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  • Review: FC Bayern away jersey 10-12

    Review: FC Bayern away jersey 11/12

    By MM Sports FC Bayern ambassador Ben Roden

     Thanks to modern technology, football is accessible to a wider and more diverse audience than ever before.  As the popularity of football continues to grow, so too does the need for football clubs to distinguish themselves from one another.  In addition to on-pitch competitions, top-flight clubs must also fight for the interest and support of an increasingly global fanbase. More than bragging rights are at stake; only by building their brand can clubs insure that they’ll have the financial resources they need to remain competitive.

    By embracing a unique and striking design, *11/12 Bayern Munich Away Kit seems to represent this effort for distinction in an increasingly challenging market.

    FC Bayern away jersey 2010-12


    The kit is a brilliant white with horizontal stripes in metallic silver. Adidas’ iconic three stripes are navy, along with the name printing and embroidered FCB below the back collar. There are additional red details on the collar and sleeves.

    FC Bayern away jersey 10-12 back


    Unusually, Bayern has different sponsor printing for its home and away kits. While the home kit features the main Deutsche Telekom logo, the away kit showcases LIGA total!, Deutsche Telekom’s Bundesliga TV service.  It’s a little on the large side, but the design is subdued enough not to cause much of a distraction. For me though, the color is a bit of an issue. In pictures, the LIGA portion of the text appears red – a color which would tie-in beautifully with the club crest and the collar and sleeve details. In reality, it’s fluorescent pink.  There’s nothing wrong with the color per se, but it’s close enough to the red that the colors seem to clash – the same can be said of the navy conflicting with the royal blue of the FCB crest. These details don’t ruin the look of the kit by any means, but they do exemplify a niggling lack of cohesion that prevents a good shirt from being truly excellent.


    Along with the aforementioned coloring issues, there are some design touches that feel out of place. For example, the red sleeve accents, which only extend from the outside portion of the sleeve, protrude from the hem at a sharp angle. While this is an interesting design, it seems at odds with the collar, which is more conservatively tapered.

    FC Bayern away jersey 10-12 sleeve


    Whereas this season’s Bayern’s Home kit exhibits a careful, subtle and unified design, the away kit seems a somewhat haphazard collection of individually impressive ideas.


    In terms of construction, the shirt is excellent. The badge is brightly embroidered, and the printing is flawless. The shirt I received did not have name and number printing, but as is common with Bayern shirts, did have the club name emblazoned across the shoulders. While this is a nice detail, the back of the kit looks a bit strange with text only at the top - this is a kit that would definitely benefit from the addition of name and number.  


    In my experience, the comfort of Adidas’ kits is second to no one, and this kit is no exception.  Like the home kit, it’s made using Adidas’ ClimaCool fabric, but seems thinner and lighter.  The addition of mesh underarm vents and a collar notch make this a comfortable and well ventilated top to wear onto the pitch or around town.

    FC Bayern away jersey 10-12 Clima Cool Holo


    On the whole, the Bayern Munich 11/12 Away kit is another good showing from Adidas. If the aim of the design is to stand out, it certainly succeeds; this shirt will definitely start some conversations at the Sunday five-a-side. It’s a shame that more effort wasn’t given to fully integrate the shirt’s disparate elements; with a bit more clarity in the overall design, this shirt could have been iconic. Despite the lackluster summation of its parts, though, this year’s Bayern Away kit still manages to impress.




    *Note - If you think this shirt looks strangely familiar, you’re right: Bayern wore the same away kit during the 10/11 season.  

  • Editorial: Manchester City home jersey 11-12

     Manchester City home jersey 2011/12


    Manchester City home jersey for the season 2011-12.

    Manchester City home jersey 11-12

    Blue Moon. Traditional Man City fan song.

    Manchester City home jersey 11-12 collar Blue Moon



    The video with huge City fan Liam Gallagher from Oasis.



    The video plays the City related song "Blue moon". Probably "blue" for the skyblue City color.

  • Editorial: Real Madrid home jersey 11-12

     Editorial: Real Madrid home jersey 11-12

    By MM Sports editor M. Bager

    The new Real Madrid home jersey for the season 2011-12 is white (not surprisingly) but with gold.

    This is how the short sleeve version looks like:


    Real Madrid home jersey 11-12 new image


    Primary purpose by bringing this blog post is to check out the quality of images online.


    Below the adidas promotional video used to advertise the jersey online at launch back in May / June 2011.

    The protagonists of this video in the order they appear Sergio Ramos, Casillas , Zidane, Alonso, Kaka, Di Maria , Higuain. What they share is that they are all adidas players except Sergio Ramos. Casillas is sponsored by Reebok but Reebok is part of the adidas group. Sergio Ramos plays in Nike footwear. So why he appears in the video is somewhat of a mystery. After all Spain is represented by Casillas and Alonso. Sergio Ramos is the player in the current RM squad who has been with the club for the longest duration after Iker Casillas. Which makes him the vice-captain by definition. He is a World Champion with Spain but he did not come out of the Real Madrid youth academy (La Cantera) like a Guti, a Raul or Iker Casillas.



    Adidas makes sure to bring a number of shots of their new and updated predator boot. A boot worn by several of the Real Madrid players like Alonso , Higuain , and Di Maria.

    Another detail is the square where the scooter passes by at the beginning. It is Las Cibeles. The Square in central Madrid where Real Madrid's fans always go to celebrate after having won a trophy. The goal Zidane scores secures Real Madrid its' 9th European or Champions League title. Why they have chosen to feature the Champions League version of the jersey rather than the LFP version is unknown.

    But in any case! So there is a lot of bagage being loaded for some serious silverware to be won: gold stripes, Las Cibeles, Champions League glory . . . 

    La decima "the tenth" or the La Liga. Another Copa del Rey will probably not cut it this year.

  • Editorial: Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 11-12

    Editorial: Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 11-12

    By MM Sports editor M. Bager

    The new Real Madrid Champions League away kit is red / white in colors. Quite unique for Real Madrid since this color has not been used since the 70s.
    Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 11-12
    The official Real Madrid name and number kit for the jersey is white.
    Real Madrid Champions League away jersey 11-12 Özil 10
    The real exercise with this blog post is to check the quality of the images. That is why the text is somewhat scarse.
    But maybe more content will be added later . . .
  • Review: Manchester United home jersey 11-12

    Review: Manchester United home jersey 2011/12

    By MM Sports Joker Ambassador Aaron Holtsclaw, LA

     When the famous red shirt of Manchester United arrived in my mailbox, I was excited. Though I own versions from the past, pulling on the kit of the greatest team on God’s Green Earth never loses its appeal. The jersey arrived unadorned with number which I am told is how adults should wear it. A famous podcaster educated me to that tidbit. With the rise of the other half of Manchester to prominence, it has never been more important to wear the shirt once worn by Best, Law, Charlton, Cantona, Beckham, Keane,  Scholes and countless other legends. Though the shirt sponsor changes, the crest that those greats kissed is the same. I like the addition to this shirt of the black and white stripes to the collar and armholes.  They add a little touch of color that doesn’t diminish from the overall look but makes it stand out from previous versions of the shirt. The crest remains above the heart of the wearer as it should be. Those who pull on this jersey should have the club in their heart. Since Nike began manufacturing United’s jerseys this is my favorite. The simplicity of the design harkens back to the pre sponsor days when the kit was all about the team. The swoosh is over your right breast smaller than the club crest as it should be. Nike is a great company but not more important than the club. Just below the back of the collar, a single red devil sits saying, “I will watch your back in case some City supporter tries to sneak up on you and cause trouble.” He really doesn’t say that but I am glad he is there to watch my back. The kit is put together expertly. There is no stray strings showing and all the stitching is nice and tight. Overall, the jersey is of excellent quality and something any proud Red should wear.

    Manchester United home jersey 2011-12


  • Review: AC Milan 3rd jersey 2011/12

    Review: AC Milan 3rd jersey 2011/12

    By MM Sports AC Milan ambassador Enrique Madrona Jr.

    The 2011 Serie A Champions have begun their race for an unprecedented 19th title, and after casting aside years of dominance from their rivals, Inter Milan, they have emerged with new players, new confidence, and a new look. AC Milan has been known for their three-jersey setup; their home kit is a blend of black and red stripes, their away kit is white, and their third kit is black. This year, that third kit is looking more appealing than ever.

    AC Milan third jersey 2011/12

    The Look


    With last year's third jersey, Adidas opted to end a streak of relatively bland black jerseys; they introduced a great new design. With the latest, 2011/2012 AC Milan Third Jersey, they have improved even further upon it. Third jerseys are typically a great source of creative ingenuity for designers and this jersey is no exception. What first catches the eye will be without a doubt, the golden crest. With this AC Milan jersey, the design has converted both the memorable AC Milan crest and the Adidas logo to an attractive golden scent. This unique feature makes this third jersey that much more exquisite then both the new home and away jerseys, which sport the standard emblems. Just below the gold accented crest, this regal jersey displays a thin line running across the front. This horizontal line, and its recognizable three-color scheme, represent the Italian flag, and add a homely touch to an already stylish jersey. Finally, for the front design, the "Fly Emirates" sponsor text is just below the line. Having replaced "BWIN" as primary kit sponsor for AC Milan, the "Fly Emirates" text has proven more noble and gentle then the large, capitalized "BWIN" logo. Adidas has done a wonderful job on balancing the attention of details to keep the jersey's focus weighed; no feature ever seems overwhelming or more attention grabbing then another. Adidas's signature shoulder stripes have been colored red. In doing so, the jersey keeps the same athletic and sporty look, yet stays away from pulling the spotlight too far from the great look portrayed in the front of the jersey. Another new look for AC Milan is the nice addition to the uppermost back area. Just at the back of the neck, all three new jerseys have the text "ASSOCIAZIONE CALCIO MILAN", the full Italian name of the club. Below that is a smooth gold line, like the text and the emblem, containing a linked series of Italian flags. It is a very cool addition that adds a lot of finesse to a part of the jersey where most kits have little or nothing at all. Lastly, this new jersey has what the other two are lacking, a collar at the neck. The collar is thin and silky smooth; it does not impede any movement of the neck or head and is in no way uncomfortable. As such, it's the perfect jersey for any AC Milan fan, regardless if they are playing some recreational football, or sitting down and enjoying a match. There will always be those with collar prejudices but Adidas continues to roll out various world-renowned clubs with collared variants, it will only become more common, and that's a good thing for the diversity of football club kits, as well as those looking for a more stylish option.


    The Fit


    Like most Adidas “Climacool” products, this jersey is no disappointment. My particular product was a large size jersey and it was a perfect fit. Occasionally jersey's run too large or too small for particular sizes, usually because of different builds or templates, but the AC Milan Third Jersey for 2011/2012 has

    been optimized for the size ranges and does not disappoint. The polyester fabric is stellar and you will not find many products that last as long as well-kept Adidas jerseys or have as much value. There are no complaints here, the fit is perfect, the collar is almost unusually comfortable, and the material maintains a nice balance between athletically tight and casually loose.


    The Extras


    Jerseys are always the ultimate product for supporting your team, but there are always more ways to add both authenticity and support to a product. AC Milan's jerseys, like other clubs, allow customization to add badges and player names and numbers. In this case, I received, for review, an AC Milan Third Jersey with the name and number of Swedish Super striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. What makes name and number customization so special is that you can either select an existing player that may be your favorite or you are highly supportive of, or you may even put your own choice of a name or number in most cases. Here, the arctic white font of the text "Ibrahimovic" along with his number "11" add a lot of authenticity to the jersey. Customizations like this lets fans connect with the team even more. Down the road, you will see that jersey as representative of the player, just as much as it is of the club. In this case, by selecting a player such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the jersey has much more value because it represents a player that has made a huge difference to both Milan's performance and legacy. For the reasonable price of customization, I assure you that it is worth adding that much more value, appeal, and the authentic touch to the jersey.


    Overall, AC Milan’s new third jersey is a great success, improving upon the newest looks of their kits and keeping the traditional styles of Milan up to date with the latest attractions. Best of all, black goes well with anything! So if you’re a fan of the Italian super-champions, find a player you can stick with, and get this authentic jersey with customization for a great value, you can even get a variant with the “Scudetto” patch to represent the recent league title!


  • The Dutch Euro 2012 collection

    Dutch Euro 2012 collection

    A pre-view of what is in store for the Euro 2012 tournament.

    The Holland 2012 collection with launch in April 2012 has now been made available for ordering.

    So we will try to break it down in the following by categories and product types:


    Dutch supporters tee:

    1 orange

    1 black

    Dutch authentic organic tee:

    1 grey

    1 white

    1 orange

    Dutch core tee:

    1 black

    1 orange

    Dutch training top:

    1 black

    1 blue

    Dutch pre-match top:

    1 black

    Dutch authentic jersey s/s:

    1 home

    1 away

    Dutch replica jersey s/s:

    1 home

    1 away

    Dutch core polo shirt:

    1 black

    1 orange

    Dutch authentic polo shirt:

    2 black

    2 white

    2 blue

    1 orange

    Dutch core hoody:

    1 black

    1 orange

    Dutch socks:

    1 home

    1 away

    Socks are counted as "mens" though they might just as well count under women's or boys.

    Dutch authentic full zip hoody:

    1 black

    1 white

    1 orange

    Dutch track top:

    2 black

    1 white

    2 blue

    2 orange

    Dutch lightweight woven jacket:

    1 orange

    Dutch trainer jacket:

    1 black

    1 orange

    Dutch longer shorts:

    1 black

    1 blue

    Dutch shorts:

    1 home

    1 away

    Dutch training suit:

    1 black

    1 blue

    Dutch authentic cap:

    1 orange

    Dutch core cap:

    1 black

    1 orange


    Product types: 20

    Variations: 49

    By category:

    match kit: 4

    training wear: 4

    leisure wear: 12

     Of course it is open to discussion whether the track tops , woven jacket and trainer jacket should count as "training wear" or as "leisure wear". In this context they have been assigned to the leisure wear category.

    By attribute:

    short sleeve tops: 9

    long sleeve tops: 6

    short legged bottoms: 2

    long legged bottoms: 1

    Other: 3

    It sums up to 21 because training suit is counted both as long sleeve top and long legged bottom.


    Dutch training suit:

    1 black

    1 blue

    Dutch core tee:

    1 black

    1 orange

    Dutch training top:

    1 black

    1 blue

    Dutch jerseys:

    1 home

    1 away

    Dutch infants kit:

    1 home

    Dutch kit little boys:

    1 home

    Dutch shorts:

    1 home

    1 away


    7 product types

    12 different variations


    Dutch tank top:

    1 grey

    1 white

    1 orange

    Dutch authentic v-neck tee:

    1 black

    1 blue

    1 orange

    Dutch womens jersey:

    1 home

    Dutch womens authentic polo:

    1 black

    1 blue

    1 orange

    Dutch womens lightweight jacket:

    1 orange

    Dutch womens track top full zip:

    1 black

    1 blue

    1 orange


    6 different product types

    14 different variations

    By category:

    Match wear: 1 product

    Leisure wear: 5 products


    Supporter ball:

    1 black

    Prestige ball:

    1 orange

    Skills ball:

    1 orange


    1 orange


    1 black

    Gym sack:

    1 orange

    Small item bag:

    1 black

    Shoe bag:

    1 orange

    Football bag:

    1 black


    Product types: 8

    Styles: 9

    By category:

    Balls: 3

    Merchandise: 1

    Travel: 5


    So these were the plain numbers. What is the conclusion then ?

    Well, Nike does tend to cover the most popular categories and product types within sporting goods apparel. When it comes to producing variations by using different styles of a product essentially different colors the emphazis is on the tops. Price segmentation is also clearly visible for short sleeve tops through the scale of different choices starting with:

    authentic jersey

    replica jersey

    pre-match top

    polo shirt

    training top

    supporters tee

    authentic tee

    core tee

    What is absent from the collection this time around are the player related tees. For instance in the case of Holland with Nike players like Sneijder , Huntelaar, Van der Vaart. One explanation might be that there is a second catalogue coming out where these products feature. This typically leads the retailer to order more than if all products at been available from the outset. Another possibility is that the these products have been discontinued. Maybe because the match jerseys cover the player related aspect with the name and number sets. Or maybe they have not sold as well as t-shirts featuring only Holland.

    Otherwise there are surprisingly few novelties in the product selection. No new categories, no new product types , no new products. It seems like Nike has found some kind of equilibrium after some years with experimentation around the product lineup.

    The sales outside of the Netherlands of these many different products might be rather slim though. But nevertheless it is an advantage to have the full selection offered as a retailer so one can cherry pick the best pieces for one's own product selection. Compared to most other athletic apparel sponsors which only offer the full selection in the home country of a team for the home market.

  • Review: FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12

     Review: FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12

    By MM Sports' FC Barcelona ambassador Ph.D Gerard A. Banez, Ohio, USA



    So, after another year of collecting more domestic and international titles, what does FC Barcelona do to top its most recent successes? On the pitch, the club adds more rising stars, like Sanchez & Fabregas, to ensure that it continues to win titles in the future. Off the field, the 2011-2012 campaign kicks off with another line of stylish & contemporary Barca merchandise. My focus here will be the new 2011-2012 Black Away jersey.


    FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12 front



    The Look

    My first reaction to this jersey was that it looks a lot better in person than it does on the website. I like the color black as much as anyone, but, to me, the black jersey looked boring on the website when compared to the mint, orange, and yellow of past Barca away jerseys. Seeing the jersey, though, changed my opinion. The 2011-12 Black Away jersey is very stylish & contemporary in appearance. The black is sharp. The jersey features a unique and attractive neckline (see photo). The dark grey striping on the sleeves (photo) adds to its sporty appearance. As far as the Qatar Foundation logo, I know that many supporters have strong feelings about Barca taking on any logo. Though I won’t try to change your opinions on this, what I can say is that the Qatar logo isn’t that bad. It is subtle and distinctive in appearance and does not jump out or detract from the overall look. The “good” logo, the Unicef logo, is now on the bottom half of the back of the jersey, beneath the player number. Mes que un club (more than a club) is on the inside of the back collar, and tots units fem forca (all together we are strong) is in its familiar place on the inside of the jersey behind the FCB badge.



    FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12 Xavi 6



    The Cut

    This jersey runs about true to size. It fits much like my 2010-2011 Barca home jersey. It is a Nike jersey, and, in my experience, the Nike jerseys are more relaxed and not as fitting as the Adidas jerseys. I personally like their more relaxed fit.



    FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12 chest



    The Feel

    The jersey is made in Nike Dri Fit fabric. I have always liked the texture and substance of Dri Fit and prefer that it is not as clingy as Clima Cool.


    Bottom Line

    In a very short time, I anticipate that the 2011-2012 Black Away FC Barcelona jersey will emerge as one of my favorite soccer shirts. It is sharp, and it is sporty. In black, the shirt is more dressy and not as jersey-like, giving it added versatility. I highly recommend this jersey to any Barca fan and to anyone who likes good-looking, well-made soccer merchandise.  It represents yet another FCB victory.




  • The Ambassador Challenge


    The Ambassador Challenge


    By now we have received a number of great reviews covering different aspects of the soccer jerseys selected for reviewing. The reviews were written without the presence of any particular guidelines nor much editorial interference.

    The results were great but to receive 6 similar reviews of similar types of products will not be entirely productive. So we now up the ante and challenge our ambassadors on their analytical capabilities and not least their creative thinking.

    This is what we call The Ambassador Challenge.

    Before we get to the challenge let’s try to provide some background info.

    According to Sports Markt a German sports market consultancy soccer jerseys make up 53% of the total licensed sporting goods market. That is a big chunk of the total but at the same time it means that 47% of the total sales are not jerseys. Included in that second group are products like match wear (shorts & socks) , training wear (tops, track suits), leisure wear (tees, tops), merchandise (scarves, flags), equipment (bags), hardware (balls) etc.

    While the jerseys sell themselves pretty much as being the physical representation of the club or the team par excellence it can pose a few challenges to actually market and sell the products from the other categories.

    The traditional way of slicing it (with the goal of selling more) is by producing substitutes and complementary products while at the same time trying to segment according to different attributes. In the sales process “cross-sell” and “up-sell” features are prevalent mechanisms. But where does this take us exactly ?

    Our point of departure has been the jersey. We have shipped out jerseys and in return received reviews of those jerseys. Most of the jerseys we sent out were customized. Customization features as an “upsell” in the world of soccer. Shorts and socks would typically be the predominant “cross-sell” products since together with the jersey they would make up an entire kit as seen on TV. For kids that might work well while for many adults shorts and socks are not complementary since grown-ups are not keen on imitating someone else down to the slightest detail rather adults prefer to create their own style by adding different elements from different sources.

    Challenge Number 1:

    Part 1:

    For those ambassadors receiving a jersey customized (upsell version) and a plain jersey blank on the back what is strongest argument for making the upsell ? What makes the customer decide whether to add the customization (whether badges, player name or custom name) or whether to leave it blank ? How important is price in order to make this decision ? Is there a specific price point which acts as the decider ? What kind of value does badges / name & number kit bring to the jersey. Is design of the name and number set important or is it primarily about relating to the player ? Is the upsell easier to make than the cross-sell ? because the jersey is THE item where all the attention is focused etc.

    Part 2:

    The cross-sell. If you want to induce a shopper to add a second item to shopping cart assuming that the shopper has already added a jersey which products would you present to this individual ? And what would be their attributes ? Would it be the shorts and the socks to make up the full match kit ? Would it be a discounted jersey from last season to avoid paying full price for two products but functionally obtaining two full good jerseys ? Would it be an entirely different product type – like a piece of merchandise or a basic pair of branded Nike shorts with no club affiliation ? etc.

    Challenge Number 2:

    Product segmentation & substitution / complementary effects.

    Nike works with a number of different short sleeve tops which can be ranked like this:

    Authentic match jersey (900 DKK RRP)

    Replica match jersey (600 DKK RRP)

    Stadium match jersey (400 DKK RRP)

    Pre-Match top (400 DKK RRP)

    Training top (300 DKK RRP)

    Cotton Tee (250 DKK RRP)

    My best guess is that these products are substitutes rather than complementary products. That either you buy a training top or you buy a replica jersey. But you do not buy a training jersey for training, a pre-match top for warming up before a match, and a match jersey for playing a match. For the fan it is either or.

    At mmsports we have had difficulties in getting any significant sales volume of the training wear products like the pre-match top, the training top, the cotton tee. The customers seem much more inclined to buy a previous season or even several seasons earlier jersey at the price points represented by the training wear s/s tops.

    At the other end it is very difficult for the consumer to figure out what the difference / benefit is between the 3 different kinds of jerseys. Long sleeve – short sleeve seems to be a no-brainer though.

    If a training top / pre-match top / fan tee / graphic tee etc. were to become a popular product for the fan what would it take ?

    Different price point ?

    Different product attributes ?

    Different use among athletes or different marketing strategy ?

    Or is it a dead end which should rather be dis-continued or limited to the point of obsolescence ?


    So we have now posed two challenges to our ambassadors:

    One relating to the jerseys

    One relating to the jersey substitutes

    Of course these questions might be answered quantitatively by looking at the numbers and all the data available but sometimes qualitative methodologies bring different insights and can provide out of the box information which the numbers cannot do.

    So that is why we now bring you these 2 ambassador challenges which can be used to frame part of the review. The issues raised should not necessarily be answered point by point but it would be interesting if part of the thinking were to be included in the Sep / Oct reviews.


    By the numbers. From the Nike Fall 2011 whole sale catalogue.

    The Man Utd adult men’s range.


    Away - 1 piece

    Home - 1

    Goal keeper L/S – 2 pieces

    Long Sleeve away – 1

    L/S home – 1

    Total number of items including styles (meaning different colors of a product): 6

    (had the authentic jersey and the stadium jersey also been available it would have been: 8-9)

    Match kit:

    Away sock – 1

    Home socks – 2

    Match shorts – 4

    Total: 7

    Training wear:

    Training top – 2

    Sleeve Less top – 1

    Pre-match top – 3

    Training top II – 2

    Midlayer top L/S – 2

    Rain jacket – 1

    Longer short – 1

    Pants – 1

    Side line jacket – 2

    Trainer jacket – 2

    Authentic track jacket – 2

    Total: 19

    Short sleeve tops: 8

    Long sleeve tops: 9

    Bottoms: 2

    Leisure wear:

    Authentic tee – 2

    Core tee – 2

    Core polo – 2

    Authentic polo - 3

    Rugby shirt – 1

    Core hoodie – 2

    M65 jacket – 1

    Best hoodie – 1

    Best jacket – 1

    Authentic hoody – 2

    Caps - 2

    Total: 19

    Short sleeve tops: 9

    Long sleeve tops: 8

    Other: 2

    All together: 51 Man Utd products (53 including authentic and stadium jerseys)

    13 match kit products ( 26 % )

    38 leisure and training wear products ( 74 % )

  • Review: FC Barcelona women's away jersey 11-12

    Review: FC Barcelona women's away jersey 11-12

    By MM Sports women's apparel ambassador Katie Scharra

    This season’s Barcelona away jersey is my first women’s apparel jersey, as I usually either wear a youth size or men’s.   I was very impressed with the fit of this jersey, and it has many features that makes it fit with a stylish and comfortable look.  The darts that run up the sides make it flattering to the female figure, and it looks incredibly fashionable.  Sizing does run a bit small since it is a Nike jersey, and I found that it was a bit too snug around my shoulders making it not very useful to work out in.  I would, however, defiantly wear it to my weekly kick-about as the Nike Dri- Fit technology is very impressive and keeps me cool while wearing it.  The style of the jersey is an all black style, which at first I thought I would find to be a bit boring, but with the personalization added to the back the jersey became a whole new look. 

    FC Barcelona away women's jersey 11-12 FC Barcelona away jersey 11-12 official name kit


    As well as added extra value, the personalization was very well applied and withstood the washing machine. I can very easily wear it any day of the week with a pair of jeans or shorts, but as for the lazy weekend at home I would stick to the comfort of a men’s jersey.  The only negative feedback I got from other fans on the new club look was that the design of the sponsor, the Qartar Foundation, on the front seems less exciting than the old Unicef front.  This could be because it is a bit smaller on the front for the women’s style to make it more flattering.  All in the detail I suppose.  As for my opinion on the new look and my newly found love for women’s jerseys?  I am completely sold on the female jersey as the fit is excellent and it is stylish enough to wear everyday while the Dri-Fit makes it great to play in, and although it is a simple black a personalization on the back makes it as exciting as it is sleek. 

    Katie Scharra / Michigan State

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