• New Juventus third kit 18/19

    New Juventus third kit 18/19 in a dark grey / black color with neon yellow / green contrast.

    Juventus third kit 18/19

    Dybala has for the past 2 seasons been the by far best selling player with Juventus. Obviously starting with the arrival with Ronaldo over the summer 2018 Dybala will be relegated to the number 2.

    Same jersey but worn slightly differently.

    Beautiful Juventus third kit 18/19

  • New Juventus home jersey 2018/19

    15th of May and the new Juventus home jersey for the season 18/19 has been released.

    The jersey features broad black and white stripes which provides the jersey with a slightly different look than the usual narrower stripes.

    Juventus home kit 18/19

    The shorts are white and the socks are white.

    The printing is black.

    Juventus home kit 18/19

    Apart from the printing to the back of the jersey it is also possible to add Scudetto and Coppa Italia badges to the chest. And a Serie A sleeve badge to the right arm sleeve as well.

  • New Juventus logo - New Juve merchandise duvets

    Juventus for some unknown reason decided to change the logo prior to the start of the 17/18 season.

    The new logo resembles af combination of J j capital and minuscular jay (J).

    Thus all merchandise articles will have to change as well. New designs have been introduced for a number of products. For instance the Juventus duvets consisting of pillow case and duvet cover.

    Juventus duvet set J j

    and another example. On the reverse the nickname of the club bianconeri is written. Bianco Neri is white and black.

    Juve duvet set Juve since 1897

  • Dybala 10 - Juventus jersey 17/18

    Dybala is the new number 10 in Juventus - following in the footsteps of for instance Del Piero.

    Dybala 10 Juve home jersey 17/18

    Dybala used to be the number 21 but Juve have decided to upgrade him number wise by awarding him the sacred number 10.

    New Juve logo has also been presented prior to the season 17/18.

    Beautiful photo below at the Juve Stadium in Torino.

    Juventus number 10 Dybala

  • Juventus 3rd jersey 2017/18 green / bianco / neri

    Juventus third kit for the season 2017/18 is a kit designed by the fans. The design selected is green with a white/black horizontal bar across the chest.

    The printing is the same as for the home kit: white with a black edge.

    Juventus third kit 2017/18The anthem jacket is also present in the advertising material. A green jacket with a hood.

  • Juventus home player jersey - Dybala 21

    Juventus home jersey for the season 2017/18 has launched mid-June 2017. Not long after the club claimed the domestic double as well as a silver medal in the UCL.

    New logo has been introduced. New name and number set. As well as the first out of three brand new kits.

    Juventus home player jersey Dybala 21

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    The away kit is yellow with blue printing.

    The third kit is army green with white printing.

    Forza Juve!

  • Juventus jersey Coppa Italia badge Scudetto badge

    Juventus won the Italian league in style. Thus the Scudetto badge was added.

    Juve kit Scudetto + Coppa Italia

    Furthermore Juventus won the Italian Cup - Coppa Italia - thus the round target board was added.

    Three stars above the crest indicate that the club has won at least 30 league titles but not yet 40.

    New club logo is also in place: Jj - which is double J for Juventus Juve or whatever . . . )

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    The away kit 17/18 is yellow.

    The third kit 17/18 is dark green.

  • New Juventus home jersey 2017/18

    New Juventus home kit for the season 2017/18.

    Juve home kit 2017/18

    The logo is new.

    The printing is new.

    The design is a classic look from a bygone era.

  • Juventus printing 2016/17 - UCL - Serie A

    Juventus is using the same jersey and the same printing for the matches in Serie A as well as in the UEFA Champions League. While AS Monaco and Atletico Madrid have opted for different variants at back and with regard to printing in the case of la Juve it is the exact same thing.

    Only the sleeve badges differ.

    Juve UCL printing 2016/17

    New superstar Paulo Dybala in the image.

    Juventus Serie A printing 2016/17

    and has become common over the past few years even the star strikers have to help out defensively. Here we go ! Dybala defending against AC Milan striker Carlos Bacca. Printing and jersey being the same as in the image above taken from the UCL 1/4 final versus Barcelona.

  • Juventus home jersey Higuain 9

    Juventus home jersey 2016/17 Higuain 9.

    Higuain 9 - Juve home kit

    New player in Juventus. Argentinian forward Gonzalo Higuain. New jersey: Higuain 9.

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