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  • The Ambassador Challenge


    The Ambassador Challenge


    By now we have received a number of great reviews covering different aspects of the soccer jerseys selected for reviewing. The reviews were written without the presence of any particular guidelines nor much editorial interference.

    The results were great but to receive 6 similar reviews of similar types of products will not be entirely productive. So we now up the ante and challenge our ambassadors on their analytical capabilities and not least their creative thinking.

    This is what we call The Ambassador Challenge.

    Before we get to the challenge let’s try to provide some background info.

    According to Sports Markt a German sports market consultancy soccer jerseys make up 53% of the total licensed sporting goods market. That is a big chunk of the total but at the same time it means that 47% of the total sales are not jerseys. Included in that second group are products like match wear (shorts & socks) , training wear (tops, track suits), leisure wear (tees, tops), merchandise (scarves, flags), equipment (bags), hardware (balls) etc.

    While the jerseys sell themselves pretty much as being the physical representation of the club or the team par excellence it can pose a few challenges to actually market and sell the products from the other categories.

    The traditional way of slicing it (with the goal of selling more) is by producing substitutes and complementary products while at the same time trying to segment according to different attributes. In the sales process “cross-sell” and “up-sell” features are prevalent mechanisms. But where does this take us exactly ?

    Our point of departure has been the jersey. We have shipped out jerseys and in return received reviews of those jerseys. Most of the jerseys we sent out were customized. Customization features as an “upsell” in the world of soccer. Shorts and socks would typically be the predominant “cross-sell” products since together with the jersey they would make up an entire kit as seen on TV. For kids that might work well while for many adults shorts and socks are not complementary since grown-ups are not keen on imitating someone else down to the slightest detail rather adults prefer to create their own style by adding different elements from different sources.

    Challenge Number 1:

    Part 1:

    For those ambassadors receiving a jersey customized (upsell version) and a plain jersey blank on the back what is strongest argument for making the upsell ? What makes the customer decide whether to add the customization (whether badges, player name or custom name) or whether to leave it blank ? How important is price in order to make this decision ? Is there a specific price point which acts as the decider ? What kind of value does badges / name & number kit bring to the jersey. Is design of the name and number set important or is it primarily about relating to the player ? Is the upsell easier to make than the cross-sell ? because the jersey is THE item where all the attention is focused etc.

    Part 2:

    The cross-sell. If you want to induce a shopper to add a second item to shopping cart assuming that the shopper has already added a jersey which products would you present to this individual ? And what would be their attributes ? Would it be the shorts and the socks to make up the full match kit ? Would it be a discounted jersey from last season to avoid paying full price for two products but functionally obtaining two full good jerseys ? Would it be an entirely different product type – like a piece of merchandise or a basic pair of branded Nike shorts with no club affiliation ? etc.

    Challenge Number 2:

    Product segmentation & substitution / complementary effects.

    Nike works with a number of different short sleeve tops which can be ranked like this:

    Authentic match jersey (900 DKK RRP)

    Replica match jersey (600 DKK RRP)

    Stadium match jersey (400 DKK RRP)

    Pre-Match top (400 DKK RRP)

    Training top (300 DKK RRP)

    Cotton Tee (250 DKK RRP)

    My best guess is that these products are substitutes rather than complementary products. That either you buy a training top or you buy a replica jersey. But you do not buy a training jersey for training, a pre-match top for warming up before a match, and a match jersey for playing a match. For the fan it is either or.

    At mmsports we have had difficulties in getting any significant sales volume of the training wear products like the pre-match top, the training top, the cotton tee. The customers seem much more inclined to buy a previous season or even several seasons earlier jersey at the price points represented by the training wear s/s tops.

    At the other end it is very difficult for the consumer to figure out what the difference / benefit is between the 3 different kinds of jerseys. Long sleeve – short sleeve seems to be a no-brainer though.

    If a training top / pre-match top / fan tee / graphic tee etc. were to become a popular product for the fan what would it take ?

    Different price point ?

    Different product attributes ?

    Different use among athletes or different marketing strategy ?

    Or is it a dead end which should rather be dis-continued or limited to the point of obsolescence ?


    So we have now posed two challenges to our ambassadors:

    One relating to the jerseys

    One relating to the jersey substitutes

    Of course these questions might be answered quantitatively by looking at the numbers and all the data available but sometimes qualitative methodologies bring different insights and can provide out of the box information which the numbers cannot do.

    So that is why we now bring you these 2 ambassador challenges which can be used to frame part of the review. The issues raised should not necessarily be answered point by point but it would be interesting if part of the thinking were to be included in the Sep / Oct reviews.


    By the numbers. From the Nike Fall 2011 whole sale catalogue.

    The Man Utd adult men’s range.


    Away - 1 piece

    Home - 1

    Goal keeper L/S – 2 pieces

    Long Sleeve away – 1

    L/S home – 1

    Total number of items including styles (meaning different colors of a product): 6

    (had the authentic jersey and the stadium jersey also been available it would have been: 8-9)

    Match kit:

    Away sock – 1

    Home socks – 2

    Match shorts – 4

    Total: 7

    Training wear:

    Training top – 2

    Sleeve Less top – 1

    Pre-match top – 3

    Training top II – 2

    Midlayer top L/S – 2

    Rain jacket – 1

    Longer short – 1

    Pants – 1

    Side line jacket – 2

    Trainer jacket – 2

    Authentic track jacket – 2

    Total: 19

    Short sleeve tops: 8

    Long sleeve tops: 9

    Bottoms: 2

    Leisure wear:

    Authentic tee – 2

    Core tee – 2

    Core polo – 2

    Authentic polo - 3

    Rugby shirt – 1

    Core hoodie – 2

    M65 jacket – 1

    Best hoodie – 1

    Best jacket – 1

    Authentic hoody – 2

    Caps - 2

    Total: 19

    Short sleeve tops: 9

    Long sleeve tops: 8

    Other: 2

    All together: 51 Man Utd products (53 including authentic and stadium jerseys)

    13 match kit products ( 26 % )

    38 leisure and training wear products ( 74 % )

  • Review: FC Barcelona women's away jersey 11-12

    Review: FC Barcelona women's away jersey 11-12

    By MM Sports women's apparel ambassador Katie Scharra

    This season’s Barcelona away jersey is my first women’s apparel jersey, as I usually either wear a youth size or men’s.   I was very impressed with the fit of this jersey, and it has many features that makes it fit with a stylish and comfortable look.  The darts that run up the sides make it flattering to the female figure, and it looks incredibly fashionable.  Sizing does run a bit small since it is a Nike jersey, and I found that it was a bit too snug around my shoulders making it not very useful to work out in.  I would, however, defiantly wear it to my weekly kick-about as the Nike Dri- Fit technology is very impressive and keeps me cool while wearing it.  The style of the jersey is an all black style, which at first I thought I would find to be a bit boring, but with the personalization added to the back the jersey became a whole new look. 

    FC Barcelona away women's jersey 11-12 FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12 official name kit


    As well as added extra value, the personalization was very well applied and withstood the washing machine. I can very easily wear it any day of the week with a pair of jeans or shorts, but as for the lazy weekend at home I would stick to the comfort of a men’s jersey.  The only negative feedback I got from other fans on the new club look was that the design of the sponsor, the Qartar Foundation, on the front seems less exciting than the old Unicef front.  This could be because it is a bit smaller on the front for the women’s style to make it more flattering.  All in the detail I suppose.  As for my opinion on the new look and my newly found love for women’s jerseys?  I am completely sold on the female jersey as the fit is excellent and it is stylish enough to wear everyday while the Dri-Fit makes it great to play in, and although it is a simple black a personalization on the back makes it as exciting as it is sleek. 

    Katie Scharra / Michigan State

  • Review: Liverpool FC away jersey 11-12

    Review: Liverpool away jersey 11/12

    By MM Sports Liverpool ambassador Debra Capp and family 

    Recently, I requested MM Sport send us a Liverpool FC 2011/12 away jersey in a child’s size for my son, Lachie. Immediately he tore open the package and held up the shirt I knew I’d made a mistake.  I should have ordered the woman’s size. For me.

    This is a beautifully stylish garment, in solid grey and silver with red trim. The cut of the jersey features a shallow V neck with red piping; inserted shoulder panels and shaped side panels. This means a very flattering fit: a shirt that will look good on anyone. Understated vertical drop stitch stripes provide a background for the metallic silver lettering of the Club’s sponsor and the mock appliqué Liverpool FC crest in silver Lurex.  If, like me, you appreciate different textures on a garment, you will enjoy the suede feel of the flocked Premier league badges and player’s name/number as well as the shiny smoothness of the embossed Adidas logo. For those who look for detail, see if you can find the holograms that appear in two places on the shirt.

    Liverpool home and away kit 11/12 boys


    The fabric used is Climacool; developed by Adidas to wick moisture from the underside of the material to the exterior enabling the body to stay cooler and drier during strenuous exercise.

    My son’s verdict: really comfortable.

    Liverpool away kit 11/12 worn by Australian boy


    Where we live in the southern part of Australia, soccer and Aussie rules are the prevailing football codes. Our beautiful country town of Castlemaine has a vibrant soccer club including a strong female component. Lachie’s team boasts a number of Liverpool FC supporters, including the coach, so he was eyed with envy when he arrived at training in one of the latest jerseys.

    Australian boys in full Liverpool uniforms


    As usual, delivery was most prompt. Thank you MM Sport.

    I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve include of my sons Lachie and Oscar in their Liverpool FC gear from MM Sport.

  • Review: Manchester United away jersey 11-12


    By MM Sports Man Utd ambassador Bülent Bahadır

    It is a great honour for me to write a review of the Glourious Manchester United team kits. Every shirt with a Manchester United crest on it would definitely look fabulous but I try to be as objective as possible in this review.

    Man United away jersey 11-12 Champs badges


    This season’s Manchester United jersey is again supplied by Nike since 02/03 season. As its becoming a tradition Manchester United’s away jerseys are white and blue seperately for recent years. This season’s away jersey is blue and black colour, inspired by the blue kits worn in their several famous victories, including the 1948 FA Cup final and the 1968 European Cup final as in 08/09 third jersey was inspired from too. Main difference of this jersey from 08/09 third jersey is midnight navy blue and black striped hoops. These hoops are inspired by a previous United away jersey with the colour of red and white hoops and was worn for seven seasons between 1932 and 1939. With the combination of the old red-white away jersey worn at 30s and the victorious blue jersey, here we have the nice and modern looking 11/12 away jersey of Manchester United.


    Manchester United team photo 1934-35 season

    Manchester United 1934/35

    There are eleven stripes on each hoop representing each member of the Manchester United team. There is a big difference from previous season’s jerseys, the club crest is no longer placed in a shield as it was in a shield since the season 07/08. With every merchandise of the club including the jerseys, training shirts, polos and etc, Nike used shielded club crest. Without a shield around it, club crest gets bigger compared to previous seasons so that it gives a nice and detailed look especially on TV.

    Manchester United badges 2010-11 and 2011-12

    Bigger club crest this season

    Both Nike swoosh at the left side and the Manchester United crest at the right side of the chest are embroidered and AON sponsor printed on white colour. Jersey has a nice simple black collar and inside the collar “Manchester United“ printed. The back of the jersey features the famous devil symbol of the club in white colour which gives a nice detail to the jersey and reminds the club although team name was not written as most of the clubs do at the back top of their jerseys.

    Man United away jersey devil

    Famous devil of Manchester United at the back top of the jersey

    Manchester United Jersey is made from Dri-Fit material, that’s recycled from plastic bottles(up to 13 discarded plastic water bottles used for each jersey) which keeps the body ventilated. Jersey’s template is same with the New France jerseys as they were the first 11/12 Nike jerseys announced. 


    Manchester United away jersey Nani 17

    Felt player name and numbering

    Manchester United has EPL name and number printing as all of the Premier League team should have. After one year break, this season club will be carrying gold EPL champions badges on both of the arms. (Special thanks to MMSport, they are one of the few online jersey stores that apply Player Size Senscilla (Sporting ID) EPL Name&Numbering and Patches).


    Man United away kit Champs badges 2010-11

    Gold EPL patch 

    All these small details come together and make this jersey look attractive and modern. This stunning jersey can be worn as a casual shirt, during the game or on the field. Previous two CL Final defeats with white away jersey, I wish this beautiful blue and black coloured away jersey brings the Champions League cup to Sir Alex and his lads. Glory Glory Man United.


    Bülent Bahadır

    Istanbul / 17th August 2011

  • Sizes & Brands - Brands & Sizing

    Different brands use different size guidelines but the terms remain the same

    By letting ambassadors try and review jerseys from many different brands we get an idea about which brands follow which guidelines when it comes to sizing. And it seems like there is a very strong correlation between the country of origin of the brand and the way they go out about using sizing. What can be slightly confusing is that all brands increasingly go by the US sizes S, M, L,XL , XXL etc. But it is not always that obvious what is meant by any given size. adidas holds US and EU sizes to same constant. But has Asian sizes one bigger. So EU M is an Asian L. Macron the Italian brand makes a distinction between US and EU sizes. so a Macron EU M would only be a US size Small. Since the population on average is taller to the north of Europe (and North America) usually sizes tend to be larger from brands with origin in these geographical areas. And on the reverse. People from southern Europe and from Asia tend to be shorter on average thus those brands come slightly smaller.

    The Italian brands:





    The Spanish brands:



    The Chinese brands:

    Li Ning


    Tend to favor shorter jerseys but possibly slightly broader relatively.

    The brands from the north:

    German brands:



    UK brands:



    US brands:


    Under Armour

    tend to be larger in size. There is not always a 100% correlation between country of origin and size guidelines. Puma for instance used to come very small in the sizes but subsequently changed their measures. Joma and Legea can come quite big in some of the men's sizes. But as a rule of thumb there does seem be significant backing for applying this perspective when evaluating the sizing online.

  • Review: Inter home jersey 11-12

     Review: Inter home jersey 11/12

    By Inter ambassador Joe Palatano

    F. C. Internazionale Milano is an organization with a cult following, folklore-like history and tradition. Inter fans are not only some of the most passionate in the world... They are also some of the best-dressed tifosi around.

    The 2011/2012 Nike Inter jersey is a classic, well-built product fit for any fan of “Pazza Inter”, a club and squad which shares these qualities. The shirt is perfect to wear around - whether supporting at home, or showing off the nerazzurri colors with friends (or rivals).

    Narrow-striped with a vibrant blue and black, this Inter Milan kit is everything the customer would expect - a perfect fan piece, and stylish option in your closet.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 Coppa Italia badge WCC badge


    My Inter shirt came with kit name and number Pazzini 7 perfectly applied - secure, and of authentic, highest quality. With added value accents such as black and blue stitching at the seams, bold Inter crest, in-collar St. George’s Cross flag, and 'inter' stylized screening at the back of the neck - this is surely a collector's item to show off.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 Pazzini 7


    The first aspect that really stands out about the Nike Internazionale 11/12 jersey is that it is collared.  Collars on football shirts can be a love-hate relationship. They can really make or break the look of the jersey, as well as the fun-to-wear factor.

    If you've had any reservations regarding collared football kits in the past, forget them - this one is both enjoyable to wear and quite stylish.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 collar look inside


    Inter have opted for collarless over the past few seasons, but this one just seems to fit right with the club and its English origins in general.  The collar sits well on the neck and collarbone and always retains its shape – the firm, no slouch short collar blends seamlessly into the shirt itself. Forget intrusive collars, there's no fuss or hassle with this classic one-button football shirt collar.

    The material is a lightweight slightly dimpled or textured Nike Dry-Fit fabric that falls lightly on the shoulders and chest, thus making it really quite comfortable to wear.

    Unlike football shirts from other kit manufacturers, the fit of this Inter jersey is not restricting at all. It is loose and airy in all the right places, giving the fan a comfortably full range of movement - yet it is form fitting with a flattering cut, meaning this shirt will not just hang there off of your back.

    My shirt was delivered with Coppa Italia and Club World Cup patches attached.  These add-ons arrived well applied in the appointed places, with a manufacturer-direct level of craft and attention to detail. The shirt adorned with patches really adds value by displaying the accomplishments of the squad - you can't help but feel like a fully decorated military general in this thing. 

    Inter home jersey 11-12 chest


    Without a doubt, this shirt is one gorgeous Inter Milan replica jersey. From the overall fit, to the style, the classic elements to the authentic cup and championship patches from MM Sport – my F.C. Inter Milan jersey is a standout item.


  • Review: Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 10-11

    Review: Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 10-11 from Puma

    By MM Sports Joker Ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw 

          I am reviewing the 10/11 season Tottenham Hotspur jersey which is a light blue. The one I received was personalized with the number 11 and Van Der Vaart on the back which is good because he should play for Spurs for some time as opposed to Modric who will probably be leaving soon. Being a large man in the Los Angeles area who follows English Football, you get odd looks when you wear a jersey like that out in public. People around here recognize some of the more famous clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, or Spanish sides Real Madrid and Barcelona. So a Spurs jersey in LA is definitely a conversation starter.


    Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 10-11 no sponsor logo


         The jersey is manufactured by Puma and is put together well. I am a large man. My shirt size is 3XL. Most manufacturers don’t realize that there is a market for large jerseys. Everytime I watch a game from England, the camera will zoom into the crowd and it appears the crossection of fans features a few large dudes who in my eyes, would probably like to buy their teams kit but often cannot find it in their size. Modern jersey s have been trending towards a tight fitting jersey which is not good for large men. In America, the NFL has realized this and rakes in the money off of jersey sales with a large portion of them being in the large end of the size spectrum. But back to the jersey, I have seen plenty of bootleg jerseys in my day that are made from the weekest materials and it is obvious from the first look at this kit that it is genuine. The material feels nice and the lines are sewn without flaws. The bird on the Spurs crest sits proud on the ball and all 3 pumas are nice and clean as they jump across the chest and each arm. The personalization on the back of the shirt is applied nice with proper spacing. You would assume that I could hand this to a Spurs player who got blood on his shirt and he could rotate right back into the game wearing this.


    Tottenham Hotspur away jersey 10-11 Van Der Vaart 11


         The shirt sponsor logo is unobtrusive to the overall look of the kit and rounds out a very well put together attractive jersey. With the light blue, you don’t have to worry about where you wear it in the Orange County/Los Angeles area because it doesn’t represent any gang colors. Overall this is an attractive jersey that I am happy to wear.

  • Review: Arsenal home jersey 11-12

    Review: Arsenal Jersey

    2011/2012 Home Jersey Arsenal FC

    By MM Sports Arsenal Ambassador Robert Glavind, CANADA


    Arsenal home jersey 11-12 preview of review



    Just in time for the first English Premier League match of the season and the initial leg of the Champions League playoff, I received the new 2011/2012 Arsenal home jersey!

    This year, Arsenal celebrate its 125th club anniversary and are sporting the slogan “1886 – 2011 Forward” incorporated into its kit logo.  This home jersey is fitting for the celebration of 125 years of tradition as it showcases the proud red body and white shirt sleeves so famously known as the proud Arsenal home kit.

    Along with the traditional colours we find the ‘other’ hallmark logos of today’s Premier League jerseys…the club sponsor, Emirates Airline, is splashed across the midriff in bold font, meanwhile the jersey’s manufacturer, Nike has its emblem emblazoned over the right chest.

    However, if your bullish about the standard Arsenal logo patch design, you may be disappointed here because the team shield is represented by the special ‘125th’ anniversary logo as a screenprint, instead of the embroidered patch of last season.


    Arsenal home jersey 11-12 name and number kit v. Persie 10


    The jersey can be ordered with or without name, number and patches, however I think these add to the authenticity and certainly the look.  The EPL patch is commonly seen on all teams and is a nice touch, albeit the quality seems a little more like an ‘iron on’.  I really hope it won’t begin to come apart!  The name and number are presented in a straight forward sans-serif font. All numerals sport the regal lion familiar to the English Premier League. 

    My jersey arrived with my favourite player’s name and number on the back: v. Persie #10, the new Arsenal Captain for the 2011/2012 campaign!  I can assure you, he will not be slowed down by the weight of the jersey due to it being one of the lightest “Nike Dri-fit” jerseys that I have experienced yet. The weight of the material is a signature of the Nike performance line which is also known for its perspiration ‘wicking’ capabilities, enabling the footballer to maintain dryness and comfort.

    The shirt’s design is obviously ‘functional’ like any footballer’s uniform should be, but the smart design incorporates a lower yoke which runs across the back of the shoulder blades, making for a broader look from behind. This stitching also serves as a great underscore for the club name found just below the collar, screened in bold print.


    As mentioned, these jerseys are manufactured by Nike, therefore they carry the familiar embroidered Swoosh, an embroidered ‘DRI-FIT’ on the bottom right and ‘Authentic’ patch with official number above the bottom left hem.

    This jersey fit is true to the manufacturer’s sizing code and is sure to please the most ardent and tradition loving fan of North London’s ‘Gunners’.

    Reviewed by Robert Glavind





  • Review: FC Bayern home jersey 11-13

    Review: FC Bayern Munich home jersey 11-12 +12-13

    By MM Sports FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden, Utah, USA


     "The price of success is sometimes suffocating expectation. So it seems to be with Bayern München. After a disappointing finish in last year’s Bundesliga campaign, and a heartbreaking exit from the Champions League, questions are being raised by pundits and fans alike: how can a team with so much history and so much talent fall short? After a busy transfer period and some strong signings, Die Roten now hope to quiet their critics and appease their restless supporters with a strong campaign.


     With Bayern challenging for silverware on multiple fronts, Allianz Arena will need to become a fortress for Bayern to succeed; appropriately, they will take to the home pitch in a kit that represents the legacy of Germany’s most successful club.

    While previous kits have paid tribute to Bayern’s historical kits in literal terms, (the red and white stripes of the 10/11 home kit, for example) this year’s Adidas kit utilizes a simple design and important details to create a more spiritual successor to previous classics.

    The color template is red and gold – the bright red of recent years has been replaced with a deep cardinal, accented with subtle stripes and gold details.  The color, while a slight deviation from the norm pays tribute to tradition, while the gold stripes and lettering represent FCB’s numerous trophies, both past and future.



    FC Bayern Munich home jersey 11-12



    The quality of the garment itself is excellent. The kit features Adidas' ClimaCool fabric and vent panels for comfort, and a fairly traditional fit. The sponsor, crest, and name/number are of top quality and are integrated perfectly into the kit. The text on the back of the jersey is printed in metallic gold, and a small Bayern crest is stamped into each number. The club's name is printed across the shoulders, while the player's name is printed just below the number in the same distinctive font.


    FC Bayern home jersey 11-12 + Schweinsteiger 31 printing


    As is common with many Adidas designs, Bayern’s kit features a number of unique and impressive details that are unique to the club. Bayern is known to many as “Rekordmeister,” or in English, “Record Champion,” a title which refers to their numerous cups and titles – this nickname is emblazoned in a gold strip on the back collar of the kit.



    FC Bayern home jersey 11-12 collar Rekordmeister


    On the inside of the collar is the club’s motto – “Mia san mia,” a Bavarian phrase roughly translated as “We are who we are,” a further symbol of the club’s identity.



    FC Bayern home jersey collar inside Mia San Mia


    Even the vertical stripes on the front of the kit echo the checker of the Bavarian flag found in the team’s crest.

    These details are small but well executed, enriching the overall design of the kit rather than distracting from it.

    Overall, this is one of the best Bayern Munich kits in years –elegant, timeless and powerful.  Striking a perfect balance between simplicity and character, the kit perfectly captures the current aim of FC Bayern –drawing on the strength of Bayern’s legacy while looking ahead to the future.

    Overall Rating: 10/10"



  • Aston Villa fan number One: Prince William

    Aston Villa Fan Number One: Prince William

    Sports is huge in the UK like it is in the US. So everybody is somehow related to sports being active or supporting a team but in any case following.

    The royal familiy is no exception. Thus Prince William is a huge Aston Villa supporter.

    Prince William wearing an Aston Villa baseball cap

    It is unknown why he happens to support Aston Villa of all clubs but there is probably a pretty good explanation for that.

    Aston Villa a club which has not been overwhelmed with attention over the past 20 years is probably happy to have the Prince among their faithful followers.

    And it always brings a bit of publicity to have a famous fan. . .

    Prince William alongside Ashley Young and the launch of an Aston Villa kit

    English international Ashley Young now with Manchester United also features in the photo. And the launch of a new Aston Villa kit probably back from the season 09/10 or 10/11 when Villa had switched to kit supplier Nike.

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