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Review: AC Milan home jersey 12-13

 Anmeldelse: AC Milan hjemme trøje 12-13

Review: AC Milan home jersey 12/13

By Enrique Madrona Jr., Ohio – USA


With a new season comes a new jersey and in the case of Italy’s AC Milan, designers have chosen to shake it up once more in search for the ultimate devilish style for the Rossoneri. With the debut of a new and daring season for a squad that has suffered a grand migration of players, both legends and stars alike, Milan hits the field with a sharp look that expands upon the designs of recent years. Milan’s young and fresh squad has suffered some bitter defeats and unlucky chances so far in this 2012/2013 season, but like the Rossoneri squad, the season is young and there is quite a bit of time to improve and show the true potential of the new AC Milan. Fans can anticipate a season where we will see the best squeezed out of this set of players and hopefully, the return of the goal scoring menace, Alexandre Pato.

AC Milan home jersey 12-13AC Milan player Prince 10

AC Milan Kevin Prince Boateng

(Boateng photograph courtesy of Getty images.)


The Look

As a proud wearer of AC Milan’s home jersey for the last two seasons, in which the Rossoneri won the league and then finished second, I can note and appreciate the particular details that adorn this new home kit’s shirt. For me, the 10/11 home jersey was a case of “Love at first sight”, and the 11/12 jersey took a few matches to really get my attention, but this year’s Milan jersey is, in my opinion, up there among the best Milan home shirts in recent history.

AC Milan home jersey front


Red and black Stripes are ALWAYS the primary subject of AC Milan’s home jersey and this year, they have once again reverted from their previous design. For Milan’s 10/11 home kit, large stripes were used all around the jersey but it was clear that the jersey’s primary focus was an extensive use of black. Last season, the 11/12 kit sported small and organized stripes that were focused on the front and the back of the jersey. The jersey’s base was red so the presence of black was not quite as strong as it had been before. This year, the home jersey takes a step back and puts a greater emphasis on the black tones while taking some design ideas from last year’s white heavy jersey.


AC Milan home jersey fabric

AC Milan home jersey details


The new kit sports a five-stripe design on the front and the back with three black stripes and two red ones. This design brings the black to light much more than last year and goes back to a larger stripe design that I think is more appealing both on and off the field. The stripe design is completely bordered by a thin trim sporting the colors of the Italian flag; even more, each individual stripe is sided with a vertical tri-color stripe of the Italian flag. This use of the Italian national colors is a really nice accent of an already attractive design and it looks spectacular whether you are up close or far away. The Italian colors outlining the stripes look very nice and the design makes jerseys of recent seasons look void of detail where the stripes meet. Milan has always been heavy in the use of their nation’s colors in their kits and the green, white and red of Italy is used to outline several parts of this cool and classy jersey.


AC Milan home jersey collar

AC Milan jersey collar backside


For a few seasons, Milan’s away and third kits have been toying with the concept of collars on and off and finally, they have brought it back to the home jersey. Sporting a great white collar, Milan’s new home jersey shows how much the use of white has penetrated into the soul of Milan’s designs. Last year’s white shoulder stripes are back and they make Adidas’s signature three-stripe design stand out; the design stems right from the matching collar. Flip up the collar and you will find the text “ac milan” on the back of the neck, a nice little addition to the look.

AC Milan home jersey logo

AC Milan crest


I am a fan of sleeve designs that end in a ring design, like last year’s bold and white sleeve cuffs, but I do find myself an even bigger fan of the new jersey’s sleeves. The ends of the short sleeves are rounded in the same black shared across the jersey and in fact, it is linked with a black segment of the under-arm area. This is a replacement to last year’s stripes that ran all over the sleeves too. Now the design has a sleek “red on the top, black on the bottom” style that further incorporates the red and black design into the jersey.


Overall, I think that this year’s look is simply one of the best ever. It gets the best features of recent jerseys: a greater emphasis of the black and white base while adding some great white accents, and blends it all together into a new look that comes off as fresh and classic at the same time. The Adidas and Fly Emirates logos in white go well with the collar and Adidas stripes and it helps to keep that composed look rather than the occasional discolored sponsor slapped onto an incompatibly designed jersey. Everything is seamless here and I have no negative comments whatsoever.

AC Milan jersey stripes

( A comparison of stripes over the years. In order of appearance: 10/11, 11/12, and 12/13 home jerseys of AC Milan.)

The Fit

The 11/12 home kit that Milan sported last year was top-class in terms of fit and comfort. The new Milan jersey improves upon the changes brought last year while returning to the larger stripes from before. The fabric of the jersey has been, in all parts, thinned. The separate large stripes no longer had drastically different compositions, as was the case for the home jersey for the 10/11 season, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. I would say it is a bit better than last year’s simply because, by comparison, the thin composition of the new jersey makes it a little better in all aspects of comfort and feel. The biggest change is the collar and I can confidently say that it is actually well done. Collars are a make-or-break sort of feature and in this case, I would say that it does not hinder the wearer at all. This new, big collar is not as seamless as the one on Milan’s 11/12 third kit, but it will not be a bother to deal with as you sport this great new kit. I have worn the jersey while out shopping for a bit, I have also checked it out with greater intensity playing some recreational football outside, and I cannot complain. Adidas dealt with the collar well and it is not a cause of concern for those worried about movement, athletic or otherwise.

AC Milan jersey

AC Milan jersey sleeve


The Extras

 The jersey that I received for review included the latest Serie A league patch on the right sleeve. I have a couple of Champions League AC Milan jerseys but I have not yet had a chance to see what the Serie A patch is like; thanks to MMSports, I have the chance to cover it here in this review!


Lega Calcio badge

AC Milan jersey badges


I have a couple of La Liga jerseys as well as a Bundesliga one and their patches do not quite match up to this one. Here in the United States, the well-known merchandise vendors for football, and World Soccer Shop, both sell jerseys with flat, fabric league patches. I was surprised to find that the Serie A patch on the AC Milan jersey I received from MMSports was incredibly detailed and layered. It is well attached onto the jersey and does not feel like it would tear off easily, unlike the league patches on jerseys I have purchased from vendors over here, though that could simply be a matter of which league patch it is.


Outside of the material, I can say that league patches are always a nice touch on all club jerseys and I would consider a “must-have” when purchasing any of AC Milan’s jerseys. The Serie A patch is already great looking and like La Liga’s patch, it is generally white with a nice touch of colors in its design. Briefly put, league patches are necessary for fans; watching all of the league matches just feels better with a league patch on your arm!

ACM badge backside 

AC Milan adidas logo backside


The Customization

 Once again, due to the generosity of MMSports, the jersey I received for review included some great personalization; the name and number of Kevin Prince Boateng, now number 10 on AC Milan’s squad. 


AC Milan name and number kit

AC Milan numbers logo


An almost guaranteed starter, Boateng is arguably among the best players in Milan’s squad and that has been the case for the last couple of seasons as well. With the loss of many players over the summer, Boateng has become a new dependency for Milan. His versatile skill and ability with the ball make him a prime player for the new Milan. This season will be a rejuvenation season for him as he will have to become the creative lead of Milan’s attack. He is the only one who can take over the position now left barren from Ibrahimovic’s departure. He needs to create dangerous attacks and deliver during offensive shifts.


AC Milan customization historic


The biggest change to Milan’s personalization this year is the font. The bubbly and rounded font of last year is gone, and the square, digital-like font of the 10/11 season has not returned. This year, Milan opted to go with a sharper, thinner look that I believe emanates a lot of class. Last year’s font was nice but this year, it is serious. I am a big fan of this look and it is difficult to determine which of Milan’s recent styles is best, but I think it relates a lot to the jersey. This year’s name and number detail is perfect for the more elegant, classy look that this year’s jersey sports. The small black Milan crests are still in the numbers and they look as good as they always have!


AC Milan personalization


The quality on the printing has improved substantially. The characters are thinner and appear to be more smoothly melded to the jersey’s fabric. The thinness in particular means that you feel less of the abrasion that users of last year’s Milan kits may remember. It was not much to complain about but once you put the new kit with the new Stilscreen printing, you will appreciate the quality, I can guarantee that.


I really do think that the name and number personalization, particularly because you can choose from a great selection of world-class players, is a big plus to the jersey. Since the text and numbers are white with a thin black outline, it helps to further expand the use of white on the jersey, a design shift that I think is making Milan’s jerseys even better year after year. For the premium prices that jerseys already cost, I think the personalization, particularly if you are a big fan of the club or a player, is a smart purchase.




I find myself having a tough time saying this, but here it goes: I like this jersey much more than the last two. I loved the 10/11 jersey for it’s majority use of black and gold accents, but it had some questionable fabric differences with the stripes and was, in general, a bit think for many uses. I was impressed by last year’s 11/12 jersey, the thin stripes grew on me and the Scudetto shield was an automatic seller, but I felt that the ring neck was a bit of a step back and the material was still a little bit thick. This year? Everything is just right. The jersey gives off an aura of etiquette and flair; it defines Milan and its history. The little details, such as the white collar and the Italian flag stripe splitters, really bring out the best of the jersey. Lastly, the material, thinner than that of previous years, is consistent between the stripes and very comfortable for casual or athletic wear. All in all, Adidas has once again proven why it is among the world’s best sporting merchandise producers, and I am a happy fan with another fantastic Milan jersey worthy of a purchase by all Rossoneri fans. I highly recommend that you buy this great jersey for yourself or an AC Milan fan close to you, and get the league patch too, it is worth it! Thank you MMSports!

AC Milan home jersey the end

AC Milan home jersey that is it


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Juventus Product Reviews

Review: Juventus home jersey authentic 12-13

 Anmeldelse: Juventus hjemme trøje 12-13

By Jonne Keranan, Finland.

Click this link to Read Q&A with Juve reviewer Jonne Keranen



 When sportswear suppliers design new home shirts for big clubs, it usually is a very restricted task. We know that a Real Madrid home shirt is going to be plain white every time, a Celtic home shirt will have green and white hoops, Juventus will have black and white stripes and so on. Big clubs have such a long history that you can’t really go and make big changes to home shirt designs anymore. It’s usually the away shirt designs that designers can really play with. That’s why those little design features that make the differences between different seasons’ home shirts are so important. That’s where this season’s Juventus home shirt really delivers. 


Juventus home jersey 12-13


Nike Juventus 12-13 home shirt front.



 This seasons Juventus home shirt has very simple and classic design. Gone are the “buzz” stripes from last season, this time the stripes are clean cut and have normal width. The back of the shirt features a square shaped black space for numbers and a horizontal space for name. This is a bit risky design with football shirts since the shirt can then look slightly empty and tacky when worn without a name and number. However, Nike has managed to sort of blend the number and name spaces with the rest of the shirt’s design. They are very much part of this design and that’s why the shirt looks good even without a name and number.


Juve home jersey back


Nike Juventus 12-13 home shirt back.


A big part of football shirt design is always the sponsor logo. A bad looking sponsor logo can easily ruin an otherwise good design. Juventus has American automobile brand Jeep as shirt sponsor. Their square shaped logo really blends in well with other straight lines of the shirt and also as the logo is black and white, it doesn’t stand out too much so it maintains the clean look of the design.


Before and right after the shirt’s release, all the talk was about stars. Italian football federation grants clubs the option to wear a golden star for every 10 Scudettos they’ve won. After last season’s triumph, Juventus has now won Serie A 30 times that would mean that they are the first club in Italy who can wear three golden stars on their shirt. However, the 2005 and 2006 championships were revoked as a result of the Calciopoli sporting trial. So according to Italian federation Juventus has won only 28 championships officially. Because of this argument and maybe as a little protest Juventus decided to ditch the stars all together from player shirts. Instead, the shirt has the “30 sul campo” (30 won on the pitch) motto under the club badge. There are however many options for fans to customize their shirts with the stars. The shirts come from Nike pre-printed with two stars. The third star can be added and some places even offer an option to have a black and white badge placed on top of the two stars on the authentic version shirt to get the same look as players. In my opinion having all the stars on the shirt adds a great looking detail on the shirt. Besides, every Juventus fan knows that Juve has won 30 titles on the pitch – end of story.


Juve jersey chest 30 sul campo

30 sul campo = 3 stars.


Nike has started to add team or country specific slogans or logos on the inside of their shirts recently. Usually these designs are located inside the shirt just beneath the emblem or on the inner back neck. Although these designs can’t be seen when the shirts are worn, they still add a nice touch of detail to the whole shirt design. The idea behind these design details might be that their existence is more important to the wearer than people who look at the shirt. The inner neck design detail on the 11-12 Juventus home shirt is a club motto “Vincere non é importante, é l’unica cosa che conta” (“Winning is not important, it is everything), a sentence by club legend Giampiero Boniperti. This is truly a well chosen slogan for the shirt and a nice idea by Nike.


Juve authentic jersey collar

Club motto by Giampiero Boniperti.


Juventus won the Serie A title last season so they wear the Scudetto badge on their shirt this season. There are currently two versions of the Scudetto badge available for the shirt. One by Nike and one by Stilscreen. The two versions are almost equal but there are a few little differences. The Stilscreen badge seems to be slightly thinner and it has shinier glitter golden edges. The Stilscreen version looks maybe a little bit better on the shirt. But still the main thing for a Juventus fan is that there is only one team wearing this badge in the Serie A this season. The shirt can also be equipped with the Serie A badge to get something extra although the shirt offers plenty even without it. Another little design feature is “Juventus” printed on the back neck.


Juventus Scudetto badge


Nike scudetto badge left, Stilscreen version right. 


Juve jersey sleeve badge


Serie A TIM badge.

Juve home jersey authentic name kit

Juventus print back neck.



All Nike’s football shirts are made of recycled polyester. Some might consider this only a marketing trick but certainly it’s not a bad idea to think about the environment a little. Also the Juventus home shirt is made of Nike’s Dri-FIT recycled polyester material. The material is very breathable, light and comfortable at the same time. The shirt was also tested while playing football and it performed well. The breathable fabric wicks sweat away and the material is also a little stretchy so it doesn’t limit your upper body movement and it offers you a good overall fit. Because the material stretches a little you can go one size down with the replica version to get more of a body hugging fit if you want. With the authentic version you don’t need to go one size down as the shirt already offers a very athletic fit. The construction of the shirt seems to be strong Nike quality so the shirt will withstand even heavy usage and multiple washes well.




The Juventus home shirt under review came with Del Piero 10 printing. After last season Del Piero moved to Sydney FC but after 19 years of service for The Old Lady he’s such a big legend for the supporters that many will still choose his name and number for their shirt.  The name and number fonts on this year’s shirt are very simple so they suit the simple overall design of the shirt well. The material of the printing is very thin PU that can crack a little after heavy usage but still the wear tends to be only minimal and can only be seen under closer inspection. The name and number sets come from the original manufacturer so they are the best quality you can get. If you like your shirts printed then you should definitely go for it, as the printing looks great on this shirt.


Juve numbers

Juventus 12-13 numbers by Stilscreen.

Juve authentic jersey name block

Del Piero nameset.




As Nike is offering multiple versions of their football shirts you have many options to choose from. If you’re looking for a more athletic fit you’ll definitely get it with the authentic version but you can also get it by going one size down with the replica. The authentic version offers you all the extra features that the player shirts have. They include mesh material back panel, silicone T-bar prints on the shoulders, heat transferred Nike Swoosh and Juventus emblem, laser-cut perforations at sides, taped inner seams and little added cotton on the material. These features have a minimal effect on the performance and comfortability of the shirt in reality but they alter the look of the shirt a little so if this is something you are looking for then you should definitely invest in it. In the end the replica version might be a bit more durable as it comes with embroidered Swoosh and Juventus emblem. But I don’t think it’s a question of which version is better. It’s a question of which features you are looking for. You won’t be disappointed with whatever version you choose.

Juve authentic laser cut holes

Laser-cut holes on the sides.



Juve authentic jersey shoulder t-bone silicone

Silicone T-bar print on the shoulder.

Juve jersey net

Taped inner seam, different material on the front and back of the shirt.




The Nike Juventus 12-13 home shirt doesn’t disappoint. It has a very simple and traditional design but at the same time it offers multiple little design features that add some versatility to the overall look of the shirt. In addition there are many options to customize the shirt with badges, names and numbers to get something extra. Even with the dispute regarding the stars the shirt has such a nice design that it’s a great tribute to Juve’s 30 Serie A titles and a must have for any Bianconeri fan.


Juve authentic jersey lights


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Liverpool Product Reviews

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You’ll Never Walk Alone. Liverpool 2011 Adidas black jersey and 2012 football newcomer, Warrior, home jersey in red. Plus a little Brooklyn, Oakland and Being:Liverpool mixed in.

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