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  • Manchester City business plan - Long Read

    Manchester City is an ambitious club. It is not just about the first team in the city of Manchester. It is just as much about building a global brand with franchises across many continents.

    Click here to read an interesting portrait of some of the main players, an article by the Guardian!

    Manchester City business plan

  • Football in Hungary - long read

    A very interesting article by 2 The Guardian reporters who have looked into the life of Hungarian President Viktor Orban and his relation to football in general in Hungary.

    Click here to read the article at The Guardian website!

    Viktor Orban football obsession

  • Uruguay home jersey World Cup 2018

    Uruguay is a small country with a small population. Nevertheless the country is a very frequent guest at the World Cup. The country has also created great results in Copa America and has won the tournament a record number of times.

    Uruguay World Cup 2018 home jersey

    The jersey is from Puma and is kept in the traditional skyblue color with black contrast. The collar is the same as for Italy. Black v-neck. The printing is from Stilscreen which does the printing for all Puma teams.

  • Russia home jersey World Cup 2018

    Russia is the weakest host alongside South Africa and USA in the history of the World Cup. Uruguay won it at home, Italy won it at home, England won it at home, Germany won it at home, Argentina won it at home, France won it at home. Brazil was runners up at home, Sweden reached the final at home. Korea reached the semis at home, Brazil likewise, so did Germany, so did Italy, so usually the hosts perform well at home. But this time around Russia will be lucky to make it out of the group stage. The team has the lowest ranking among the 32 teams in Russia. The draw was quite favorable for the hosts though since they came up against Egypt, Uruguay, and Saudi Arabia. So they stand a fair chance of advancing though the team is rather weak. If they get a couple of wins they might come riding on wave which will eventually crash though. But in a best case scenario Russia might make it to the quarterfinals. A more realistic worst case scenario will see the hosts crash out at the group stage as only the second host ever not to make it to the round of 16. South Africa was the first and so far only team not to advance from the group stage.

    Russia home jersey 2018 WC

  • Egypt home jersey World Cup 2018

    New Egypt home jersey for the World Cup 2018.

    Egypt qualified from the African confederation and was among the first teams to secure a spot in Russia. Egypt has won many African nations cup titles but participation at the World Cup has been rare. Finally Egypt made it to the World Cup after a long absence and they must be quite happy about the draw. Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Uruguay. Hard to find a weaker group than that. Russia and Saudi being the two countries with the lowest FIFA ranking, and Uruguay being a team which has not excelled neither at a World Cup nor at Copa America for a long period og time.

    The grand star for Egypt is the new Liverpool starlet Mohammed Salah. Interesting to see what he can achieve with Egypt rather than with the other 3 members of the Fab4 of Liverpool.

    Egypt home jersey World Cup 2018

  • Japan home jersey World Cup 2018

    Japan home jersey World Cup 2018 is an elegant kit delivered by Adidas.

    Japan is good at getting out of the Asian qualification round and into the World Cup. Otherwise once they arrive at the World Cup then results are somewhat lacking.

    This time around Japan have ended up in a group also featuring Senegal, Colombia, and Poland. A group where all 4 teams seem fairly equal strengthwise.

    Japan home jersey World Cup 2018

  • Germany goalie jersey World Cup 2018

    The Germany home kit for the World Cup 2018 has launched. Outfield kit as well as goalie kit.

    The German goalie kit may attract a bit more attention than usually for a goalie kit due to the fact that it is worn by the perhaps best keeper in the world. Manuel Neuer.

    Germany goalie home kit 2018

    The jersey is very elegant and comes with gold patch to symbolize the fact that Germany is the titel holder after the victory in Brazil almost 4 years ago.

    Germany goalie home jersey

    An elegant jersey and an elegant kit alltogether.

  • Colombia home jersey World Cup 2018

    Colombia is coming back from a terrifying civil war which has ravaged the country for decades. The football team is also in good shape. They have qualified for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Adidas has launched a new kit for their World Cup appearance.

    Colombia home kit 2018

    The great star in the Colombian team is James Rodriguez alongside Falcao.

    Colombia home jersey 2018

    Colombia home shirt from adidas for the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

    Colombia home jersey

  • Mexico home jersey World Cup 2018

    Mexico has qualified for the World Cup once again. And once again their home kit will consist of green jersey, white shorts, red socks.

    Mexico home jersey 2018

    The official name and number kit is produced by the German company Deko Graphics.

    Mexico home kit WC 2018Not sure what the light green pattern symbolizes but maybe it is something relating to the Azteca past.

  • Italy home jersey 2018

    Unfortunately Buffon did not make it Russia since Italy crashed out against Spain the group qualifiers and against Sweden during the play offs.

    Italy home jersey Buffon

    Buffon had already declared prior to the play offs that his last assignment with Italy would be the World Cup in Russia. Since Italy did not qualify it means he played his last match for Italy at the Giuseppe Meazza in the San Siro neighborhood of Milano versus Sweden.

    Italy home jersey Buffon 1Since Buffon is sponsored by Puma he was chosen as the public face to represent the new Italy jersey at launch.

    The official name and number kit is produced and delivered by Stilscreen.

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