Holland away kit 2012

 Netherlands away kit EURO 2012

Holland back in black!

New Holland away kit launched on the 29th of February 2012. An all black affair with a bit of orange here and there.


Holland away jersey EURO 2012


The matching shorts are also black and with a staint of orange.


Holland away shorts EURO 2012


Finally the socks also come in almost all black but with a bit of orange to the center.


Holland away socks EURO 2012





New Germany away jersey 2012-14

 Germany away jersey EURO 2012

The new Germany away jersey from adidas has been released end of February 2012.

The theme of the jersey is reflected in the collar. It says 1972 – 2012. 40th anniversary of the German 1972 victory. Germany has now gone without a victory in a major tournament since 1996. Long time for the Germans whom have won titles in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 1972 , 1980 , and 1996. In other words the longest draught since the 20 years between 54 and 74. 


Germany away jersey EURO 2012


The jersey is green with white 3-stripes and white bands at the arm edges. Crew neck collar and the usual suspects of adidas and DFB logos to the chest.

The name and number kit is white – adidas 2012 style.


FC Copenhagen from Kappa to adidas

 FC Copenhagen in adidas

The leading soccer team in Scandinavia FC Copenhagen have decided to switch from Kappa and to adidas.

The deal will be effective starting in July 2012 and will be valid for 4 years.

Copenhagen did play in adidas already once during the 1990s but since then adidas has been primarily been associated with the likes of Brondby in Denmark, IFK Gothenburg in Sweden, and Rosenborg in Norway.

However, the cooperation with Brondby has ended most likely due to poor results and a lot of off the pitch trouble inside the club. Since adidas is no longer spending big time on the Liverpool sponsorship it might have freed up resources for an engagement with FC Copenhagen.

The press release states that it is the biggest sponsorship in the history of adidas in Scandinavia with any football club.

The biggest allure probably comes from the fact that FC Copenhagen is well suited to secure regular participation in the biggest club tournament of them all. The UEFA Champions League. The CL is broadcoast across the globe and brings a global audience and a lot of focus on the participating clubs and of course on their apparel sponsors.

AC Milan Product Reviews

Review: AC Milan gymsack

  ACM Ambassador: AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack


The broad spectrum of products produced by Adidas for teams of its brand is almost limitless in scope and in a positive way, the vast categories of products invade our every way of life. However, today I’m not reviewing an AC Milan towel, or AC Milan silverware set. No, today’s product is actually very much a suitable one. Thanks to MMSports, I’ve had the opportunity to review another great product that has more uses than its name implies: the AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack. I’ll be covering the look, per usual, as well as the product’s purpose, and you, as a reader, will gain insight into another great Adidas product that you could find surprisingly useful. Follow me below!


AC Milan gymsack and soccer ball
AC Milan gym sack 11-12 adidas logo



The Look


Let’s just face it; AC Milan’s colors are red, black, and white, in order of priority. Everything from AC Milan’s diverse collection of products will follow these colors, but it’s all about how they are used. The AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack has an athletic design and is all black on the back, and upper area of the front. The sack has the greater, lower part of the front in Milan’s iconic red, sporting the three-stripe Adidas design vertically upon it. Centered above the red segment is high-quality screened AC Milan emblem, no “10+ time league champions” star mind you, as the more general merchandise has a tendency to display just the crest. The all-black rear side of the gym sack sports the Adidas logo in white near the top, with no other design or image element anywhere around it. The drawstrings are white, as is the lining around the front’s great red segment. Overall, Adidas has ensured that this product says AC Milan in every way possible and that’s just what a Milan fan wants in their product.


AC Milan gymbag Ac Milan gymback close up
AC Milan gymsack full view AC Milan gym sack full view





The Purpose


The 11/12 Milan gym sack is, as the name implies, primarily an athletic product, designed with the purpose of easing the transportation and movement of athletic supplies such as player gear, balls, and otherwise. The drawstrings allow you to freely tighten and subsequently loosen the sack’s opening, and a zipper on the top of the front open up a new opening with which to store even more. Some testing from myself revealed that no matter how you decide to hold the sack, it’s very well made because it’s always comfortable. It can be worn like a backpack, or just held easily with a hand; the drawstrings are large enough to devote free will to the user of the gym sack.


AC Milan gym pack adidas logo
AC Milan gym pack ACM logo


Other than its feel or athletic focus, the great thing about bags is that they’re good for anything! The sack, around the size of a standard school backpack, is convenient and functional for moving anything around. It’s great for taking some playing gear to the park, and it’s ideal for traveling, there are few, if any limits to how you can harness a bag.


The Final Word


I think Adidas, as with many other products they offer, has done a great job of producing a product that looks great, matches their clubs theme, and most importantly, performs its purpose without hassle or failure. The AC Milan 11/12 Gym Sack is a great product that any Milan fan will appreciate, no matter what they intend to use it for. There can never be too many bags, for there are just so many uses for them. I would very much recommend this gym sack as a gift to any Milan fan, particularly one who hauls around their football gear; it is a great gift idea and at a great price!




Aston Villa from Nike to Macron


Macron is pleased to announce the new partnership with Aston Villa as new official technical sponsor starting from season 2012-13.

Combining qualities and skills associated internationally with Italian sartorial elegance, Macron has established a strong international profile and a proven commitment to the technical excellence of its product and service since its launch in 1971.

Reliability and determination – core values of Macron – are integral to its success in the conception, design, prototyping and distribution of technical apparel for sports teams from North America  to the Middle East, Champions League clubs and national associations.

Aston Villa will be Macron’s flagship club in the Premier League. In addition to Macron supplying the Club with official match kit and training apparel for players and management staff to May 2016, Macron will offer a full range of fashion wear – featuring over 100 product lines – including home and away replica kits (also providing a choice of two goalkeeper kits), training and travel apparel, exciting accessories and extensive labels for females, children and infants.

In creating the new kit, the Club has worked closely with Macron whose focussed development in design and materials is evident in its partnerships with clubs from La Liga, Serie A, Holland’s Eredivisie and Portugal’s Liga Sagres.

The new home kit will be launched in mid-June at Villa Park and will go on sale immediately. A full range of apparel and accessories will be available from early July, distribution of which will be managed by the Club’s merchandising department. The away kit will also be available in July.

Villa CEO Paul Faulkner, in announcing the new partnership, said: “We are pleased and excited to be partnering with Macron and we look forward to the launch of our new kit for the 2012-13 season and also to benefiting immensely from a close working relationship. “Commercially, this is the best deal the Club has ever secured with an official kit partner. “Macron has established its credibility in the development of high-quality performance football apparel and the sales and distribution of licensed products and this new partnership will significantly benefit Aston Villa in the years ahead.”

Macron CEO Gianluca Pavanello, said: “We are both proud and delighted to announce the partnership with Aston Villa. “Macron is a European company with a successful growth in the UK. “We are particularly pleased to partner with Aston Villa, a club with great tradition and heritage, with which we share common values which are: a passion for sport, commitment and, most importantly, a focus on product quality. “We look forward to this alliance and we are sure it will bring great success to what is already an historic club.”



Manchester United Product Reviews

Review: Man United home youth jersey 10-11

 Review: Man United youth jersey 10-11


by MM Sports Joker ambassador AH

Today I am writing a review of a Manchester United boy’s medium size jersey. First off, my daughter Marley is 10 years old and loves Manchester United. Her favorite player is Wayne Rooney. Her eyes lit up when this jersey arrived in the mail. I own a few United jerseys and my 9 month old son has United baby clothes so my daughter was stoked for this. I think there is a family picture in our near future. But back to the jersey. It is in last year’s style with a white collar that you can stick up and pretend you are Eric Cantona wearing his old Sharp jersey from the 90s. The Aon logo is prominent on the front of the jersey with the Nike swoosh above the right breast. Above the heart is the United crest but on the inside of the jersey on the backside of the crest, it says “BELIEVE”.  That is an awesome touch to it. Every United fan knows that you never give up or stop believing. While Sir Alex Ferguson is manager, the team will always have that dynamic that they can overcome any obstacle. True Reds always believe. On the left front there is a small patch that says “Authentic designed to the exact specifications of the championship athletes.” Also on the patch is another swoosh and a 9 digit number. The right front has DRI FIT stitched on it. A stripe runs from shoulder to shoulder with a devil on the left shoulder. Behind the collar on the back is a MUFC. The fabric feels nice and cool on your skin according to my daughter. “This is the coolest Jersey in the entire world,” Marley said. “I am so happy to wear this.” Then my daughter went on to sing the Gary Neville song. This jersey is truly great and would be a treasure for any young United supporter. Any parent who loves their kid should buy this now.

Manchester United home jersey 10-11 youth



FC Barcelona News

FC Barcelona jerseys 2012-13

 FC Barcelona jerseys 2012-13

For the season 2012-13 FC Barcelona will get 2 new jerseys.

A blue-red home jersey.

An orange-yellow away jersey.

Furthermore there will be 2 new goalie jerseys.

A black home jersey.

A navy/blue away jersey.

The black away jersey for the season 2011-12 will continue as the 3rd jersey for the season 2011-12.

The new design for the home jersey goes in the opposite direction from what was the design of the season 11-12.

There will be 3 broad stripes with blurred edges.

The away jersey will also make use of the design model with the blurred edges. Here the integration in pattern will not be horizontally though but rather vertically. Top of the jersey being orange edging towards yellow at the bottom.

The name and number kit for the home jersey will almost certainly be yellow.

For the away jersey one might suspect that the color would be navy.

For the black third jersey (carry-over) the name and number kit will continue to be yellow.



FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona jersey World Club Champions badge

 FC Barcelona jersey World Club Champions badge

FC Barcelona won the FIFA World Club Championship in December of 2011. This gives the club the right to wear a special badge until December of 2012. The badge is called the FIFA World Club Champions badge.


FC Barcelona home jersey 11-12 World Club Champions badge


To the left arm sleeve Barcelona wears a sponsor logo from the Catalan TV station TV3. The first Catalan TV station to broadcast exclusively in Catalan. During the time when Barca did not have a sponsor logo on the jersey this would be the only commercial content on the jersey (apart from the logo of the athletic apparel sponsor).


FC Barcelona home jersey TV3 badge and World Club Champions badge


On the right arm sleeve Barcelona has the LFP badge from the Spanish league. When they play Champions League football this badge is replaced by the UEFA Starball badge. This is the only change though. Jersey, WCC badge, TV3 badge, shirt sponsor + name and number kit all remain the same.

For retail all jerseys come with the LFP sleeve badge pre-printed though. It is usually sewn on while some times it can be printed. The badge for the retail jerseys is slightly smaller than the one worn on the pitch by the players.


News Real Madrid

Real Madrid jerseys 2012-13

Real Madrid jerseys 2012-13

The new Real Madrid home jersey will arrive in May 2012. The exact date is still unknown at the time of writing.

The launch date might be influenced by on-pitch factors such the clinching of Spanish league title or appearance in a Champions League final.

The color scheme and the design of the jersey has been revealed already though. The home jersey will be white with navy and bright blue contrast colors.

The printing will most likely follow the constrast colors and be navy blue.

The away jersey will most likely launch in June or July. The new away jersey will be dark navy with lime green contrast color.

The name and number kit accompanying the jersey will most likely be white though a bright color could also be an option.

The Champions League away jersey (LFP 3rd jersey) will launch in August. For the season 2012-13 the colors will be green and silver.

The name and number kit could be white or silver as the most likely options.

There will also be two goal keeper jerseys as part of the collection. One will be red and the other one will be black.

The goal keeper jerseys will probably launch together with the home kit in May.