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  • New Juventus home jersey 2018/19

    15th of May and the new Juventus home jersey for the season 18/19 has been released.

    The jersey features broad black and white stripes which provides the jersey with a slightly different look than the usual narrower stripes.

    Juventus home kit 18/19

    The shorts are white and the socks are white.

    The printing is black.

    Juventus home kit 18/19

    Apart from the printing to the back of the jersey it is also possible to add Scudetto and Coppa Italia badges to the chest. And a Serie A sleeve badge to the right arm sleeve as well.

  • New Denmark home jersey 2018

    New Denmark home and away kits have launched for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Denmark home jersey

    The home kit consists of jersey which is red with white shorts and red socks.

    The away kit is reversed with a white jersey, red shorts, and white socks.

    The printing is white for the home jersey, and red for the away jersey.

  • New Liverpool home kit 2018/19

    New Liverpool home kit for the season 2018/19 has been released.

    Liverpool home jersey 2018/19

    The printing is white with black outline.

    The goalie kit is yellow.

    Liverpool home kit 18/19

    Want to learn more ? click the link below:

    Shop Liverpool home jerseys 18/19 here!

    away kit due in June, and third kit in July.

  • New Man United third kit 2018/19

    New Manchester United 3rd kit for the upcoming season 2018/19 has now been released!

    Man Utd third kit 2018/19

    The kit is an all navy affair with gold contrast.

    Click here to check out the details of the new Man Utd third kit 18/19

    The printing for the new kit is white with black outline.

  • New Bayern home kit 2018/19

    A new Bayern home kit for the season 2018/19 has now been released!

    The jersey is red with navy contrast. Shorts are navy and socks are red.

    All in all a very stylish package!

    Bayern Munich home jersey 18/19

    The printing is white with navy outline!

    FC Bayern printing 2018/19

    Want to see the details ?

    Click here to see the Bayern home jersey 18/19

    away and third kits 18/19 will be released later over the summer!

  • New Dortmund home kit 2018/19

    New Dortmund home kit has now been released for the season 2018/19.

    Surprice, Surprise  - the jersey is yellow with black contrast!

    Dortmund home kit 2018/19

    Check it out by clicking the link below:

    Shop Dortmund 18/19 home kit here!

  • Liverpool Champions League jersey - M. SALAH 11

    The Liverpool home jersey is the same for the Champions League as for the Premier League. However, the printing is vastly different between the two.

    Sleeve badges as well as name and number sets.

    Liverpool UCL printingTo the left arm sleeve there is the UEFA honors 5 Cups badge + the UEFA Respect patch.

    Liverpool starball badge UCL Salah

    To the right arm sleeve there is the StarBall badge.

    LFC UCL printingThe numbers on the back are in the special Liverpool style. LFC logos in the bottom of the numbers. The name is curved and not straight.

    CNN visits Mo Salah in Liverpool click here to see the interesting reporting from the ground!

  • Texas - the State that Foreshadows how America develops

    New book out on an eternal theme  -  Taxas is different.

    Book about Texas

    The book has been reviewed in the Ny Times:

    Click here to read the NYT newspaper book review!

    and ofc it is available to purchase from amazon.

    Click here to read customer reviews of the book on

    The full title and publication details of the book:

    God Save Texas: A Journey into the Soul of the Lone Star State Hardcover – Deckle Edge, April 17, 2018

  • Manchester United 2017-18 Away Short Sleeve Shirt Review

    By Julian Smith, NYC / Portugal
    Manchester United away jersey Review from LA


    As one of the oldest and most storied football franchises in the world, Manchester United can always expect to be in the news. Since the 2013 departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably the greatest football manager of all time, headlines around United have largely been negative. United fans became accustomed to unprecedented levels of success under the “Fergie” years, and the team has struggled to live up to those standards of yesteryear, leading to outcries from anyone and everyone about the current squad.

    When United debuted their new away shirt for the 2017-18 season, the style evoked a sentiment much needed of the squad: modernization of historical glory. This kit design, as will be detailed more later in this review, is inspired by the away shirt used by United in 1990-1992. The shirt debut was coupled with some truly magical performances at the beginning of the year which unfortunately for any fan of football have waned as the season has gone on. The shirt is no less beautiful though, and while the comfort may not be up to the standard of the style, it sure is nice to look at.

    The Shirt

    Manchester United away jersey - front

    Manchester United’s 2017-18 away shirt is textured with a leaf-like design in monochrome fades. This is one of the most complex shirt bases of a top tier club in recent memory, straying far, far away from an in vogue minimalism we see with many household name shirts. Manufactured by Adidas, the shirt implements their patented climacool material.

    Recently, the major brands have begun to sell both replica and authentic versions of shirts, the latter of which is supposed to more closely resemble what the players wear. The replica shirts now tend to feel more like a normal t-shirt, with materials being a bit heavier and feeling comfortable on the body.

    Man Utd jersey Pogba - Giggs comparison

    As mentioned in the introduction, this design harkens back to the early 1990’s when Brian Robson, Mark Hughes, and an up and coming Ryan Giggs were representing the Red Devils.

    Man Utd away kit Pogba printing

    The back panel of the shirt does not contain the textured design, and is in solid black.

    Man Utd away jersey - side

    The shirt follows the recent trend of contouring the sides as it goes down the body, creating a snug but not body tight fit, which gives a slimming look as well. The Adidas stripes in white running down the sides, contrasting with the black and white glow of the shirt, make for a very nice effect.

    Man Utd away kit collar

    Adidas opted for the crew neck collar on this shirt in solid black, probably to add a bit of style stability. I couldn’t imagine if this shirt had a protruding collar or some sort of hybrid… best not to risk by overdesigning.

    Man Utd away jersey - crest

    The club badge and Adidas logo are both in white with black accents on the former, keeping the very sleek monochrome coloration. Both are stitched into the shirt, and the color continuity adds a lot of style.

    Man Utd away kit sponsor logo

    It’s a shame the Chevrolet logo is such a blaring intruder on a sleek backdrop. Even still, the yellow of the emblem isn’t too over the top. The sponsor logo is printed on, and feels like a plastic material kind of like the name and number printing.

    Man Utd away jersey inside out

    Adidas again opted for what I maintain is a very weird decision in creating this weird panel structure on the inside of the shirt. Not that it deserves much attention, but I find it totally strange and figure it’s worth sharing simply because of how weird it is!

    Man Utd away jersey - sleeve badge

    A quick note of appreciation for the Premier League badges, which I absolutely love. Again, fitting with the modernization of the shirt, the badges display the new league logo in a circular patch. It’s a bit bulky, and two badges are really unnecessary (the Premier League is the only major league that uses a badge on each arm), but I like the overall design so much I don’t mind the minor negatives.

    Man Utd away jersey - LA at night

    LA at night in the background (red)

    Man Utd away jersey at the beach

    Putting it all together, you get a pretty clean looking shirt in the black of night or the light of day!


    The Print

    New Style of Printing 17/18.

    Man Utd away jersey including printing

    The design of the new Premier League printing, which was introduced this year, is simply fantastic. I love the look of the letters and numbers, and the PS-PRO material used is light but feels durable. It’s a far cry from the Lextra felt material used in years past, which this author misses dearly, but is an upgrade from the totally boring style used between 2013-2017.

    Man Utd away jersey in Hollywood

    And of course, with one of the most bold shirt designs, only one player is fit to adorn this shirt and have this photo taken! All hail Hollywood Pogba!

    Man Utd away jersey - review score

    A rare 5 star review from me! But as I was tallying the points I thought would be fair, it became clear that this is really an exquisite shirt in many facets! The few negatives and overwhelmingly overpowered by the many positives, in my humble opinion.

    As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from MM Sports at

  • Pogba Predator soccer cleats April 2018

    New Predator cleats have been released April 2018.

    Worn for the first time by Paul Pogba in match versus City. Pogba scores 2 goals and United win 3-2, coincidence ?? ))

    Predator cleats 2018 Pogba

    And on the field action worn by Paul Pogba!

    Pogba Predator soccer cleats 2018

    The cleats are blue with green striped , light green like the color of nascent spring grass.


    Pogba Predator in action


    Great moves by the French super star - fantastic balance.

    Predator Pogba football boots


    Pogba at the top of his game!

    Adidas Predator soccer cleats inside

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