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Nike team sport printing versus authentic printing

 Nike TeamSport Printing

 By Jonne Keränen, Oulu, Finland


 On replica and authentic shirts Nike uses name and number sets usually made out of some kind of polyflex material. The material is quite thin if you compare it to for example Sporting ID’s Sensicilia material that is used in the English premier league. Still the material is quite strong and I have seen only very little cracks here and there on my authentic Nike shirts’ name and number sets. Nike produces different styles for each time that makes the shirts look more unique. The Nike Laser Premium Game jersey has the official Nike teamwear numbers on it. Compared to the printing on the Nike authentic player version shirts the printing on the Laser Premium Game jersey seems to be thinner. The style of the numbers looks a bit cheap. The style sort of looks like something you might get from Ebay on unofficial products. The thinness of the numbers might have a significant effect on the durability of the printing.


Nike team sports printing Swoosh 10

 Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey printing.



Holland away jersey EURO 2012 printing

 Holland away shirt printing.





With the Nike Laser Premium Game jersey you basically get the same quality that you would gain from any Nike Dri-Fit shirt. The overall quality of the shirt is satisfactory. Normal Dri-Fit material tends to bobble very easily and you might see a couple of pulls after a few washes. Specially the mesh panel at the back damages easily if it gets caught into something (for example on fingernails when putting it on). As mentioned before, the material on the Nike authentic player version shirts is a bit thicker and better in quality making the shirts more durable. I have used and washed my authentic shirts numerous times and they show basically no wear at all. Even the printed logos last very well although embroidered logos might be better in the long run.






The shorts in this review are basic Nike teamwear shorts with built-in stretch briefs that are compared to 12-13 Holland away replica shorts. Authentic player version shorts aren’t available for retail. The teamwear shorts don’t offer many special features, they are very plain. Both shorts are made out of same type Dri-Fit material but the Holland shorts are equipped with mesh panels at inseam and back waist for enhanced breathability. Both shorts are very light but the Holland shorts have a more streamlined fit. Like the teamwear jersey also the shorts are quite baggy. The Holland shorts have printed logos while the Swoosh on the teamwear shorts is embroidered. In general the teamwear shorts feel a bit inferior compared to the Holland shorts. Like the jersey they are very plain and don’t offer much extra features.


Nike shorts comparison


The difference in fit can be seen in this picture.



Nike shorts printing comparison

 Shorts printing & Swoosh.


Holland away shorts black mesh panel

 Holland away shorts back waist mesh panel.


Holland away shorts details

Holland away shorts inseam mesh panel.






The Nike Laser Premium Game jersey is more expensive than regular Nike teamwear shirts because it’s being branded as a top of the line authentic product. But can we really call it an authentic style Nike shirt? In my opinion, if you pay more for a shirt you need to get some added benefits from it. The authentic Nike player version shirts clearly differ from regular replicas and provide added features, such as tight athletic fit, stronger and better feeling material, improved breathability with laser-cut holes under arms and t-bars to make the shirt stronger. The only real added feature that the Laser Premium Game jersey offers is the laser-cut holes on the sides. In my opinion that is not enough. You don’t get the added benefits that you should by paying more money. Basically what you get is just a normal Nike teamwear shirt with holes under arms.





Product Reviews

Nike Laser Team Sport jersey


 By Jonne Keränen

Over the recent years Nike, along with other brands such as Adidas and Puma, has started to release the authentic player version shirts for the general replica shirt markets. From a business point of view this can be seen as an act to try to increase the profit margins of these products. For consumers this means a wider range of products that can be seen as a positive development. Basically for more money you get some added performance features but if you don’t want to spend there are also cheaper options available with the same style as the authentic ones.


Manufacturers also offer teamwear shirts with same performance features that the authentic player version shirts have – or at least they claim that the teamwear shirts have these advanced features. In this review a Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey (size large) is compared to different Nike authentic player version club and country jerseys (all size large). As a bonus, a pair of Nike teamwear shorts are compared to Nike replica shorts.


Nike Laser team sport jersey orange black front


Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey front.



Nike teamsports jersey orange black backside number 10


Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey back.




Nike authentic players version jerseys

 Nike authentic player version shirts.


Nike team sports shorts orange number 10

Nike teamwear shorts.




The Nike Laser Premium Game jersey basically has the same style as the current Nike Brazil shirts. From a distance you can’t really notice any significant differences to authentic player shirts. Style wise the shirt has nothing special, it might even be seen a little boring. Some people might be put off by the big panels on the cuffs.





Nike claims that the Laser Premium Game jersey tight performance fit. In reality it’s not even close. The Nike authentic player version shirts are a perfect example of shirts with tight performance fit. They hug the form of your body but are not uncomfortably tight. Depending on different types of Dri-Fit material they can also stretch a little. The Laser Premium Game jersey however has more of a fit of a normal Nike replica jersey. The fit is very loose and baggy. Of course you could buy the shirt in a smaller size but still you won’t get that tight body hugging fit of an authentic Nike player version shirt.


Nike laser jersey compared to nike authentic jersey


The difference in fit can clearly be seen in this picture.





Almost all Nike football shirts are made out of Nike’s Dri-Fit material. However Dri-Fit is not a unambiguous material. Dri-Fit can be tough or soft, it can stretch or in some products it doesn’t stretch at all. If Nike says that some product is made out of Dri-Fit you really don’t know what you get before you can test the product. Though usually Dri-Fit has reasonable sweat wicking capabilities it is very light. Over recent years Nike has started to use recycled polyester in their products. Although this might be seen as a marketing trick the thought is nice.


The material on the Laser Premium Game jersey is 100% recycled polyester Dri-Fit. It’s quite close to same as on the Nike authentic player version shirts or replica shirts. It’s stretchy but you won’t get any benefits from that since the fit is so baggy. The material feels very light but not specially comfortable. The material is very thin and seems a bit cheap. Some Nike authentic shirts have some cotton added to the material (for example 12-13 Holland away authentic shirt) that makes the feel of the shirts very comfortable. The cotton can be clearly seen from the different color tone on the inside of the shirt. The authentic player version shirts usually have a bit more thicker material than normal shirts. That makes the shirts feel stronger and not so cheap as on replica or teamwear shirts. Still there is a lot of variation between the materials on different Nike authentic player version shirts. Some shirts (for example 11-12 Inter and Juventus home shirts) don’t stretch at all while some (for example 11-12 Brazil home shirt) has very stretchy material.


Nike teamsport jersey close-up orange

 Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey front and back material.


Nike authentic jersey close up

 Added cotton can be seen when the shirt is turned inside out (white tone color).




The Laser Premium Game jersey has different materials on front and back. On the front you have the basic Dri-Fit material and on the back a mesh panel. The construction of the shirt seems to be very simple like on any other regular Nike Dri-Fit shirt. The shirt has laser-cut holes under the arms for better heat management. This is maybe the only common thing that the shirt has with Nike’s authentic player version shirts. One additional feature that has been popular on Nike authentic shirts are plastic t-bars on the shoulders of the shirts. The purpose of these t-bars is to make the seams stronger and more durable. In addition they are also a style feature making the shirt look better and differing it from regular shirts. The Laser Premium Game jersey doesn’t have the t-bars making it feel yet more like a regular shirt. In addition the jersey has embroidered Nike Swoosh on the front. On Nike authentic shirts all the logos are printed reducing weight (although the effect is minimal in reality).


Nike Laser teamsport jersey holes side


Laser-cut holes under the arms.



Nike Holland authentic jersey shoulder


T-bar on Holland away shirt.



Brazil authentic jersey shoulder


T-bar & printed Swoosh on Brazil home shirt.


Nike teamsport jersey swoosh


Nike Laser Premium Game teamwear jersey embroidered Swoosh.



Nike authentic Holland jersey Swoosh


Printed logos on Holland away shirt.





Inter Ambassador in the Green Room

 Inter Ambassador answers questions . . .

Why do you support your current favorite club ?

For me, the first and last question are inevitably linked. As a child and budding calcio enthusiast, my favorite teams had 1 thing in common – Baggio was on the roster. From Juventus to Milan, Bologna and so on all before the age of 10 – my allegiances hopped around along with the divine ponytail.

However, in 98-99 something changed – I got internet at my house and was no longer restricted to following calcio on RAI via once-a-week public television programming. I became addicted to Baggio’s goals and magical moments.. in

I was now not only following my favorite player, but following a massive club challenging in -what was- the best league in the world.. Taking in weekly goals and highlights. Other legends of that era included Vieri, Zamorano, El Chino, Djorkaef, even Pirlo and Ronaldo; I worshiped them. 

It was around that period of time that I received my first jersey as a gift – an authentic, thick-striped Internazionale home kit. I wore it everywhere and in doing everything and still feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I have it on – that’s how I know I’m a lifelong Inter fan; my roots are deep.

Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

Italian football has lost its champions league spots and must now battle in all European competitions to regain its status as a top 3 league – giving 4 of its proud clubs the chance to thrive in Europe’s top competition once again every season.

However, I regretfully must advise inter to forgo Europa league success while focusing on winning the scudetto once again. As a top squad with only one competition to focus on, inter should be able to make a strong push for the title ala Juventus of this season with no taxing commitments outside the peninsula.

Being a perennial challenger and either winning the league or qualifying for the ucl directly is the only way to attract top talent to the side and maintain inter’s proud history.

Inter have had great success in the past 6 or so years, but also have suffered some huge disappointments in that time, dips in form, manager uncertainty and an aging squad.

Many of their current troubles stem from bad club and player management and a return to “Pazza Inter” or crazy Inter – an unpredictable but always enthralling state of affairs that can end in great victory or epic heartbreak.

The best years of Inter’s past 10 seasons have seen some of the world’s top players come and go – I would suggest bringing back the man who made it all happen, Oriali. As sporting director, Oriali signed prolific talents such as Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Milito, Thiago Motta and more – while his successor Branca has brought on flops including Zarate, Forlan and Palombo.

Last, sign Stramaccioni as full fledged manager. He’s clever, charismatic, and has the support of the players – compared to the other options out there, the man affectionately dubbed ‘Stramala’ may have a promising future at the nerazzurri post.   

What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

The obvious low point during the time I have followed Inter was the ___ season in which Inter led the title race until the last day.. Only to lose to bitter arch-rivals Juventus after an historic collapse. I distinctly remember seeing a soggy eyed Ronaldo on the sideline weeping as the scudetto slipped through black and blue fingers – an image we as Inter supporters won’t soon forget.

What is the high point ?

The highest highs of Inter’s success came with the 09-10 season treble: scudetto, coppa Italia AND the legendary Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.

The victory was not only a win for Inter’s trophy cabinet, but all of Italy -whether they accept it or not. In beating Bayern in the final, Inter secured the 4th and final champions league spot remain with Serie A for one more season.. Though the accomplishment was largely unappreciated.

It is also the season where a personal favorite of mine for years came to life and etched his name in the history books – there was no striker better than Diego Milito, il Pricipe, in 09-10. Period. 

Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

For me, this question is a very tight race – and would have to be a draw in my eyes between my very first Inter jersey or 98-99 and the 09-10 shirt.

Purely on aesthetics, the 09-10 shirt wins with its smart stripes and tight ribbed collar.. Though the 98 shirt comes close with the bold, chunky black and blue stripes – my mind often wanders back to the champions league winning shirt being that it is the collector piece I do not have! Help me MM Sport!!

From a nostalgia standpoint, one shirt is what Baggio wore as he roared like lion, the other Milito donned as he twirled like dervish – its a tie!

When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

As stated numerous times in this interview, my favorite player since I began following calcio has been Roberto Baggio – divin codino.

I idolized him as a youngster in 1994. I followed him throughout his career and thought that I was his biggest fan – only to learn that every fan of calcio was also -without exception- a die hard Baggio fan.

As an aspiring soccer player, trying to star on my high school team with all my might – I turned to Baggio. I purchased his career highlight vhs in the Le Stelle di Calcio series title Baggio – il Divin Codino and watched it
religiously, studying and learning each of his moves and using them to great effect against my opponents on the pitch.

I had even purchased his autobiography, Una Porta nel Cielo (written in Italian) and had my father read and translate it to me – a little bit each night – until he grew tired of the scholarly undertaking and I was forced to become a strong Italian language scholar myself to continue learning from Baggio in his own words.

Being a die-hard Roby Baggio fan has shaped a lot of my young life! Will there ever be another like him.. Surely not. I hope that he will turn to manage the nerazzurri sometime soon.



Brazil home jersey 12-13 – Neymar 11

 Brazil home jersey 2012/13 – NEYMAR 11

The new Brazil home kit for the two years leading up to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.


Brazil home jersey 2012-14 number 11


The official name and number kit is green and is matching in color to the sleeves and the collar.


Brazil home jersey 12-14 Neymar 11


Hard to spot in the photo is the fact that the logo of the CBF is engraved at the bottom of the numbers.



Brazil home jersey 2012/13

 Brazil home jersey 2012-13

The last Brazil home jersey before the one for the World Cup 2014 at home is now in the market.

With Ronaldo having retired. Ronaldinho being a waning star. Kaka’ not at his best. The new markee player for the Brazilian team is the youngster Neymar.

Neymar plays his football with Santos FC in Brazil and is also playing regularly for his country.


Brazil home jersey 12-14 Neymar 11


 The official name and number kit for the new Brazil jersey is green. The logo of the Brazilian football association is embedded at the bottom of each number.

Neymar has a personal sponsorship deal with Nike which means that he is endorsing Nike footwear. Thus a logical choice for their promotional athlete photos.


FC Barcelona Product Reviews

Review: FC Barcelona home jersey Busquets 16

 Review: Soccer Jersey Player Focus

Click on the image below to go to the review. It will open up in a new window!


Busquets jersey review!



Shopping soccer jerseys in the US and in Europe



An American obsessed with European Football (soccer in USA) ? and their  Jerseys?? . That me , it began in the 2009-2010 Champions league Tournament when I was flipping through the TV channels I came across a soccer game. Pausing just for a moment thinking it was just a simple soccer game I became intrigued when I realized it was inter Milan with Pirelli across the Jersey. Being of Italian origin and always insisting on Pirelli tires on my sports cars (mostly Jaguars,BMW,s and porches) I left the game on and learned it was Barcelona Vs Inter in the semi finals of this thing they called the champions league. I had never heard of it before. I knew of the world cup and that England like Italy was a popular football country but became instantly fascinated by the fact that  the best teams from the European countries had a tournament.


See here in the USA our two most popular sports Baseball and what we call Football are limited. There are not many other countries that have baseball and football teams and certainly not with the caliber of players in the US leagues. So the thought of the best teams from various countries playing for a champions cup truely inspired me not to mention the variety of Jerseys the teams wore. That same day I watched Inter defeat Barcelona I went to the UEFA website they advertised on the TV  and purchased several champions league jerseys. When they arrived, like a kid at Christmas I instantly opened the jerseys and was unbelievably surprised how awesome they were. From there it became an instant obsession, hobby, addiction and unexpectedly  turning into a collection of over 600 jerseys to date. The Champions league tournament is by far one of the world’s greatest sporting events. This year my hopes are on Bayern Munich to make it to the finals. The Allianz arena Bayern Munich’s home stadium. If Bayern makes it to the finals it will be a historical event  that rarely ever happens in sports.


Back to the Jerseys. There are hundreds of .com companies that claim to have the newest Kits, widest selection and so on. I have found some of my most prized jerseys in small town soccer shops and a very few web based sites. The neat thing about the small town shops they usually have a jersey or two that dates back several years still in brand new condition.


One web based company that I found to be truly awesome is MM Sports. Based in Denmark I was a little skeptical at first until in the contact us section  there was a phone number. Something you rarely see on any website. So  I placed my first order and within a week it arrived. Pleased with my purchase and always on the lookout  for rare or sold out jerseys I placed a phone call to MM Sports asking if they were able to find a couple jerseys I couldn’t find anyware  . So I called Denmark and spoke with  Mikkell who was  professional and very friendly. To my surprise in just a few days an email appeared telling me he found what I was looking for. MM Sports are amazing people with a sincere desire to get what you need the way you want it. Personal service at a level that leaves you with a wonderful feeling as if you were a king. Some of my favorite Jerseys came from MM Sports.


What is so special about a football jersey you ask. What is not special about a jersey I respond. The variety of Manufacturers, materials and clubs are endless. Wearing a Bayern Munich special black  Champions league jersey with the special Lextra Starball on one arm and the Honors 4  trophy on the other sleeve can be intoxicating which I was only able to get from MM Sports., World soccershop and others all say preorder with no expected delivery date. Well my friends I have several  in a variety of sizes thanks to MM sports taking the time to satisfy a customer halfway around the world.


The jerseys and the Champions League are the main focus of what I’m writing.

I love everything about it.







Macron new technical sponsor of Lazio

 Lazio in Macron from the season 2012-13

LAZIO and Macron have announced the signing of an agreement for the technical sponsorship of the Rome club that  will last  the next  5 years, from 2012-13  until the end of 2016-17 season.

After 14 years Lazio – one of the Italian  most important club – has decided  to change the technical sponsor and it is quite significant that Macron has been their choice.

“The decision to link us for so many years to Macron” said the President of Lazio “reveals the confidence we have  in the programs and in the reliability of the company. We’re sure we will develop, over the next few years, important projects that will go far beyond the simple technical sponsorship”.

The same opinion came from  Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron: “After the renewal with Napoli, this agreement with Lazio is a confirmation of appreciation towards us from  the top clubs of Italian League.. It is needless to emphasize the overwhelming importance of an environment such as Rome’s for the whole movement. We are confident that from this partnership with Lazio will arise over the next five years amazing  projects both for the team and Its supporters. ” On this regard  Macron and Lazio have already outlined  the presentation of a collection “Linea Fans” of leisurewear, available in the  “Lazio Style 1900” and in all retail stores Macron from next  August.

During the summer it will be presented the new official jersey of the Roman team that, for the first time, will have a custom label tag with a catch-phrase, that will surely  arise curiosity among its fans.

“The massive passion and the overwhelming enthusiasm of the Lazio fans” concluded Gianluca Pavanello “will be a great motivation for us to create ideas and initiatives always up to the tradition of the Biancocelesti team”.





Quiz Time!

 MM Sports Quiz 1 | Soccer is the name of the Game


 We hereby invite you to participate in this multiple choice quiz about soccer (and sporting goods) related themes.

In order to root out sheer luck and to challenge participants not only on their ability to use google we have designed the quiz in such a way that certain answers contain information hard to find online and that the number of questions should reduce the luck factor to insignificance. So the challenge is on!

Good luck!


1. Nike is the biggest producer of sporting goods in the world when measured on global sales. But which sporting goods producer is the biggest when it comes to global sales of soccer related sporting goods ?

a.) adidas

b.) Nike

c.) Puma


2. How many soccer jerseys are sold in the 5 major European markets on an annual basis ?

a. 1.3 millions

b. 13 m

c. 23 m


3. According to Deloitte’s Money League 2012 Real Madrid has the biggest annual turnover of any club in the world. The total revenues are broken down into 3 revenue streams: broadcast, match day, and commercial. Which club has the highest commercial revenues which include sponsorships, merchandise sales etc.

a. FC Barcelona

b. FC Bayern 

c. Real Madrid


4. The replica soccer jersey is by far the most important piece of fan merchandise. However, a number of other products of branded apparel are produced as well. Which club has the biggest total fan apparel sales when t-shirts, polo shirts, track tops etc. are included ?

a. Manchester United

b. Liverpool FC

c. Real Madrid  


5. The Danish national team has just renewed their technical sponsorship deal with adidas for another 2 years. But when the Danish side thrilled the world with an attacking style of play at the World Cup 1986 in Mexico which brand provided the uniforms ? 

a. adidas

b. Hummel

c. Puma


6. How many teams play in Nike jerseys in the Spanish La Primera Division for the season 2011/12.

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5


7. Iker Casillas has played in Reebok cleats and gloves during many years but in January 2012 he changed from Reebok to which brand ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. penalty 


8. A famous Italian sporting goods brand comes from the home town of Juventus and AS Torino. The city of Turin. But which one ?

a. Kappa

b. Lotto

c. Macron 


9. Puma has signed a number of high profile players to wear their footwear during the season 11-12. Of the following players who does NOT wear Puma footwear ?

a. Falcao

b. Yaya Toure

c. Fabregas

d. Kun Aguero

e. Benzema 


10. In Germany FC Bayern is by far the biggest seller of merchandise. But which 3 clubs follows Bayern in the top 4 merchandising league ?

a. HSV, S04, BVB

b. HSV, Werder, Stuttgart

c. S04, BVB, FC Köln


11. At the EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine only 4 apparel sponsors are represented sponsoring all 16 teams. But which brand has the most teams ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma

d. Umbro


12. The biggest market for sporting goods in the world is the US. The biggest European market is Germany. But which is the biggest market for soccer related products ?

a. Germany

b. UK

c. US


13. Nike started their venture into soccer relatively late. Only in the mid-90s it became an area of priority for the Portland based company. But which was the first major team that Nike signed up with ?

a. Brazil

b. FC Barcelona

c. Juventus

d. Manchester United


14. adidas has produced the official World Cup match ball uninterrupted since 1970. But what was the name of the 1970 World Cup match ball ?

a. Azteca

b. Tango

c. Telstar


15. adidas supply the match ball for the Champions League, and Nike for the English Premier League. But which company supplies the official match ball for the French Ligue 1 ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Puma


16. Puma was founded in Germany by Rudi Dasler. However, it is now owned by a company from another country. Which company ?


b. Nike

c. Bridgewater

d. PPR 


17. In the US Nike has just taken over the technical apparel sponship deal of the NFL from Reebok. But which company provides the uniforms for the MLS Major League soccer ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. Reebok

d. Under Armour


18. Tottenham Hotspur has decided to part ways with Puma. Instead they have taking in a new sponsor from overseas. Which one ?

a. Li Ning

b. Warrior

c. Penalty

d. Under Armour


19. adidas was one of the first companies to start providing apparel and equipment to soccer teams. With which club of the following is adidas having the longest uninterrupted partnership ?

a. HSV

b. AC Milan

c. Chelsea FC

d. Marseille

e. Real Madrid


20. Usually the major clubs in a league are equipped by different companies. Nevertheless it happened once that all 3 major Istanbul clubs were sponsored by the same company. Which one ?

a. adidas

b. Nike

c. puma

d. Uhlsport


21. Which company on the list is NOT German ?

a. Jako

b. Reusch

c. Kelme

d. Kempa

e. Uhlsport 


22. The fastest growing markert in Europe is Russia. But how much are the total adidas sales (approx.) in Russia ?

a. 100 million Euros

b. 1 billion Euros

c. 10 billion Euros


23. Which boot / cleat is not produced by adidas ?

a. World Cup

b. Copa Mundial

c. King


24. Lionel Messi is currently the number 10 for FC Barcelona. How many different numbers has he worn with the Barca first team ?

a. 1

b. 3

c. 5


25. When Cristiano Ronaldo arrived in Real Madrid the number 7 jersey was already taken up by club legend Raul Gonzales. Which number did he get instead ?

a. 9

b. 17

c. 23

d. 77


26.  Which Italian club has the most fans in Italy ?

a. AC Milan

b. Inter

c. Juventus


27. New Brazilian star Neymar has a personal sponsorship deal with Nike. But which Nike boot (cleat) does he wear ?

a. Nike Legend

b. Total 90

c. CTR 360

d. Mercurial 


28. Liverpool will change the ropes for the season 12-13 and start wearing Warrior. Bu
t which company is owner of the Warrior brand?

a. Reebok

b. Nike

c. New Balance

d. Under Armour 


29. In the Real Madrid and the FC Barcelona first teams the players almost exclusively wear adidas or Nike footwear. However, one Real Madrid starter wears Umbro – who is he ?

a. Sergio Ramos

b. Arbeloa

c. Pepe

d. Marcelo

e. Concentrao


30. When the contract of Danish national defender Agger expired he was offered how much by adidas for a new contract which he accepted ?

a. 1 million USD$ a year unconditionally 

b. 100 K USD$ a year unconditionally no strings attached

c. 50 K USD $ a year if certain performance based goals were reached with regard to number of appearances and results with club and national team

d. 0 $ cash but the boots / cleats for free  



The winner is the person who has the most correct answers. In case more persons have the same number of correct answers the winner(s) will be chosen through a draw.

1. Prize a club jersey + a national team jersey of your choice.

2. Prize. a club jersey of your choice. 

3. Prize. a Danish national team jersey.

Bonus Prizes:

A. The first contestant to get all 30 questions right will get a customized jersey of his / her choice.

B. There will be draw among all participants for one jersey of choice no matter how many questions answered correctly . 


How to participate ?

Send the answers to “info @ mmsports . com”

Subject: Quiz Time

Leave your name and address.

The winners will be contacted by email. Make sure your inbox is operational!

Last date of entry is the 8th of June 2012 at 23:59 CET.

The names of the winners will be published on the blog alongside the correct answers.






Nike Fuelband coming to Europe

 Nike fuelband coming to Europe | Nike + | Make it count

 The new Nike initiative when it comes to bringing the digital world to fuse or to meet the physical world – sports and movement in general is called Nike fuelband.

It launched in the US on the 22nd of February 2012. It hit the shores in Europe on 1st of April in Shoreditch in London. Later on 2nd of May it also arrived at Nike Town in London and probably in other locations across Europe.

The Nike fuelband keeps track of your movement throughout the day. It tracks the amount fuels used – a measurement which Nike has invented itself. Roughly 1 fuel = 5 steps. Then you can see calories burned, steps taken , and time. Maybe at a later point in time other metrics will be added. But for now this is what is in there.


So how did it come about ? Read the thinking behind the fuelband here!