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  • Japan away jersey 2018

    Japan away kit for the World Cup 2018 is an all white affair.

    A slight hint of grey is making up the contrast.

    Japan ude trøje 2018

  • Mexico away jersey 2018

    Official Mexico away jersey for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    A white kit with red and green contrasting colors.

    Mexico away jersey 2018

  • Colombia away jersey World Cup 2018

    New Colombia away kit with launch on the 19th of March.

    Blue with yellow/red contrast.

    Colombia away jersey 2018

  • Argentina World Cup 2018 away jersey

    Adidas Argentina World Cup away jersey for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Official launch date the 19th of March.

    Argentina away jersey 2018

  • Germany World Cup away jersey 2018

    New Germany away jersey launch on the 19th of March.

    The jersey is green with white contrast. Notice the FIFA gold patch to the chest as sign that Germany is the reining World Cup champions.

    Germany away jersey World Cup 2018

  • State of Resistance . . California

    New book telling the story of the development in CA over the past 25 years or so.

    California Resistance

    Buy it here from Amazon!

    Today, California is leading the way on addressing climate change, low-wage work, immigrant integration, overincarceration, and more. As white residents became a minority and job loss drove economic uncertainty, California had its own Trump moment twenty-five years ago, but has become increasingly blue over each of the last seven presidential elections. How did the Golden State manage to emerge from its unsavory past to become a bellwether for the rest of the country?

  • Collection of Soccer Jerseys ? Ready to Exhibit ??

    If yes to both questions in the headline do not hesitate to contact us!

    We would like to help you organize an exhibition in our small exhibition space in Randers, Jutland, Denmark.

    The town is right on the main north south highway running all the way from the Sicily to the north of Norway. This means that people from a relatively large geographical area have easy access to visit. This will ensure that fans will be able to visit also beyond the city limits.

    Bring out your soccer jersey collection

    Europe is small these days. Flights and bus rides are inexpensive, border crossing frictionless.

    Jutland is served by 3 airports: Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund. Add to that the major airports of Copenhagen and Hamburg. Either of them just 4-5 hours away.

    We can help you with accommodation and ground transport within the country.

    We can also help you to organize the exhibition according to your vision with regard to supporting visuals like posters and banners, audio the music / sound you think would be right. If you need a jersey to be upgraded with a print we may have it even if it is going back in time.

    Feel free to reach out with no strings attached and we can discuss the situation.

    In a short time from now the grass will be green and spring will be in full blossom. Once this gets under way it is definitely a good time to get on the move.

    Green grass a green football field

    Residents from other continents than Europe are also most welcome!

    . . .

  • UCL official match ball for Kiev 2018

    The official matchball for the Champions League final in Kiev has been released.

    The ball features yellow which is also part of the Ucranian flag. Not sure if it is deliberately so or if it is just a coincidence.

    Champions League match ball Finale 2018

  • New footwear brand (relatively) - ASL out of California

    Out Los Angeles this small brand is making headlines due to their innovative product.

    Click here to check out the ASL website!

    The brand is a blend of performance and fashion keep a no logo profile on their shoes.

    Many different styles are availble both in men's and women's shoes.

    APL cool sneakers

  • New footwear brand - Allbirds

    A really cool and excellent product brought to you from an American - New Zealandian team. The company is now based in California and distributes its' goods to NZ, AUS, and the US.

    Click on this link to check out their website!

    Below a photo taken from their website to exemplify what they do.

    Very small product line which just makes the whole thing the cooler.

    Merino Wool sneaker

    So New Zealand and California seem to be in love across the Pacific ocean. Let's see if the love also will be extended from California and to other parts of the Pacific Rim.

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