs . . .

Details: Manchester City home jersey 12-13

Details: Manchester City home jersey 12-13

Read the review of the Man City home kit 12-13 here!


The Manchester City home jersey 12-13 described by the use of very detailed imagery of the little details.

Man City home jersey 12-13 full

The collar:

Man City collar look inside


The Umbro logo:

Man City Umbro logo


The club crest:

Man City club crest


The fabric:

Man City jersey fabric


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Review: Manchester City home jersey 12-13

Manchester City 2012-2013 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review

by Julian Smith, Lisbon, Portugal.


It took 44 years and £481 million (at current exchange rates about €590 or $770 million), but Manchester City finally reclaimed the top spot in the Premier League last year. It’s easy to say you can’t claim that ALL that cash won them the title, but it’s hard to argue that at least £38 million (about €45 or $60 million) didn’t. This was the transfer fee paid for Sergio Agüero at the beginning of the season who scored a dramatic stoppage-time winner vs QPR on the last match day of last season, allowing The Citizens to surpass the Red Devils of Man United on points to win the Premier League title.

I’ve always been a fan of light blue as a background color for a shirt, so I have a particular affinity for Man City shirts, but this year’s shirt in particular has some interesting new design points too.


The Shirt

Manchester City home jersey front


Manchester City’s 2012-13 home shirt features their distinctive sky blue color as a base, and they opted for black as the second color, which was used as the base back in the 1880’s when the club was known as St Marks (West Gorton). When I first saw the color combo, I was a little turned off, but it has definitely grown on me and the colors do seem to complement each other well and it all looks good when worn off the skin.

Since 2000, City have used three different suppliers in Le Coq Sportif, Reebok, and a brief stint back with Le Coq Sportif before turning to Umbro (through Nike) in 2009. Umbro probably make the best replica kits in the game as they normally manufacture a polyester/cotton combo (in this case 80%/20%) for lots of comfort and a great feel when worn. 


Man City home jersey model

*Note: Shirt being worn is a medium, wearer is 6’1” and 160 pounds (1.85m, 72.5 kg)


While City’s first home shirt from the Umbro series was a bit bland, in that it was almost too simple, they have made steps over the years to add some unique details to their shirts. 

Man City home jersey collar 11-12

Man City home shirt 12-13 collar


I absolutely loved the 2011-12 collar (see first picture above), thinking it would be hard to top. When I first saw the 2012-13 collar I was a bit concerned as smaller, protruding collars can sometimes be flimsy and flop around when worn. This is not the case with this year’s dark collar (see next picture above), which stays rigid almost naturally.



Everyone knows the saying “nothing in life is free”, so with the big money for transfers comes the Etihad Airways sponsorship. The look of the sponsor is nothing special, same with the feel of the plastic material…

The shirt overall lacks extras, but one thing to highlight is the neckline cut-out (see collar picture). In terms of ventilation or feel the feature is pretty useless, but together with the collar it all looks pretty slick.


Manchester City home shirt champs badge 11-12


As champions, City this year earned the gold premier patches for their shirt. Not a big fan of the gold matched with the dark tones of the shirt, but the patches are all about pride so you it’s a sacrifice I’m sure they, and their fans, are happy to swallow.


Man City logo

Man City crest 12-13



A (disappointing) change to the shirt is the badge. While the black looks good to match the other features, the colored crest looks a lot better with the sky blue. See above for the badge from last year first, followed by this year’s “black-out” badge. Both badges are stitched into the shirt, not plastic.




Man City home jersey 12-13 personalization


In some of my other reviews I’ve noticed that I tend to be pretty critical of printing on shirts. Almost all shirts in my collection have printing, even if I don’t like the font so much, just to have my team hero for all to see. When it comes to the English Premier League, though, I’m very happy with the look of the characters.


Man City home jersey printing EPL lextra


I was a bit wary that the black font would be a bit overwhelming with the sky blue color of the shirt since the numbers are so large, but, as mentioned before, put all together with all the other black details it looks quite nice.




Man City home jersey 12-13 rating


This is definitely one of my favorite shirts from this season. It isn’t one of the best looking, but you can’t go wrong with structure and feel from Umbro. Perhaps they should have decided to go with the “black-out” look to another shirt, but this one still looks ok from a design standpoint.

As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from MMSports.




Company Review MM Sports

Company Review | MM Sport

By Christine B.

I live in the San Francisco area, and have been ordering from MM Sports for more than two years. Both my sons love soccer and wear a soccer jersey almost every day to school.  While I have tried ordering from other United States based websites and stores, not a one has come close to the quality and service that we have received from MM Sports.  We have ordered approximately 30 or more jerseys from them and each one was perfectly customized and authentic.  Many of the boys’ friends and their families have commented on the quality of the jerseys and ask where we have purchased them. I am always happy to give a very enthusiastic endorsement of MM Sports. 


In addition to the highest quality merchandise, the customer service Mikkel and those at MM Sports provide has been unmatched.  Whether it is a question as to the availability of a hard to find jersey, or needing help to determine the correct size for my sons, the response is almost immediate (even across many time zones). We only buy our soccer jerseys through MM Sports.  Thank you MM Sports!




FC Bayern

Details: FC Bayern CL printing 12-13

FC Bayern Champions League print details

FC Bayern München jersey for the UEFA Champions League 12-13.

The official name and number kit.


FC Bayern CL tryk 12-13


FC Bayern CL sleeve badge. Starball.


FC Bayern Star Ball badge


FC Bayern honours badge. Any club which has won 3 CL titles in a row or 4 in total maybe use the badge.


FC Bayern UEFA honours badge


FC Bayern name and number kit displaying the club logos.


FC Bayern tryk tal logoer