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  • Juventus printing 2016/17 - UCL - Serie A

    Juventus is using the same jersey and the same printing for the matches in Serie A as well as in the UEFA Champions League. While AS Monaco and Atletico Madrid have opted for different variants at back and with regard to printing in the case of la Juve it is the exact same thing.

    Only the sleeve badges differ.

    Juve UCL printing 2016/17

    New superstar Paulo Dybala in the image.

    Juventus Serie A printing 2016/17

    and has become common over the past few years even the star strikers have to help out defensively. Here we go ! Dybala defending against AC Milan striker Carlos Bacca. Printing and jersey being the same as in the image above taken from the UCL 1/4 final versus Barcelona.

  • Atletico Madrid printing 2017/18 - UCL - La Liga

    Atletico Madrid has a home jersey which is being used for matches in La Liga and in the UCL a like. However, while the front of the jersey is the same for both tournaments the back has a different design. The back is striped in La Liga version while it is solid red in the UCL version.

    Atletico La Liga jersey and printing

    The printing is also different. In La Liga it is blue with a white outline.

    Atletico UCL jersey and printing

    In the UCL Atletico has an all white name and number set. Maybe it is in fact the printing style from the 15/16 season which is re-used for the UCL matches during the 17/18 campaign.

  • AS Monaco printing 16/17 - Ligue1 / UCL

    AS Monaco is doing well with an exciting team full of young prowess and dynamics.

    Monaco tryk 16/17 Ligue 1

    However, there are a few minor differences between the home kit in use for the French Ligue 1 and the one worn for UCL matches.

    Monaco UCL Falcao 9

    The back is all white for the UCL kit. The back of the jersey worn during Ligue 1 matches is split in a two color format. The printing for the UCL is all red. The one for the Ligue1 is black with a white edge.

  • Moscow Conservatory P. I. Tchaikovsky

    Russia has a long tradition for classical music. Many great musicians as well as many great composers have come out of Russia.

    Moscow conservatory

    Among the more famous figures is Pietr Tjaikovskii. The famous Russian composer who wrote a number of important works. Thus the Moscow Conservatory has been named to his honor and fittingly a statue of the man himself has been raised outside.

    Pietr Tjaikovskii statue

  • Kiev beautiful colors

    Kiev the capital of the Ukraine is a lovely city with beautiful colors.

    Kyev Dinamo Kiev stadium

    Especially May and October with the traditional spring and autumn colors.

    Kiev beautiful view

    and in the downtown area - a quiet backyard.

    Quiet backyard in Kiev

    Great conditions for hosting the EuroVision in May 2017.

  • No Teslas in Russia ?

    Russia has a vast number of luxury cars driving on the streets. The most popular luxury seems to be Mercedes. But also Audis, BMWs, and Rolls Royces can be seen.

    In the West Tesla has become the car of choice among many in the luxury segment over the past couple of years. But no Teslas are to be spotted on Russian roads. Why not ?

    Well, Tesla uses a direct business to consumer sales model. No dealerships as intermediaries. And since many US companies shy away from direct involvement in the Russian market that might be the reason why Tesla is not selling its' wares in Russia. However, rumors has it that it might be contemplating move in order to tap the vast Russian market.

    Tesla automobile

    In Denmark for instance Teslas are everywhere. In Norway it is huge as well. In both countries tax credits have been given since it is considered to be environmentally friendly. In Denmark the subsidy has been removed though so new Tesla sales has surely declined significantly.

    Tesla carTesla relies upon an infrastructure of recharging stations. Gas is very cheap in Russia. And the country is huge. Though most people do not use the car for intercity travel. But mainly around their home city and its vicinity.

    Not sure if there is any existing network in place Tesla would be able to use in order to build out charging stations. Or if the company would have to build it from scratch which would most likely mean that it would do so in Moscow and St. Petersburg exclusively.

  • Russia Theater

    Russia has a long and proud tradition in theater. And even as of today Russians still back the live theater on a massive scale. Even if theater has seen competition multiply with unlimited number of entertainment options now available it is still able to hold its own.

    Moskva teater

    Even in the suburbs of a city like Moscow you will find fully functioning theaters. The season runs from September and until the end of May.

    Moskva teater

    The grand masters of the Russian tradition are the likes of Pushkin, Gogol, and Chekhov. Pushkin in the national poet of Russia. Chekhov is a main contributor to the tradition with a significant number of plays to his name.

  • Premier League printing 2017/18

    New EPL printing to be launched in April. The printing will be valid from the 2017/18 season and onwards.

    EPL printing 2017/18

    The printing will be available in 5 different colors. Gold has been excluded why yellow has entered as new standard color.

    The numbers are 29 cm , an increase in size, while the letters are 4,9 cm which is about the same as previously. The numbers and letters look to be 2-colors. This means that there will be a basecolor + an edge to create a sharp contrast and thus a designated borderline.

    Release is set to April 2017.

  • Moscow population size

    How many people actually live in the sprawling capital?

    Moscow skyline sunset

    Moscow city center.

    Moscow Kremlin sunlight

  • Moscow Metro - security

    The Moscow metro system is a vast transport system carrying as many as 7m passengers a day.

    The system is relatively safe though a network of this size can never be 100% secure.

    Metro station Kresnoprenskaya

    The name of a metro station hoovering above the tracks.

    Novoslobodskaya metro station

    As the city expands the metro network follows. It is quite essential to the functioning of the city the main way of moving people around town.

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