• Inter home jersey GABIGOL 96

    New player in Inter Milan. Brazilian Olympic star Gabriel Barbosa. Better known as Gabigol.

    Gabigol 96 Inter home jersey

    Jersey from Nike. Printing from Stilscreen. Sponsor logo is Chinese/Malay company.

    Gabigol Inter home kit

  • Inter Milan away jersey 2015/16

    New Inter Milan away jersey for the season 2015/16.

    White with black and blue. and surprice it is no longer Pirelli which takes up the space at the center of the jersey. It is DRIVER.

    Inter away jersey 15/16That should be reason enough to run out there and buy the kit immediately!

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  • Inter printing 2015/16 | home name kit

    The official Inter Milano home printing for the season 2015/16.

    The Inter printing 2015/16 is from Stilscreen. White for the home jersey and blue for the away jersey. Stilscreen has been producing the Inter prints for a number of years by now. It changes practically every season. But it is only on the very rare occasion that the color is not white.

    Inter home printing 15/16

    Click here to shop Inter jerseys from Nike and Inter printing from Stilscreen!

    The Inter printing for the season 2015/16 is a new style. For the season 14/15 the printing was light blue. This time around it is plain white with a blue outline. Looks good on the black/blue jersey. Club logo as always at the bottom of the number.

    More detailed photos to follow with regard to how the printing looks like fresh out of the packaging from the producer.

    Inter home printing 15/16and from the backside:

    Inter printing 15/16 color block

    A solid and well-crafted product. Complete color block to prevent the color from the jersey to shine through the fragile white surface.

    Learn more about the process and material in use by clicking this link to the Stilscreen website!

  • Inter home kit 2015/16

    New Inter home kit for the season 2015/16 has been released early June of 2015.

    The home jersey is in a stylish classical black-blue striped design.

    Inter 15/16 home kit

    The name and number kit on the back is white. The shorts numbers are equally white.

    Shorts and socks are black.

    So no major surprices this time around.

  • New Inter home jersey 2014/15

    The Inter home jersey has finally arrived!

    click here to purchase your new Inter FC Milano jersey for the season 2014/15!

    Launch date in Italy was on the 8th of July.

    A nice stylish pin-stripe shirt. Inter keep their cool and will look very classy also for the season 2014/15.

    New Inter home jersey 2014/15



  • Inter 105 anni badge

    Inter 105 years anniversary badge

    New addition to the Inter 12/13 jersey. The anniversary badge. The club was founded in 1908 and is now 105 years old to be precise.


    Inter 105 years anniversary badge


    The jersey is the authentic Nike Inter Milan jersey 12/13.


  • Inter Ambassador in the Green Room

     Inter Ambassador answers questions . . .

    Why do you support your current favorite club ?

    For me, the first and last question are inevitably linked. As a child and budding calcio enthusiast, my favorite teams had 1 thing in common - Baggio was on the roster. From Juventus to Milan, Bologna and so on all before the age of 10 - my allegiances hopped around along with the divine ponytail.

    However, in 98-99 something changed - I got internet at my house and was no longer restricted to following calcio on RAI via once-a-week public television programming. I became addicted to Baggio's goals and magical moments.. in

    I was now not only following my favorite player, but following a massive club challenging in -what was- the best league in the world.. Taking in weekly goals and highlights. Other legends of that era included Vieri, Zamorano, El Chino, Djorkaef, even Pirlo and Ronaldo; I worshiped them. 

    It was around that period of time that I received my first jersey as a gift - an authentic, thick-striped Internazionale home kit. I wore it everywhere and in doing everything and still feel a sense of satisfaction whenever I have it on - that's how I know I'm a lifelong Inter fan; my roots are deep.

    Which piece of advice would you offer your club if you were present at a board meeting ?

    Italian football has lost its champions league spots and must now battle in all European competitions to regain its status as a top 3 league - giving 4 of its proud clubs the chance to thrive in Europe's top competition once again every season.

    However, I regretfully must advise inter to forgo Europa league success while focusing on winning the scudetto once again. As a top squad with only one competition to focus on, inter should be able to make a strong push for the title ala Juventus of this season with no taxing commitments outside the peninsula.

    Being a perennial challenger and either winning the league or qualifying for the ucl directly is the only way to attract top talent to the side and maintain inter's proud history.

    Inter have had great success in the past 6 or so years, but also have suffered some huge disappointments in that time, dips in form, manager uncertainty and an aging squad.

    Many of their current troubles stem from bad club and player management and a return to "Pazza Inter" or crazy Inter - an unpredictable but always enthralling state of affairs that can end in great victory or epic heartbreak.

    The best years of Inter's past 10 seasons have seen some of the world's top players come and go - I would suggest bringing back the man who made it all happen, Oriali. As sporting director, Oriali signed prolific talents such as Ibrahimovic, Eto'o, Milito, Thiago Motta and more - while his successor Branca has brought on flops including Zarate, Forlan and Palombo.

    Last, sign Stramaccioni as full fledged manager. He's clever, charismatic, and has the support of the players - compared to the other options out there, the man affectionately dubbed 'Stramala' may have a promising future at the nerazzurri post.   

    What is the low point of the club while you have followed it ?

    The obvious low point during the time I have followed Inter was the ___ season in which Inter led the title race until the last day.. Only to lose to bitter arch-rivals Juventus after an historic collapse. I distinctly remember seeing a soggy eyed Ronaldo on the sideline weeping as the scudetto slipped through black and blue fingers - an image we as Inter supporters won't soon forget.

    What is the high point ?

    The highest highs of Inter's success came with the 09-10 season treble: scudetto, coppa Italia AND the legendary Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.

    The victory was not only a win for Inter's trophy cabinet, but all of Italy -whether they accept it or not. In beating Bayern in the final, Inter secured the 4th and final champions league spot remain with Serie A for one more season.. Though the accomplishment was largely unappreciated.

    It is also the season where a personal favorite of mine for years came to life and etched his name in the history books - there was no striker better than Diego Milito, il Pricipe, in 09-10. Period. 

    Which is/are your favorite jersey(s) from your club ?

    For me, this question is a very tight race - and would have to be a draw in my eyes between my very first Inter jersey or 98-99 and the 09-10 shirt.

    Purely on aesthetics, the 09-10 shirt wins with its smart stripes and tight ribbed collar.. Though the 98 shirt comes close with the bold, chunky black and blue stripes - my mind often wanders back to the champions league winning shirt being that it is the collector piece I do not have! Help me MM Sport!!

    From a nostalgia standpoint, one shirt is what Baggio wore as he roared like lion, the other Milito donned as he twirled like dervish - its a tie!

    When you were a kid which player would you like to become ? or who was your favorite player ?

    As stated numerous times in this interview, my favorite player since I began following calcio has been Roberto Baggio - divin codino.

    I idolized him as a youngster in 1994. I followed him throughout his career and thought that I was his biggest fan - only to learn that every fan of calcio was also -without exception- a die hard Baggio fan.

    As an aspiring soccer player, trying to star on my high school team with all my might - I turned to Baggio. I purchased his career highlight vhs in the Le Stelle di Calcio series title Baggio - il Divin Codino and watched it
    religiously, studying and learning each of his moves and using them to great effect against my opponents on the pitch.

    I had even purchased his autobiography, Una Porta nel Cielo (written in Italian) and had my father read and translate it to me - a little bit each night - until he grew tired of the scholarly undertaking and I was forced to become a strong Italian language scholar myself to continue learning from Baggio in his own words.

    Being a die-hard Roby Baggio fan has shaped a lot of my young life! Will there ever be another like him.. Surely not. I hope that he will turn to manage the nerazzurri sometime soon.


  • Review: Inter away jersey 2010-11



    Inter away jersey 10-11



    Nike's Inter Milan away jersey for the 2010-2011 season is a piece of fan wear that is not only a great addition to your jersey collection - but one which you can wear about with comfort and confidence.


    This Nike jersey features the unique details that we've come to expect from Internazionale away kits and then some - the snake design along the side of the shirt is intricate and interesting, yet light and airy and will not weigh you down.


    Inter away jersey Scudetto + logo



    With or without the name and number kit, the shirt has appeal - but to those looking for a shirt with less maintenance that can be worn without concern of ruining a prized collector piece, the Inter away jersey breaks the mould.



    Inter away jersey sponsor logo


    The material is light and athletic with a unique "dimple effect" dry-fit material that will keep you comfortable - quality construction can be seen throughout as we would expect from any officially licensed Nike product.


    Show your team's colors without feeling restricted. 



    Inter away jersey Nike authenticity badge



    Now if you're thinking -'why would I purchase LAST year's away jersey'- consider the pros.

    It is a unique shirt that stands out from the standard or stereotypical Inter away jersey. This shirt is more than just a black and blue strip on white background. It stands out from the pack and holds its place in a line of great Inter kits.


    Inter away kit full size



     What's more is that you won't have to break the bank to get this shirt. Being an (unconventional) away jersey, you'll find it at reasonable prices and in a range of sizes to fit your needs.


     Ever want to buy an Inter or calcio jersey for a friend or relative, but don't want to overspend or -worse- get them the jersey of a player they hate -like Zarate for instance? This stock away jersey will definitely get the job done for you.



    Inter away kit 10-11 the snake


    It can also be easily dressed up. The official kit for the 2010-2011 season comes with iron-on scudetto patch included, so if you decide you want YOUR away shirt to be a little fancier than the pack, have it quickly and professionally applied at a sporting store for less than $5US - affordable!


    Inter away kit 10-11 side


    The best part is, if you've worn your shirt around, made some friends (or enemies) because of it and decide you'd like to retire it - you can also have name + number applied by purchasing the kit from a reputable vendor, so that option always remains.

    For someone in the market for a unique Italian football jersey who might have an interest in a more casual piece for leisure wear, the 2010-2011 away kit will fit the role like Wesley Sneijder sitting in the hole behind his strikers.







  • Review: Nike Inter fan T-shirt

     Review: Inter fan tee from Nike

    By MM Sports' Inter ambassador Joe Palatano




    The Nike Inter Milan t-shirt is an authentic piece of Serie A fan-wear.  It features crisp lines in the shirt's construction, an athletic fit and bold color ways that make great use of contrast.



    Inter tee screen graphics


    Some standout points of this Internazionale t-shirt include the no-stretch collar, the durable yet comfortable material and of course the aggressive screen-print. 

    The crew neck collar of the Nike t-shirt is made to last. Fitted from high quality cotton and made to hug and mirror the neck, this is one collar that seems fit to last without dreaded the crumple affect.


    Inter fan tee full size


    Unlike your average t-shirt, the collar is reinforced in the shirt's interior with a ring of stitching and comfort fabric for optimum shape retention - added confidence that this shirt can be worn time and time again.

    I would describe the material of this Inter tee as a silky cotton. It’s comfortable to wear, yet feels like it's got some substance to it.

    Quality stitching creates the athletic cut with its defined shoulders and appealing fit that can be worn casually or to classically pair with some jeans out and about to show your colors.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have the essence of the graphic tee - screen print that is just plain cool.


    Inter t-shirt screen print graphics



    The front of the shirt features some unique and artistic imagery that really let the onlooker know - Internazionale mean business!

    FC Internazionale Milano is known as Il Biscione, 'The Big Grass Snake' - and with this product we see an image of Il Biscione practically lunging off of the material. It is seemingly only anchored to the deep black background by the heavy block lettering “FC Internazionale”, being threaded through the script - very appealing visually, and sure to get some looks.

    Also notice the bold and modern Inter Milan crest, well positioned in the upper right corner of the chest. With the dark contrast of black and blue graphics, the proud crest has some definite high visibility. 

    Inter fan tee club logo





  • Review: Inter home jersey 11-12

     Review: Inter home jersey 11/12

    By Inter ambassador Joe Palatano

    F. C. Internazionale Milano is an organization with a cult following, folklore-like history and tradition. Inter fans are not only some of the most passionate in the world... They are also some of the best-dressed tifosi around.

    The 2011/2012 Nike Inter jersey is a classic, well-built product fit for any fan of “Pazza Inter”, a club and squad which shares these qualities. The shirt is perfect to wear around - whether supporting at home, or showing off the nerazzurri colors with friends (or rivals).

    Narrow-striped with a vibrant blue and black, this Inter Milan kit is everything the customer would expect - a perfect fan piece, and stylish option in your closet.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 Coppa Italia badge WCC badge


    My Inter shirt came with kit name and number Pazzini 7 perfectly applied - secure, and of authentic, highest quality. With added value accents such as black and blue stitching at the seams, bold Inter crest, in-collar St. George’s Cross flag, and 'inter' stylized screening at the back of the neck - this is surely a collector's item to show off.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 Pazzini 7


    The first aspect that really stands out about the Nike Internazionale 11/12 jersey is that it is collared.  Collars on football shirts can be a love-hate relationship. They can really make or break the look of the jersey, as well as the fun-to-wear factor.

    If you've had any reservations regarding collared football kits in the past, forget them - this one is both enjoyable to wear and quite stylish.


    Inter home jersey 11-12 collar look inside


    Inter have opted for collarless over the past few seasons, but this one just seems to fit right with the club and its English origins in general.  The collar sits well on the neck and collarbone and always retains its shape – the firm, no slouch short collar blends seamlessly into the shirt itself. Forget intrusive collars, there's no fuss or hassle with this classic one-button football shirt collar.

    The material is a lightweight slightly dimpled or textured Nike Dry-Fit fabric that falls lightly on the shoulders and chest, thus making it really quite comfortable to wear.

    Unlike football shirts from other kit manufacturers, the fit of this Inter jersey is not restricting at all. It is loose and airy in all the right places, giving the fan a comfortably full range of movement - yet it is form fitting with a flattering cut, meaning this shirt will not just hang there off of your back.

    My shirt was delivered with Coppa Italia and Club World Cup patches attached.  These add-ons arrived well applied in the appointed places, with a manufacturer-direct level of craft and attention to detail. The shirt adorned with patches really adds value by displaying the accomplishments of the squad - you can't help but feel like a fully decorated military general in this thing. 

    Inter home jersey 11-12 chest


    Without a doubt, this shirt is one gorgeous Inter Milan replica jersey. From the overall fit, to the style, the classic elements to the authentic cup and championship patches from MM Sport – my F.C. Inter Milan jersey is a standout item.


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