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  • Kappa Napoli home jersey 2017/18

    Kappa has seen a number of their main teams part with the brand but they stil cling on to SSC Napoli.

    The new home jersey for the season 17/18 has an elegant blue color with a crew color.

    The excessive use of sponsor logos seems to be a detriment though. Not exactly making the jersey more beautiful.

    Napoli home jersey 2017/18

  • Modric' 10 | New Number 10 jersey in Real Madrid

    New Real Madrid player with number 10 is Luca Modric'.

    James Rodriguéz went to FC Bayern and left the number 10 open in Madrid.

    No new major signing being undertaken and the number was free to pick up by a player already under contract. Modric got the nod.

    Modric' 10 jersey RM 17/18

  • Dybala 10 - Juventus jersey 17/18

    Dybala is the new number 10 in Juventus - following in the footsteps of for instance Del Piero.

    Dybala 10 Juve home jersey 17/18

    Dybala used to be the number 21 but Juve have decided to upgrade him number wise by awarding him the sacred number 10.

    New Juve logo has also been presented prior to the season 17/18.

    Beautiful photo below at the Juve Stadium in Torino.

    Juventus number 10 Dybala

  • Tottenham away kit 2017/18 - Navy/White

    Tottenham has made the switch from Under Armour to Nike on multiple year deal.

    The first kits coming out from their new technical apparel sponsor have a very minimalistic design.

    Spurs away kit 2017/18

  • Liverpool third kit 2017/18 - orange

    A third kit in orange with black contrast. A neon goal keeper kit as well as a training / leisure wear collection in black with gold contrast.

    That is what you get from Liverpool for the season 2017/18.

    Liverpool third kit 2017/18

    The name and number printing is black with white edge.

  • Juventus away jersey 2017/18 - Yellow/Blue is back

    The Juventus away kit goes back to a traditional theme. The yellow away jersey. Maybe not very beloved by the fans but still a stable for the club. Every other year or the away jersey has to be yellow.

    Juventus away kit 2017/18

  • Juventus 3rd jersey 2017/18 green / bianco / neri

    Juventus third kit for the season 2017/18 is a kit designed by the fans. The design selected is green with a white/black horizontal bar across the chest.

    The printing is the same as for the home kit: white with a black edge.

    Juventus third kit 2017/18The anthem jacket is also present in the advertising material. A green jacket with a hood.

  • AC Milan 3rd jersey 2017/18 - black / red

    New AC Milan third kit in a beautiful black-red design.

    AC Milan third kit 2017/18

    The printing is the same as for the home kit which is white with no edge.

    AC Milan 3rd jersey 2017/18

    The shorts number is also an all white affair. No edge.

  • Review: FC Bayern home jersey 16/17

    By Julian Smith, NYC

    Bayern Munich 2016-17 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review

    Bayern home jersey Taj Mahal

    The 2016-17 season was not the one Bayern hoped to have on the pitch. Disappointing runs in the domestic cup (semifinal exit) and Champions League (quarterfinal exit) were calmed by the team’s ability to retain the domestic league trophy, marking their 5th league title in a row. The kings of the Bundesliga brought in two marquee signings in boy-come-home Matts Hummels and Euro 2016 wonderkid Renato Sanches, but the team as a whole simply wasn’t able to raise their game as a collective. Impressive stats in the league (82 points, +67 GD overall, +15 points from 2nd place) were met with strong opposition in the domestic cup and Champions League, losing to rivals Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid in each respectively. The team continues to enjoy a plethora of experienced and young talent, with exciting new signings already lined up for the season to come, and Bayern will no doubt continue to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
    It’s important to note this season past will mark the end of two legendary footballers on Bayern’s books, as club icon Philipp Lahm and midfield engine Xabi Alonso have hung up their boots. Auf Wiedersehen, Philipp! Adiós Xabi!
    While the tally at season end probably did not meet the squad ambition, they sure looked good in their home strip. Bright, sleek, and emblematic, Bayern’s home jersey is everything a fan should want from their team to “show their colors”, and to keep in their own wardrobes!

    The Shirt

    Bayern home jersey front

    Bayern Munich’s 2016-17 home shirt is based in bright red with white and deeper red accents. The shirt is made of Adidas climacool material, which is my personal favorite among the three major shirt manufacturers, and is comfortable and stylish both on the pitch and around the town.

    Bayern home jersey - flat

    One of my favorite things about this shirt, which Adidas has started doing in recent years, is making the shirt contoured around the waist. It’s not meant to be form fitting, so it won’t hug your curves, but it helps to create a more modern style. This looks especially cool with the Adidas stripes running down the sides, which make the contour even more pronounced.

    Bayern review pic 4

    The neck is fashioned with a mini collar, opening to the front with two buttons. I should mention that the collar is very rigid, and as long as I’ve worn it the collar has never flipped out of its natural standing position. The inside lining of the neck and the material of the buttons are trimmed in white.

    Bayern collar backside

    The club phrase, “Mia san mia” (“We are who we are.”) is stylized prominently on the back of the collar.

    Bayern home jersey - sleeve

    The sleeves are cuffed in white and contain vents on the underarm to make the shirt more breathable. The horizontal lines running on the main shirt panel do not appear on the shoulder/sleeve material.

    Bayern home jersey - collar front

    Although hard to see at a distance, the red main front panel has small, deeper red horizontal lines running across the body. Aside from adding a degree of depth and design, this feature doesn’t add or detract much from the shirt.
    The club sponsor, T-Mobile, has maintained the same style of logo on the front of Bayern’s home shirt since 2010. The material is the same as the shirt print and is plain white. The club badge is sewn in, which is my personal favorite method of application.

    Bayern sleeve badge Meister 25

    This is in stark contrast to the league badge on the sleeve, which has a great design but is a flat patch. I much preferred league patches of years past (see some of my other Bundesliga team reviews), which were 3D and made of a felt material.

    The Print

    Bayern printing 16/17

    Bayern’s print is simple enough: a plain and simple font with solid white color. I do like that the club crest on the number is colored in.

    Bayern home printing 16/17


    It follows their traditional style of printing the player name below the number, something the club has done for many years. All shirts (even those without a player printed) contain the clubs name as written in German “Bayern München”, on the back of the shirt right above the shoulder blades.


    Bayern home jersey - review score

    Adidas opted for a shirt that is easy to like, with its minimal design and plain printing, but it really does look good. In my view, this is their best home shirt since the 2012, which was similar in design except it opted for gold trim instead of white and had no collar.
    As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from iDfootballdesk.

  • New MANCHESTER UNITED home kit 2017/18

    New Manchester United is being launched 4th of July. and surprice surprise it is red with 3 white stripes.

    Man Utd home jersey 17/18

    The shorts are black - alternatively white.

    Jesse Lingard as top strikerSo why is it Jesse Lingard is the main draw to put the jersey on display ? Hardly an international superstar.

    Maybe because he wears adidas boots . . ??

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