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Product Description: Chelsea youth shorts 11-12

Look Cool And Stay Comfortable With The Adidas Chelsea Youth Soccer Shorts Item #V13912 



Manufactured by Adidas, these shorts are guaranteed to keep you comfortable while helping you look good at the same time. The shorts are made from 100% Clima Cool Polyester, so your sweat is pulled away from your body and you stay cooler whether you are playing a game, working out, or just relaxing around the house. The Adidas Chelsea soccer shorts are made to be durable, so they can stand up to all of your great moves and last a long time. The exquisite logo on the right front panel of the shorts add to the appealing look of these shorts, and the elastic waistband ensures a proper fit and comfortable wear. Available in sizes ranging from youth extra small to youth extra large, it is a sure bet that every young soccer player will love to wear these shorts out on the field.


Chelsea home shorts 11-12 youth


Buying the Adidas Chelsea youth soccer short is very easy and convenient when online ordering is used. These shorts can be found at fantastic savings when you compare prices online, and the price you pay can be less than $50. The white striping on the sides of the short add a decorative edge, and the comfortable fabric offers flexibility in movement that many other shorts can not provide. The blue and white colors offer a nice contrast and sporty fashionable look, and the fact that this apparel is machine washable is just an added bonus. Designed to stand up to rugged wear and hard play, these shorts are also designed to look great the entire time and offer an ideal fit both on and off the field.




FIFA WC | UEFA EURO Product Reviews

Product Description: Denmark DBU track suit EURO 2012

 Product Description: DBU track suit EURO 2012


We have tried to sign up with a couple of freelancers for some reviews / product descriptions. That catch being to see what difference it would make to go with random freelancers compared to handpicked ambassadors. So here is an example of what a freelancer written text might look like.



Denmark DBU track suit EURO 2012



Track Suit in Polyester – Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 Item No: X16442 is the Right One!

If you are looking for the best track suit in polyester, then the Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 seems to be the right option for you. It’s the most flexible as well as the best polyester track suit you can ever have, which makes your practice session as well as game play better. The items now in X16442 and you can find the best deal on this track suit online. This track suit is equipped with different features that often make it flexible on the use. It can last really long due to the high-quality polyester fabric used to design it. This track suit has been announced by Adidas the leading brand in this business. Below you can find the profile of Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012.



  •  This is a Denmark training suit.
  •  This track suit is presented by DBU
  •  This track suit often includes two major portions, jackets and pants.
  •   This is made of 100% polyester.
  •  The brand named Adidas has been added for it.
  •  You can avail this track suit in three different colors such as: red, black and white
  •   The manufacturer’s item number assigned for this track suit is: X16442


The prime advantage you are going to receive with this track suit is that it is now available online. So, you can really order it online and get the best deal from the manufacturer. You can also avail this track suit in polyester in three different sizes such as: small, medium and large. This often allows you to select the right item that suits your size perfectly. Off late, this Denmark training track suit has managed to become really popular on the web. If you have always wished for a perfect track suit that you can use for your sporting events and practice sessions, then the Denmark DBU suit EURO 2012 item no: X16442 is the right option for you.

This polyester track is just perfect for everyone who wishes to receive maximum flexibility and a great use. Polyester track suits are exactly popular for their unique characteristics. They are great on use and can last for a long time. They are comfortable on the use and easy to maintain. Well, these items are also great on washing. They are also perfect for rigorous sporting activities and practice sessions. You can take care of them easily, as after wash they often dry out quickly. So, you can find them ready for the next use quickly. Zipper sides pockets also make these track suits more flexible on the use. 


Manchester United

Manchester United collection 2011-12

 Manchester United Nike apparel collection 11-12

In Nike’s promotional activities they produce athlete photos in order to make the link between the player and the gear for sale. The players chosen to feature in these photos are almost exclusively player wearing Nike footwear. In the case of Manchester United the players picked for the job: Ferdinand. Hernandez. Rooney. Evra.


Manchester United Nike collection 11-12


The collection is broken down into three categories or silos:

The leisure wear / match day gear as symbolized by Rio Ferdinand.

The training wear worn by Hernandez Chicharito.

The playing kit presented by Wayne Rooney.


Man Utd collection broken down into 3 silos


The various backgrounds borrow heavily from the most sacred and most typical places in the world of football.

The stadium. The field whether being the training field or the pitch at the stadium. And here below the locker room or the dressing room.


Manchester United training gear locker room


Manchester United away kit 11-12. The photos must have been shot before May 2011 since they have decided to equip the jerseys with standard EPL badges rather than the gold Champs badges 10/11 which the club proudly wears this season. The short number barely visible is clearly the EPL standard style and size. So the photos have been made to resemble matchday action.


Manchester United away kit 11-12 Evra on pitch


And another distinctive look at the new Manchester United favorite Javier Hernandez. This time featured out on the training pitch with the statist frame in the background to emphazise the context.


Man Utd training field Javier Hernandez


No portray series is complete without the player tunnel leading to the pitch.

In this case featuring Pat Evra.


Man Utd away kit proudly worn by Evra featured in the player's tunnel


FIFA WC | UEFA EURO Product Reviews

Review: England home jersey 10-12

 Review: England national team jersey

By Aaron Holtsclaw


I am reviewing an extremely nice England Jersey manufactured by Umbro. It is all white with no stripes or other markings on the shirt. There are tiny red and blue crosses in a pattern around the neck and shoulder areas but otherwise it is dominated by white. The England crest sits above the wearers heart with the 3 Lions stretched across it. Above the crest in white on white is a single star for the World Cup victory in 1966. The other breast is adorned with the Umbro logo which appears out of place on such a pristine jersey. The collar is almost like a throwback to the jerseys worn by the 1966 team. Most replica jerseys have a very average collar similar to a t-shirt while this jersey has something special. If you could travel back in time, you could imagine Sir Bobby Charlton running around the pitch in this jersey. You might be distracted by his comb over hairstyle which tried to hide his bald spot but your eyes would be drawn back to this awesome jersey. It fits snug on a person used to wearing a 3XL shirt.  The listed size is 46 which would probably translate to a XL or XXL in the United States.  Though it fits snug, this is a nice Jersey with excellent construction and a clean look to it. Though England is going into Euro 2012 with a bit of controversy around the Wayne Rooney red card, you could see him or potential future England Captain Phil Jones wearing this jersey in the tournament as they try to shake off years of disappointment and win a major trophy. Regardless of whether you want to wear this jersey looking forward to the next tournament or to support the history of this great countries side which has yet failed to live up to expectations, you will look great in this jersey.

England home jersey 10-11



FC Bayern Product Reviews

Review: FC Bayern knitted hat and scarf

Review: FC Bayern knitted hat and scarf

By MM Sports FCB ambassador Ben Roden 


Winter in the Rocky Mountains can be awfully bleak. The winds are biting, the snow lies in intimidating drifts, and with the MLS season coming to a close last Sunday, there is an alarming lack of domestic football.  As the mercury drops and the days darken, there are only a few comforts available to me -Christmas, the January transfer window, and of course, my new FC Bayern Munich scarf and hat. 


Both officially-licensed items are exemplary pieces of fan gear – simple, classy, and functional.


FC Bayern knitted hat and scarf



The cozy, one-size-fits-all knit hat is black, and features a large embroidered Bayern crest on the folded hem, but is otherwise unadorned. It’s the kind of casual, easy item that looks as home on the street as it does in the stands.


FC Bayern knitted hat cuffed



The scarf is similarly versatile – incredibly attractive whether protecting your neck from frigid winds or brandished above your head in drunken reverie as Bayern bombard the goal of their hapless opponents.  Eschewing Bayern’s typical red and white palette, this scarf is a deep blue with white fringes and accents.  The club name, in white, is printed across the length of the scarf, and is flanked on either side by a Bayern crest, complete with gold stars stitched in metallic thread.


FC Bayern scarf logo navy



This cold-weather duo affords all the warmth needed to brave the impending Arctic fury, and the all the style needed to attract Bavarian beer-maidens like moths to a flame…well, one can hope.

Whether or not these products will actually earn you some post-Oktoberfest companionship is up for debate; however, it’s a safe bet that you’ll be happy to be supporting Bayern in this smart fanwear.

Lastly, a warning: while you’re decked out in your Bayern gear this Holiday season, embittered Schalke fans may mistake you for the Bavarian Grinch who recently slunk down the chimney and plucked Manuel Neuer from under the Christmas tree.


Product Reviews Valencia

Review: Valencia CF away jersey 11-12

Review: Valencia CF away jersey 11-12

By Peter Locascio


The review features the Valencia away jersey for the season 2011-12. The format of the review does not allow it to be included successfully in a blogpost. Therefore the review follows on an external page.

Click on the banner here below and you will go directly to the review. Disclaimer! By clicking the link a new window opens up.



Click here to read the review of the Valencia away jersey 11-12


AC Milan Product Reviews

Review: AC Milan knitted hat & scarf

 ACM Ambassador: AC Milan Beanie Hat & Scarf

 By Enrique Madrona Jr.

Among the pools of products available from brands for particular clubs and teams, there are items that seem pretty clever, and then occasionally, things that make you wonder who would ever buy them. Fortunately, MMSports always has the good stuff in stock, and today, I am happy to review a couple products that go hand in hand. If you face harsh winters, or even just seasonal cold weather, you’ll be pleased with what I have to review today.


I will be revealing my reviews on a pair of products today: the AC Milan Beanie Hat, and the AC Milan 2011/2012 Scarf. They are both seasonal products; with sales usually dependent upon when they would be most suitable for their use. Clearly MMSports is psychic, for they’ve sent me these two great products just as an ominous winter appears fast approaching, and the signs of snow are just around the corner. I’ll be taking a look at each product one at a time, so here we go!


AC Milan knitted hat and scarf


The Look


I must say that the beanie hat caught me by surprise. I had assumed that if Adidas and Milan were to produce a beanie hat, it would have been red and black alone. However, in coordination with efforts to increase the use of white on many new Milan merchandise, they opted to go with a red design with white horizontal stripes. It turned out to be really nice looking, with the only black on the base design being a thin trim along the bottom edge of the hat. The stripes circle all around, and do make you look a little like you walked out of the “Where’s Waldo” series, but I’m fond of any looks that grab attention, and in comparison to the usual, neutral gray beanie hats of today’s fashion, this one looks great!


AC Milan beanie hat red and white


AC Milan hat tag



On the front of the beanie hat, like most AC Milan merchandise, resides the always-stylish crest of the renowned club. Surprisingly, the emblem is of very high quality and quite thin, meaning that it does not impede on the design, weight, or material of the beanie hat at all. I applaud Adidas for this, because most hats of any kind with a representational emblem have a tendency of making the logo/image very big and hindering to the overall look.  In general, I think the beanie hat looks really nice, but there’s only one little thing that is just a bit questionable. On the left side of the beanie hat, Adidas decided to put a very small black tag, just a couple inches long and less than half an inch thick. The tag Reads “AC MILAN” and has the recognized Adidas logo; it’s cool, but it seems a little out of place, almost like you’re wearing the hat inside out because of the way it sticks out. In the end, it’s a very small thing to worry about and honestly, I don’t think it will affect anyone’s opinion on the hat. If it ever became a real bother, it could easily be snipped of with scissors, or even sewn into the hat.


The AC Milan scarf is a whole other world. You won’t find invasive amounts of white here, this is a more classic, black and red Milanista design. It’s typical, but that doesn’t mean it’s not very fitting for the team any given day. The AC Milan scarf is very held back, and I mean that in a positive light; it’s got a nice and simple design. On one side of the scarf, what you could consider the primary side, the look is split into two halves; on the left side, the scarf is the common Milan red that all football fans have come to memorize, and upon it there are three dark red stripes. As an Adidas product, I already knew there would be those sporty stripes that are undoubtedly connected to the brand. The right side of the scarf is all black, but it has the dark gray text, “AC MILAN”, running along it. The text gives life to what would otherwise be just dull darkness, and along with the other half’s stripes, make this side of the scarf look very regal and stylish. Fortunately, there’s one more feature which is what makes a  Milan fan such as myself like this scarf so much more. At the far end of the black half of the scarf, Adidas have gone ahead and embroidered a large AC Milan crest into the design. It’s a bit larger than that which you would find on one of their jerseys. I thought it was a great touch to the scarf, adding an identifiable image to an already well known color scheme. The last thing viewable on this side of the scarf is the thin line splitting the two halves, and appropriately, it is colored in white and green, finishing the color set of the Italian national flag. It’s quite unique actually because Milan typically does not ever use green in their products and I see it as a great touch here.


AC Milan soccer scarf


AC Milan knitted scarf AC Milan writing


 The other side of the scarf, though it’s supposed to just be the less attentive side, actually comes off as a much more scarf friendly design. It’s composed of black and dark gray stripes, and it’s an orthodox scarf pattern, but in a darker, more Milan palette. The siding of the scarf on this side is designed with the colors of the Italian flag once again. I’m a big fan of the use of national colors and images on team designs and this is no exception. The Adidas logo can be found on this side too! Conclusively, the look of the scarf is very nice, but I will admit, in comparison to the eye-catching contrasts of the beanie hat, the scarf’s design could be a little bit brighter and with more variety. At the end of the day, it looks a lot to me like what they were going for here was a scarf that would go well with other Milan products, and when I flipped it on as I wore an AC Milan jersey, I saw just where the heart of the scarf idea was. It’s the perfect complimentary product for any Milan clothing.


The Purpose and Build


When you look at the AC Milan beanie hat and accompanying scarf, it’s easy to see what they are meant for; cold fashion. If you want to show the Rossoneri inside you, these are great clothing accessories for the winter season, and I can already see I’ll be using them a lot where I am. These are not cheap side products, they work just as well, if not better, then more common and well known hat and scarf brands. They are very fitting and well made.


The beanie hat is just perfect; the material is a nice and comfortable, it feels great on my head and is fortunately very flexible, so you can pretty much choose just how much you want it on and be confident you won’t overstretch or distort the material. The scarf is much, much thicker, but then again, that’s the point. Scarves are great ways to keep your neck and upper chest warm, as well as to cover up any clothing areas exposed to the cold. The scarf is a little rough, but of very good quality. I applaud Adidas again for keeping their premium standards even in spin-off products.



AC Milan scarf adidas logo

AC Milan beanie hat crest


The Final Word


When you look at these two products, you may start thinking about whether they are right for you. Does it even get cold where you live, or would you put these on while you watch a match, or do you even go outside into cold weather? As a reviewer, I have to balance between the purpose of the scarf and its underlying meaning. They are both great gifts to any AC Milan fan, and MMSports has them at great prices. If you ask me, the AC Milan beanie hat and AC Milan scarf are ideal products to help yourself or any Milan fan you know, especially with winter looming around the corner. They go great with any Milan jerseys or shirts, and are great for sitting down at home, getting cozy, and enjoying an AC Milan match in the cold season. These products surely get my vote, and I hope that others can enjoy them as I do! If you have any questions or comments, let me know below, and thank you MMSports for this chance to review products from my favorite football club. Forza Milan!




Product Reviews Various Clubs . . .

Review: AS Roma home jersey 11-12

Kappa Roma Home 11/12 Jersey Review


By Zach Jepson


To put it simply, the new 11/12 home Roma jersey by Kappa is visually stunning but has some setbacks that keep it from being a “must-buy”.  First, the most notable feature of the shirt is that it is made of a material known as Lycra.  Lycra can best be described as almost a spandex like material and because of that, it makes the overall fit of the jersey very tight.  The new kit also features embroidered club crest, kappa logo, screened “Wind” sponsor, and screened kappa logos.  The crest on the home shirt differs than those on the away and third shirts.  The crest on the home is the original crest while the new crest is featured on the other shirts.  The embroidered Kappa name is located on the right shoulder, making it a unique location compared to the other larger manufacturers.  The screened Kappa logos are on either side running from the bottom hem to the armpit, I personally think these weren’t needed and it makes the shirt a bit “busy”.  The “Wind” sponsor is a highlight for me as I have always been a fan of it and the blue in the curved line really looks great on the burgundy and orange of the jersey. 


AS Roma home jersey 11-12



                      Now, I love the shirt because of how it is just entirely different than anything Nike, Adidas, or Puma releases to the public.  The colors are outstanding and they are much brighter than what is shown on the website.  You have to see this jersey in person to see how stunning it looks. I wore this shirt around town and got a lot of compliments from strangers…lots of lady strangers, that’s right guys, want to talk to a new lady friend?  Buy this shirt.  But listen to this advice first.  Kappa’s sizing is absolutely crazy.  I don’t know what they could be possibly thinking but I think they must be based out of Amsterdam rather than Italy (Amsterdam, that’s not a knock on you—you keep doing what you do).  If you want a size similar to your normal jersey or t-shirt size you need to order three sizes up.  If you want a tight fit like how a Nike compression shirt or Under Armour Coldgear shirt would fit, then order two sizes up from your regular size.  This means if you’re a small in Adidas and you want a looser fit then you need to order an XL in this.  I wear a large in Nike, Adidas and Puma…I’m a XXXL in this.  Now, this is where thing’s get even wackier.  Not all of Kappa’s sizing is the same!  A Fulham shirt by Kappa fits differently than these Roma shirts.  I have a 10/11 Fulham shirt (Go Dempsey!  I’m from the USA…yes I know I’m a Spurs fan, Dempsey is an exception), and it is made from Lycra too but their sizing is much more similar to how a Nike or Adidas shirt would fit like.  I recommend only going up one size in those.  If you wear a large, grab an XL in a Fulham Kappa shirt.  The sizing is just out of control and that is a major annoyance for this reviewer.

                      So, what we have here is a shirt that looks great but has a crazy sizing scale.  Also, it’s not much different than any of the other Roma shirts Kappa has released in the past 5 years.  In my opinion, if you own a home Roma shirt by Kappa from the past few years, don’t bother buying this 11/12 one. However, if you’re a Roma fan without a shirt…I’d definitely buy it…but three sizes larger than your regular shirt size.  Additionally, any guys having trouble with the ladies…buy this shirt; it’s an easy compliment grabber and conversation starter.  You’ll be getting phone numbers in no time.  Don’t believe me?  Buy the shirt.  Or ask Francesco Totti.  Remember, the King of Rome is not dead people.  



Product Reviews Real Madrid

Review: Real Madrid training top

 Review: Real Madrid Training Top


By the MM Sports Ambassador Sean Moran


The Real Madrid Training Jersey seems to be the best for last, again with its classic fit and sleek design. With its navy color and white light blue trimming works well and gives the jersey that classic feel. The training jersey has the Adidas climacool like the Jerseys. Loose fitting breathable material, players wearing the jersey will be comfortable during hard practices and yet stay cool due to the breathability of the fabric.  The team crest is centered just below the Adidas logo.  The reinforced stitching will withstand the stress of practices, while not being bulking and annoying.

Real Madrid training top clima cool


The back of the training top shows a printing of Real Madrid, with light blue trimming on the shoulders with a white design.  The design is made to let your body breath as well as keep you looking stylish.

Real Madrid training top back


Lower side of the training top shows off printing for Climacool

Real Madrid training top clima cool



The top shows off the classic Adidas look on the shoulders the goes with the sleek look.

Real Madrid training top 3-stripes


The Real Madrid training top is perfect for any Real Madrid fan because of its style and comfortable.  The top is simplistic and yet classy way to promote your team while you train, work, hangout, or watch a Real Madrid game.  Fans would buy this because it is cost effective and not as in your face as some of the jerseys teams put out these days.







Chelsea Product Reviews

Review: Chelsea away jersey 11-12

 Review: Chelsea away jersey 11-12 – personalized

By MM Sports Chelsea FC ambassador Ray Pottenger



Chelsea Away Jersey: Bold Like a Drogba Kick To Your Face


                      Tired of your plain, one color away jersey? Tired of the same old same old design year in and year out? Are you bold? Well the new 2011-12 Chelsea away kit is for you.


Chelsea away jersey 11-12



I’ll be honest, when I say that I first saw these jerseys online, I was a little reticent about reviewing it, because it appeared a bit gaudy in the pictures I saw on the official Chelsea site.   However, the way it looks in pictures does not do it justice.  The moment it came out of the box I was impressed with how eye catching it was in a good way.

Let’s start with the parts of the jersey that are the same. Made from the same Climacool fabric as the home Jersey, it has a base fabric color of black..  As per usual and contractual obligation, the Samsung logo is emblazoned across the chest of the jersey. The striped adidas racing stripes adorn the sleeves.  All of these things are well and good, but they are not what makes this jersey pop, and pop it does.


Deviating a bit from the Chelsea royal blue, this jersey has a range of blues checkering the chest staring from a bright aqua to the shoulders that eventually fades to back around the Samsung Logo.  The now you see it now you don’t effect is a visual reminder to your opponents of what you’re going to do when you cross them up. Aqua and white bands circle the v-neck collar and an aqua ring surrounds the openings to both sleeves.


Chelsea away jersey 11-12 chest


A really nice and simple touch I found was that the Chelsea emblem patch is in silhouette.   I almost like it better than the traditional colored patch.


Chelsea away jersey logo


As always the  people at MMSports have done a fantastic job of lettering and numbering using the official letters of the premier league. I got a Drogba #11. A powerful player for a powerful  jersey.  


Chelsea away jersey 11-12 Drogba 11


This is a fantastic jersey that is sure to turn some heads and get attention for all the right reasons.  I can say with full confidence you should go get this kit… if you’re bold enough.